Saturday, December 6, 2008

To mothers

I thought these song samples by Hilary Weeks were funny. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

We had a great Thanksgiving! We had so much food! Seriously when the Boscos get together we don't mess around with food. Our eyes are way too big for our stomachs. Everyone came to our house this year. We ate close to 4pm. Steve and Tammy arrived with their crew around 6pm. We started games alittle later. We played Scattegories and we kept the family tradition of Balderdash! It was alot of fun! The kids had fun playing with cousins. The girls started a band and they performed a little of their new hit single. I love Thanksgiving! It is such a wonderful day to reflect on all of the blessings Heavenly Father has given to me. I am truly blessed!


Tyler turned 8 yrs. old on November 21st. He was so excited for this birthday because he will be baptized soon!
Tyler wanted a football cake. Well, mom tried. Something happened with the icing that I bought and it wouldn't come out of the bag. The tip would get clogged when I would try and pipe it out. So it kind of looked like a shiz ball cake. Tyler loved it so that was all that mattered!
The day of his birthday Emily was just getting over Strep Throat so it was good that we decided on not having a "friend" party just granparents and Uncle Phil.
Tyler received lots of cool toys. Two radio control cars, Legos, Legos, and more Legos. Ya think Tyler likes Legos? ;)

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Honorable Mention

Tyler and Mom showing off his award!

Tyler did a great job on reciting his poem, Homework I Love You . He was very nervous! He was given a medal that he was very pleased with! Great Job, Tyler! We Love You!

Homework, I Love You
by Kenn Nesbitt

Homework, I love you. I think that you’re great.
It’s wonderful fun when you keep me up late.
I think you’re the best when I’m totally stressed,
preparing and cramming all night for a test.

Homework, I love you. What more can I say?
I love to do hundreds of problems each day.
You boggle my mind and you make me go blind,
but still I’m ecstatic that you were assigned.

Homework, I love you. I tell you, it’s true.
There’s nothing more fun or exciting to do.
You’re never a chore, for it’s you I adore.
I wish that our teacher would hand you out more.

Homework, I love you. You thrill me inside.
I’m filled with emotions. I’m fit to be tied.
I cannot complain when you frazzle my brain.
Of course, that’s because I’m completely insane.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How To Deal With Your Anger & Wiggly Pants

The other day at Tyler's school I was told they were discussing anger management. School sent home a worksheet for us to complete, during the up coming week Tyler was to keep track of his feelings for each day. One night while I was helping him with his homework he informed me that there is a little girl in his class that really frustrates him. He told me she was bossy and always competing with him. All of sudden he says, "Excuse me while I go scream in my pillow." After screaming in his pillow he walks out of his room and tells me that school told them that when you are feeling mad screaming in your pillow helps you let out anger.

Isabelle is very picky. Not just with food, but when picking out her clothes. She HATES when her long sleeve shirts touch the part of her hand. The sleeve MUST stop right at her wrist or she throws a fit! I usually have to roll the cuff of her sleeve up. She also HATES wearing wiggly pants! What are wiggly pants you ask? That would be any bottoms that have elastic in the waist band. There are some outfits that have elastic in them at I am able to convince her of wearing, but there are some that I just have to give away.

Oh, my kids really crack me up. Being a mother truly is rewarding! ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uncle Phil

Phil aka PTG (Phil The Grill) turned 26 on October the 29th and I had a little get together on November 1st. I just wanted to say how much I love my lil' bro! He is such a wonderful caring person. He is so much fun to be around. The kids LOVE Uncle Phil so much! They get so excited for when he comes over because he is just a big kid! He plays board games, video games, Legos, Hide and Seek, or anything the kids want to do! Phil is the BEST uncle!

Hope you had a great birthday PTG! I hope you have another great year!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween of 2008

I loved Tyler's costume this year! It was so original and that is what Halloween is to me. He was excited to be his bag of leaves but then when we went to Trunk or Treat at church he became nervous. As he was walking into church one of our friends, Brandon started cracking up laughing because Tyler said, "I can't believe my mom made me wear this."

Then on Halloween we always go to Grammy and Grandpa's house to trick or treat. This year Grandpa was out of town so he called to wish us all a Happy Halloween. When it was Tyler's turn I heard him say to Grandpa, "Don't laugh at me but my mom made be a bag of leaves." What a rotten boy! :)

Isabelle was so excited to be a unicorn. She still loves and wears her costume!

Emily is a cute little bumble bee.

Ethan was Frankenstein. He loved running to the houses and collecting the candy. He also loved his glow stick from Aunt Bammy (Tammy).

Halloween has come and gone, so has the kids candy. Just wanted to share some pictures.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday

Isabelle turned four on October 25, 2008 and yes I am just now getting around to writing about it. We actually celebrated her birthday on Sunday which was the 26th of October due to Sean's work schedule and family getting together. Isabelle was actually sick on her real b-day so when we celebrated she was feeling a little better. We had grandparents over and Isabelle's best little friend Rachael Faulstick and her family for burgers, hotdogs and all the fixins. We all had a great time and I know Isabelle did too! She was so happy everyone came over to see her and brought presents for that matter. She loved her princess castle cake that mom made for her. Isabelle we love you!

Funny little story- On her actual b-day Tyler had his last soccer game so we were running around for that. Then we went to Sonic and had a special b-day lunch since we weren't doing anything on her real b-day. Last errand of the day was to Wal-Mart so I could get one last present and special decorations for her cake. Needless to say all this running around and Isabelle not feeling completely better just made her feel worse. So we are sitting in the car and Isabelle was whining about EVERYTHING! "My ear hurts! My finger hurts! My eye hurts!" she wails. I reply, "Wow, Isabelle you are only four now and your body is falling apart. I can't imagine what your body is going to be like when you are old." Tyler pipes up from the back, "I think Isabelle is having growing pains." I couldn't help but to bust out laughing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bragging Rights

Picture above is of Emily and Tyler showing off their hairdos for crazy hair day.

I am not tooting my own horn, just my kids. ;) I love you all! I just wanted to let my kids know how very pleased I am with them. About a month ago the kids received their report cards. I also had Parent-Teacher Conference. Well here is how it went....

I had Tyler's conference first. I am always a little hesitant about the report I will get about Tyler. I never worry about his grades or where he is on the learning because he is always at the top, but he has a funny personality. He is very funny and very clever and that can be a bad combination. Well, he is doing very well in all subjects, BUT what he does have a problem with is GIRLS. Now, usually 2nd grade boys think girls have cooties and try to avoid them at all cost, but not suave Tyler. His teacher was embarrassed to tell me that Tyler is starting early with being in love with all the girls. She says he loses is focus and doesn't complete his work in the time frame that is allowed because he is off in La La Land with the girls or writing them notes. I question Tyler about his Love Bug problem and he just smiled. Great job Tyer, but chill with the girls and pay more attention to his work.

Next, was Emily's conference and I was very excited to see where Emily was at in her class. I knew her behavior would be awesome because, well its Emily. Everywhere we go I always hear how well behaved Emily is and I must be a excellent mother because she is so good. (well, I must agree with that) ;) Seriously though Emily is doing EXCELLENT! The teacher said she only tested the kids on counting to 10, but Emily can to 100 and further. She knows all the letters in the alphabet and all of their sounds. She know lots of sight words. She said Emily is very helpful with the other children who forget somethings, but not in a bossy way. She said Emily even tolerates the annoying children. Her teacher said to me, "If you ever want to throw Emily in the trash I will standing next to it and hurry and grab her up." I told her that I know how lucky I am with Emily. She has always been a wonderful daughter! Great job Emily! You are wonderful!

A couple of weeks ago Emily had trip to the Principal's office. She was picked to be on the Principal's Board for her good work. She was very excited because they asked for her to come down to the office over the intercom which is super cool to Emily! :) She was also able to pick out of the prize box which is another super cool bonus!

Also last week at Tyler's school the 2nd-5th graders had to deliver a "speech". There were different categories to choose from. Tyler's category he chose was Published Literature. He recited a funny poem about homework and was chosen to go to the FINALS! I am so very pleased with him! Tomorrow is Finals Night! Good Luck Tyler!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Here are a few funny/crazy things that the kids have said recently.

-On a Sunday we are all getting ready for church. Sean and I are in the bathroom sharing a mirror. I am applying my makeup and Sean is fixing his hair, then out of the blue we hear Tyler from across the hall, "I think I have a venom sac. I can feel it." I look over into his room and see Tyler lying on the ground. Kind of scared of the answer I might get I ask, "Where?" Pointing in the back of his mouth he replied, "Right here." "No, Tyler you don't have a venom sac." Seriously where do my children come from?

-I usually fold clothes in my room where I can watch tv or movie of my choice, my choice of the evening was Baby Mama. Emily walks in at the every end of the movie and I try to hurry and scoot her along because it is PG-13. Well, it is at the part of the lady giving birth and she is screaming! Emily stops and looks and asks, "Is that how you have a baby?" I pause the movie. "Yes." From zero to 60 Emily starts screaming and kicking, "I don't want to have a baby like that!" In total shock that my 5 yr. old is worried about having a baby I try to calm her down by telling her that you don't have to have a baby like that. But it is no use she is still screaming, "No, I don't want to have any babies!! I don't want any babies!!! I want you to say a prayer NOW that I won't have any babies!!!" So, that is what I did. I said a prayer that little 5 yr. old Emily won't have any babies now. I think she love this story when she is older.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Catching Up!

Slowly, but surely I will get caught up with life. Maybe. Anyways, I use this blog as my family's journal so I have been keeping little notes in my head of things I need to hurry and type out before I forget, but since I don't have tons of time on my will be in segements. I just don't want to forget these things.

Our Family Vacation- We left on September 27th, (Sean's 34th b-day) and headed to Florida. First we hit up Kissimee and then finished out our fun trip in Daytona. We vacationed with our friends, the Faulsticks. We had alot of fun and a few crazy times. It will definitely be a trip that won't be forgotten. Here are a few pictures.

Just wanted to add a couple of memories to our trip before they are lost from my mind.

We were able to visit Universal Studios for one day. The kids had a lot of fun and I had just as much fun watching them enjoy themselves. Well, at Universal there is a Jaws ride. There is a HUGE fake shark hanging up before the ride and I told the kids (yes, I am a cruel mother.) that it was the daddy shark that they caught and the mommy shark is in the water where we will be riding our boat and she is mad and hungry. Well fear hit the kids. Tyler who is Sharkboy! This kids loves sharks! He actually wants to be a professional scuba diver when he grows up, but he was scared. He looks at me and asked if I was kidding. I told him no. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes (give or take a few), but that was not enough time for Tyler. He was almost in tears. He kept asking if I was kidding. I told him he better say some prayers that the shark won't get us. It was so cute because he really started quietly saying his prayers. It was an intense boat ride, but finally our tour guide was able to kill Jaws. Tyler looked at me and said, "that was fake." I just laughed!

We also went into a little studio type place to kind of experience a tornado. It was from Twister, the movie. It was okay, but to Emily it was way to realastic. Emily is standing right next to me with tears in her eyes. I kneel down to her and explain that this is fake. I then ask her, "Do you really think Mommy and Daddy would take you to a place that you could get hurt?" She just smiled.

While in Daytona we were able to go the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse. It was really neat to see the homes of the lighthouse keepers. We were able to actually walk all the way up to the top of the lighthouse. Sean took Tyler and Isabelle up. I stayed behind with Emily and Ethan. I am afraid of heights and I didn't think I could do it nor did I really want to. But Emily started crying because she so scared to walk up. I told her that I am scared too, but if she would go I would go. Well, she was only able to make it up to the 10th step and then she freaks out. We said a little prayer, but still she couldn't budge anymore. We decided that the next time we come back here she would go up. She was still sad, but there was nothing else for us to try. I did actually go up alone! I said a couple of prayers too that I wouldn't get sick or freak out! The view from the top was so amazing and definitely worth facing one of my fears.

Our last day in Daytona we went on a Manatee Cruise. We weren't able to see any manatees, but were able to see lots of dophins jumping out of the water. It was so beautiful! Early in the trip Emily hadn't seen any. The dolphins were way to fast for her to spot them. She was so sad! I told her that we should say a prayer and she wanted me to say it. It was a miracle for her and I that she was able to see lots! What a testimony builder to me that no matter how small we are or how small or insignifcant we feel our prayers are Heavenly Father does answer them.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gone With The Wind

This past Sunday afternoon we received some crazy strong winds. I hear it was "leftover" winds from Hurricane Ike. The winds caused some serious damage to the area. We were very blessed that nothing serious happened to us. We were with out power from Sunday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. Monday evening we were able to borrow a generator. We went to purchase a generator, but EVERYWHERE was sold out! We were told clear up to Cincinnati stores were sold out! CRAZY!! The kids were out of school everyday except for Friday. They went with a 2 hour delay on Friday. Why even bother attending school a few hours out of the week?

I thought about a few things from this incident-

1. We were truly blessed. Nothing happened to the house, family or friends.

2. Like the scripture says, If ye are prepared ye shall not fear. (or something like that). Well, I wasn't so much scared, because I knew eventually the electricity was going to come back on. So let me add my own scripture, If ye are prepared life will not be as sucky! I have made mental notes and tangible notes of things we are going to be purchasing in the near future.

3. I hope Mother Natures leaves the gone with the wind stuff to Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You gotta Laugh

I really believe that a main key to get through life is to laugh! I am really blessed because not only do I have a great sense of humor (ha ha), but I man married to a man that keeps me laughing a lot! Luckily, I can tell the kids are becoming little comedians themselves.

Yesterday, I felt so good! I jogged for a little over 2 miles, I was able to get some cleaning done and I made two batches of chili (my regular chili and then some White Chicken Chili). It was so good! I took my first bite of the WCC and I tasted fall! Eating chili always reminds me of my favorite season, Fall! So anyways, we eat our chili with Frito's and the kids had me cracking up! I look over and Tyler and Emily and they both have a Frito hanging out of their mouth and they looked at me and said, "I am Nanny McPhee may I come in?" Nanny McPhee is some Walt Disney family movie. Oh, it was hilarious. I am still laughing about it. I guess you had to be there or just know the kids. So cute!

Another funny, today at church as we walked in the door and took our seats I placed the diaper bag down on the floor and noticed that I had on mismatch shoes. One black sandal with a strap over the middle of my foot and one brown sandal that has a special "big toe holder" (as I call it). I start cracking up laughing! I tell Sean and he laughs and wonders how I ever did that. Definitely an Alishia move. So funny but so embarrassing! I was a little foot conscious today.

Ya Gotta Laugh!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hopefully, everyone is getting better so we won't have to quarantine ourselves.

Last Wednesday Ethan started with fever and throwing up (hey, there is no way to sugar coat that). It only lasted for a couple of days.

Last Tuesday Emily had a cold. It kept getting worse. By Friday she kept coughing uncontrollably to where she threw up. She missed school and went to the doctor. Friday afternoon she started having an asthma attack. We tried getting her breathing calmed down, but it just got worse. We ended up taking her to the Emergency Room Friday evening and they admitted her to the hospital. So, Emily and I had a sleepover and some bonding time. ;) She is definitely my child because she likes the hospital. She did really good. They gave her some more breathing treatments, steroids, and an IV in her arm. She didn't even cry! Of course we did have to bribe her to be brave and promised her a small fortune. :) I was very pleased with my baby girl on how she good she was for mom, doctors and nurses. I was also sad that she has to go through this trial. I know the Lord is pleased with Emily and her patience with her illness and her sweet spirit. She really never complains, but does look forward to the time she won't need to be on breathing treatments.

Isabelle was complaining of having a headache for most of the day yesterday. I was switching back and forth from Tylenol and Motrin. Then, this morning she wakes up crying because her head hurt. I went give her a kiss and felt she was warm. Off to get the thermometer and Motrin. Yep, just she as running one-100.8. Not too bad, but I had to call into work.

I am grateful that I can work part-time and get to be with my kids. I am grateful that my works TOTALLY can relate and understand the call of Motherhood. I am also very grateful for the doctors that help my children. I blessed I am to live in America with wonderful doctors and medicines to help us through our sickness.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. The day went good for Tyler, but not so good for Emily.

Emily needed a breathing treatment the night before, which kind of had me worried. Early this morning she was coughing continuously so I woke her up before she got sick everywhere. She said she needed a treatment. After the treatment she said she felt good and was SO EXCITED for her first day of school. She ate her breakfast and took her vitamins. All was well.

We all hurry out the door and headed to school. I was following behind Sean. He wanted to go and see the kids off on their first day of school, so Emily and Tyler rode with him. Poor Emily got sick in the back of the car. Sean said she kept coughing and then it all came up. Emily was of course was crying because she was afraid she was going to miss her first day of school.

Well, the kids were a few minutes late after I got Emily all cleaned up. I explained to her teacher that she was having some allergy issues and she wasn't really sick. Her teacher said she could stay. Around 10:30am the school calls. Emily was coughing again and got sick. I went to pick her up and the poor girl is in tears because she has to leave and didn't get to paint with her class. I felt so bad for her. What an awful first day of Kindergarten! I explained to her that she will relax the rest of the day and go to the doctor and hopefully she will be healthier tomorrow.

I took her to the doctor so it will be and 'excused absence'. The doctor said she was fine. Her lungs sound good right now, but she needs to stay on her treatments for about 3 wks. He said she has a little cold and with the drainage it was causing her to cough and get choked up. He said that she is fine to go back to school since the school has an inhaler for her.

After the doctor we spent the remaing time running some errands until it was time to pick up Tyler. He had a great day at school. I think his favorite part was the 'no homework' tonight except for mom and dad. We were sent home a couple of papers to fill out and sign. Homework is the main reason I dread the kids being in school. There is always hope that this year will be a good year with Tyler WANTING to do his homework-yeah right, or at least not putting up a fight. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Happy Back to School for Everyone!

July Pictures

Can we say late....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kids say the Funniest Things

I try writing down funny things the kids say before I forget because I use our blog as part of my journal.

Here is a conversation Tyler and I had last week. Here is some background before reading this- My parents are divorced. Growing up my dad wasn't around very much so, all of the kids had a lot of responsibility. My older brothers kind of helped my mom disciplining, so Tyler heard that Uncle Stephen (my oldest brother) would spank us.

Tyler- "Mom when I am big can I spank the other kids?"
Me- "No, because when you are big then they will be big too."
Tyler-"But Uncle Stephen got to spank you all."
Me- I explain to Tyler that my parents got divorced and why Uncle Stephen had to do that.
Tyler-" When you and dad get a divorce can I spank them?"
Me- "No, Tyler. Mommy and Daddy aren't getting a divorce we love each other. We were sealed together in the temple. Do you know what sealed means?
Tyler- (sarcastically)"Yes, it means we are stuck together as a family."
Me- lol
Tyler-"Well, when Dad dies can I spank them?"
Me- "TYLER!"

What a crazy child!!

Here is some of the conversation I had with the girls last night. I was getting the girls and Ethan into jammies.

Isabelle- (in a real whiny voice)- "I want another baby."
Me-"Well, we aren't going to have any more babies. Ethan is our baby."
Isabelle- (still in the whiny voice mode)-" I want Ethan to be a baby girl."
Me- "Ethan can't be a baby girl because he is a baby boy."
Isabelle- "Well, when Ethan grows up he can be a girl."
Me-"No, Ethan will never be a girl. Ethan is a boy. Girls have girl parts and boys have boy parts."
Then conversation went into a little more detail for a 3yr. old and 5yr. old and I am not going to type the rest here, but it had me cracking up laughing.

I would love to be able to open up the kids minds and see all they they think in their heads.

Last Days of Summer Vacation

These past few days were spent at the store shopping for school clothes, more school supplies, and food for school lunches. I can't believe I am typing this, but I am done with shopping for now (well, at least for school supplies). ;)

The kids are VERY excited for school to start. Tyler is excited because his best school buddy is in his class again! Tyler is also excited because he is almost done with his Summer work packet. The school gives the children in 1st-5th grade work to do over the summer and if the children finish it all they get to go to a big party at the park! Tyler went to the party last year and it was lots of fun. The parents are welcomed so Sean and I attended and helped with the kids.

Emily got a haircut on Friday. She loves getting a haircut. She sits so still and straight. I am just not sure about the cut. Basically, the same cut she had, but with some layers. I am just not sure the stylist did the greatest job.

Today was Emily and Tyler's last day at the daycare for awhile. Isabelle starts her preschool class at the daycare tomorrow. She is excited. I think I will pack somethings in her little backpack. After work we went to a little park by our house. I was really impressed with how nice the park was. The weather here as been absolutely beautiful and the kids needed some sunshine. They had a good time!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I took the kids to the doctor. I had to have a formed filled out for the school allowing Tyler and Emily to have medication at the school and to allow the school to give them the medicine. Anyways....

Tyler's was very fast. The doctor signed the paper and done!

Emily's was a little more time consuming because of her allergies that bring about asthma like symptoms they are giving Emily an inhaler to take to school. So, there was a bit more time involved in explaining all the details. BTW, Tyler only has a two pound lead on Emily. He better watch out Emily is right on his tail! ;) It is so funny to me because Tyler is a little on the small side and Emily is tall for her age which leads people to ask me if they are twins. Tyler usually gives me this look like "what?!?!"

Since I already had to schedule a doctor's appt. I thought I would thrown Ethan into the mix for his 18 month check up (we're just a little late). While we were waiting for the doctor the nurse had Ethan undressed to his diaper. He loved it! He was dancing around, kicking his leg up in the air, and running around the room like a wild child. It was pretty cute and hilarious! I was happy he was able to have some fun before the SHOTS! He did good though just a little screaming! ;) Ethan is on the small, skinny side. What is up with my boys? Ethan is in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height! Come on boys, Milk does the body good!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camp Kindergarten

I met with Emily's teacher yesterday, Mrs. Smith. Wow! She seems like an amazing teacher. She is doing home visits with all the kids in her class, but we chose to visit with her at the school.

She played learning games with Emily while I filled out some questionnaires for the classroom. She was very impressed with how much Emily knows. I told Mrs. Smith how much Emily LOVES to learn. She begs to do school work at home. She also plays school at the daycare with her cousins. Mrs. Smith said that the time and hard work has paid off because Emily could teach the class. ;) I was very pleased with how Emily used her manners and wasn't shy talking with her teacher.

I know Emily is so excited to go to school. She has always been very independent. I am very excited for her to take this huge step, but also kind of nervous and sad at the same time. I love you so much Emily!

Monday, August 4, 2008

All I want to do....

I love this new song from Sugarland! It is such a catchy tune, but what I love most about it is listening to it in the car and watching the kids from the rear view mirror sing it. They are so dang cute!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reserved Seats

Today was our first Sunday at our new ward. I was very excited. It seems like the older I get the more excited I am to meet new people. Interesting. Anyways, on the way to church I started to get nervous because this thought came to me- what if we take some family's pew that they have been sitting in for years. I grew up in a ward that it was understood (that is not the word I am looking for) that so and so sat here. Any 2nd Ward readers out there remember where you sat at in the Ward? I can still remember, for the most part who sat where. Anyways, it was silly but I was really nervous about this. I guess I will remain nervous until the next Sunday because we didn't sit in the chapel, we sat in the Relief Society room. Sometimes we sit in there if Ethan is extra crazy that day or we are late. Well, today it was a combination of both reasons.

All weekend long I was explaining to the children that we are going to a new ward. So, when I pull into the parking lot this morning Emily says, "This looks like our church building." "Yes! It is our church building, but we won't see our friends here today we will meet new friends. Grammy and Grandpa won't be at our ward because now they go to this building at a different time now.", I try explain. I guess it is a little difficult to explain the whole ward concept to little kids.

They were all a little nervous, but did good going into their new classes. Isabelle's class went out side and she made friends with two little girls both named Ella. Emily said her class was fine, but she is used to her teacher giving them treats and her new teacher doesn't do that. Tyler said the kids in his class were INSANE! (I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.) Ethan doesn't like nursery to begin with, but I think this nursery is a little overwhelming with 16 toddlers! Needless to say I stayed in nursery today.


This summer has been a lot of fun with the kids getting to know their cousins better and developing stronger friendships with them.

Earlier in the summer their was a Bosco Family Reunion held at a local park. That was a lot of fun. I hadn't seen some of my cousins for a years!!! It was exciting to see so many Boscos' in one place. There was a big baseball game put together of little kids and "older kids". It was fun to see my kids, my brothers, my nieces & nephews, and my uncles all out there playing baseball. I got a kick out of how competitive my family is at sports. I was joking around and told my dad that someone came walking by and said to me that they thought it was so nice that we took some old people out of the nursing home for some exercise and sunshine. He didn't think that was very funny, but I was cracking myself up!

A month ago we went to Steve and Tammy's house for Dustine's B-day Pool Party! I can't believe how big the kids are getting, which means how old I am getting! All cousins had a blast with Uncle Phil and Uncle Jeremy slamming and throwing them into the water.

Last week Vanessa and Uncle Cot Cot were in town. The kids were so excited! Ethan of course, had no idea who they were, but he was a good sport about it. Tyler was able to see Vanessa everyday because she came to pick him up from Soccer Camp and they hung out for a few hours each day. To finish how her stay Tyler and Emily spent the night with Grammy, Grandpa, and Vanessa.

It really makes me happy to see the kids love their cousins and have a strong friendship with them. It is a blessing that we live so close to family!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The poster card made to go with Mrs. Eberle's gift. She is such an awesome teacher. I hope Emily gets her for first grade.
Addison, Tyler and Dalton. Addison was Tyler's second crush in the first grade. That boy is so girl crazy!
Tyler with his first first grade crush, Rachel.

Tyler with his best pals.

Tyler with his favorite teacher, Mrs. Eberle and the assistant, Miss Allen.

My beautiful little sis and her adorable twins at the zoo. This was the first time I saw the girls. I was so happy they came out to visit, but I would be even happier if they were to move here. ;)

Isabelle at the petting zoo.

Emily at the petting zoo.

Tyler at the petting zoo.

Same zoo trip, but with a picture of our friends!

Taralynn, Jessica and I with all of our kids. I am so glad that the cousins are close with each other.

Ethan about to go down the slide.

Here is crazy haired, Ethan at the zoo!

Keeping up with the blogging world so hard in the summer with all the different activities going on. Here are so pictures from a few months ago. I have some pics from the Fourth of July that I will post later, but this ought to hold you guys for a while.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Long Story- SHORT

No, we still aren't in the house. Monday we should be in, though. It is just one more thing. I am so excited though! It has been extremely fun for me to clean, unpack and figure out just where I am going to keep things. I am sooooo HaPpY! I am also VERY grateful for EVERYONE who has helped us along the way. We are so blessed to have wonderful families and terrific friends who are always there for us.

Sean has been working very hard working on the house. Thanks babe! I really appreciate EVERYTHING you have done and will do for me. ;) He also has been working hard at Sleep Outfitters and has been placed as manager of the 2nd best store in the area! Sean has wonderful people skills and selling tactics! What a blessing!

I have been working at the daycare, working at the house, and packing up all of our belongings at Sean's parents house. And my new hobby- keeping up with the politicians. I never new I loved and hated politics so much. I think I will start blogging my opinions and thoughts on my own personal blog.

Tyler has graduated from 1st grade with TERRIFIC grades! He was very sad to leave Mrs. Eberle and his friends, but he is excited for the summer. He also finished the season of soccer. On to soccer camp next month. I am glad he has found an activity enjoys and is very good at. Great job Tyler at school and soccer.

Emily she loves going to the daycare and playing with all of her cousins. She is alittle nervous for school to start, but also excited. She has also found her beautiful singing voice. She knows all the songs on the radio. She is so cute!

Isabelle also loves going to the daycare. She also is following in big sisters footsteps with the singing. Isabelle truly sings about EVERYTHING! I will have to tape her while she is singing one of her songs that she has made up- too cute!

Ethan is a little under the weather today. He has a ear infection! :( He is so active! He also likes going to the daycare. EVERYONE caters to the child. EVERYONE thinks he is so cute, which he is ;) , but he is also very mischievous! Hope you feel better Ethan.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This past weekend was The Kentucky Derby. Since I am from KY and since my dad practically lives at Churchill Downs I feel like Derby fever is running through my blood. I think if my dad could have gotten away with it he would have tried to name all of kids names of horses. The man breathes horse racing. Anyways, it is such a beautiful and fun time of year around here in Kentuckiana.

Well, Phil got out of rehab on Oakes Day (the day before Derby). His progress is UNBELIEVABLE!!! He now walking with two canes. He does physical therapy 3 times a week. I am just so pleased with his motivation and determination! He is so happy to be home too! So, on Derby day my mom had a Welcome Home Phil/Derby Party to celebrate. It was fun! Food (always a must a Bosco get together), swimming, and just hanging out. I really love my family. Just fun, down to earth people, and we ALWAYS have a good time together. It is fun to see all the cousins playing together too.

After the party Emily started to have breathing problems, which got worse through the night and into Sunday morning. After several calls to her doctor we decided the best thing was to take Emily to the ER. There I was informed Emily had an Asthma flare-up and some serious Bronchitis. She was admitted to the hospital for 2 days. Let me tell you the hospital is NO PLACE for sleeping! Besides the lack of sleep it wasn't too bad. Emily was in wonderful care! One good thing that came of this was Emily and I were able to spend some good quality time together. Sean was great with the kids at home and my friend, Sarah was a major help watching Isabelle and Ethan! Oh yeah, let me not forget Sean's parents for watching all the kids!

Well, that is all!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I love my kids!

I just wanted to write down some funny things the kids have said and stories about the kids before I forget them. ;)

Today Emily asked Tyler if he knew how old mommy was.
Emily- "Tyler try and guess how old mommy is?"
Mommy- "I am 29."
Tyler-"I already know that. Mom, you quit growing, right?"
Mommy- "Yes, I will never be older than 29 yrs. old."
Emily- "You will never grow again?"
Tyler- "Emily you will never grow past 29 either, because girls stop growing at 29."
I have to laugh at this. They are so cute and believe everything we say. I guess that makes me a bad mom for telling fibs to my children.

Emily is so cute and such a WONDERFUL helper. She really does help me out tons! She always wants to be around Ethan. She is like his miniature mommy. She is always calling my mom or my dad. She will spend hours on the phone talking with them. One time my dad hung up on her and she called him right back (she has their numbers memorized) and when he answered she said, "you better not hang up on my again, I know your number." He still gets a kick out that story.

Isabelle, what can I say about Isabelle? She loves to be a princess. Whenever we are home Isabelle is always wearing her pink leotard. She loves singing and dancing. She has the best laugh. When we are out in public and she starts really laughing I have had several people walk over to me and tell me that her laugh puts a smile on their face.

The best Isabelle story was this past December. We were shopping at Wal-Mart buying food for the Christmas dinner. This man in a wheelchair wearing and eye patch wheels right past us. Isabelle points at him while shouting, "That man thinks he is a pirate for trick or treat!" I hurry and cover her mouth. I was very embarrassed, but had to laugh because it was so funny!

Ethan has ZERO fear! He climbs on top of tables. He can pull the oven door down and climbs on top of that- talk about scary! He WON'T turn around and go down the stairs, NO he has to go down the normal way. He almost always falls on the stairs and almost always gives me heart failure. He can say, "dada", "mama", "stop", and "uh-oh". He is so cute! He used to not be affectionate at all, but now he gives hugs all the time and kisses. He tackles two of the little girls at the daycare and has them screaming till someone rescues them. Crazy boy- You better learn soon that no means no. ;)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Less is More

This week seemed alot less chaotic compared to last week, but then the weekend hit. I was so tired last night driving home, that I was falling asleep. I stopped off to get gas and I picked up a bottle of water to wake me up. It reminded me of paper route days Some mornings I would be so exhausted I would fall asleep at the wheel and sometimes have to pull off to the side of the road. I guess I am just getting old and can't handle all the excitement of one weekend. ;)

Friday afternoon Sean met with the plumber that my brother told me about. Holy Cow! That first plumber gave us an estimate of $900!!! This guy is going to do MORE work and charge us $210!!! My brother, Steve says that this plumber is VERY good and VERY fast! Steve has had him do work on his house so I know he must be good! I am so happy for this blessing! We are at the bitter end of moving in!

Friday night my dad watched the kids so Sean and I could go out on a date. Our wedding anniversary was April 10th, but Sean wasn't feeling well then. So, we were going to try to go to T.G.I. Friday's, but the wait was way too long to waste precious babysitting time so we ran to Lowe's and Home Depot to look at bathtubs. We found one! Yay! It was getting late, so we settled on Qudoba's to eat at. Yum! We went and picked up the kids. I am glad my dad was able to watch them. He seemed very excited to spend an evening with the kids. They ate Happy Meals, played games, colored, and watched AFV. The kids were having a great time when we arrived.

Saturday was a busy day. Our stake had a Personal Enrichment Saturday. It was good. We were served breakfast and lunch and were able to choose from some classes and babysitting ws provided! Tyler had a soccer game, but Uncle Greg was going to take him. I felt guilty for not taking Tyler, but I am glad I took a little time out for myself. During the PES I went to change Ethan's diaper and the diapers were out in the car. Well, I ended up locking the keys in the car. So, waiting for the Pop-A-Lock person to show up took up some of my class time.

Later, I picked up Tyler. His team won and Tyler scored twice, again! We hurried home and changed for a baptism and a birthday party all at the church. Tyler's friend Abby was getting baptized. And Sean' uncle had his surprise 47th b-day party.

Came home had a few snacks and off again to Home Depot to pick out tile for the bathroom floor. Sean and his friend, Steve actually laid the floor last night. By the time, we purchased things and went back and forth picking items up the guys didn't get started until 10:30pm. They finished around 1am! At least it is done. Thanks Steve!

Church today. I helped out in nursery today. Ethan was so cute playing with the bowling ball set and the bubbles. I can't believe next week he will "officially" be in the nursery.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

How do they do it?

How do the parents with children in so many different activities getting everything done? I only have one child in a couple of activities during the week and I am struggling for energy and time to get done everything on my to do list. Well, here is what the family got accomplished this week.

Taxes are done!!! What a great feeling it is for this task to be marked off. I am also pleased with the refund we will be getting. :)

Soccer practice. Tyler is doing pretty good in soccer this season. I REALLY like his coach (he is the same from last season). He knows the game and is good at teaching the kids.

Took the kids shopping. I let the kids spend the $ they have been saving, minus their tithing. I was trying to teach the kids about saving. First I wanted them to pick an item from the store and really work hard to save their $ for something they really want than to buy something they didn't really care about. It was difficult at times for them to pass on candy or dollar store things. Emily is pretty good at keeping her eye on the target, but Tyler likes to spend money. I wonder where he got that from? Anyways, they worked hard so I let them have their reward. Tyler had $12 saved. He bought Pokemon cards. Yes, he has ventured into the Pokemon World. :) Emily had $20 saved. She bought a Hannah Montana video game. Isabelle had $5. saved and bought her baby doll some diapers. Everyone was happy!!! :)

Fun day at the zoo!!! We met up with family and friends at the zoo. The weather was beautiful and the kids were great! It was so nice that we were able to spend some time with Aunt Jessica and her girls, Gabby and Kennsy. I will post some pics later. After the zoo, my dad took every one out to eat at Olive Garden. 9 adults and 15 children. The kids were very good. We also had a very good waiter so that was a major help. I ate waaay to much, but it was so good! Thanks dad!

More soccer practice and scouts for Tyler.

Oh yeah, let's throw in an earthquake. Yep, we had an earthquake! Actually, IL had an earthquake 5.4 and we had a little quaking of our own. The kids slept through it, but we told them about it when they woke up. Tyler ran to the window and said, "I don't see any gaps in the ground." I think they have watched The Land Before Time too many times. ;)

We finish the week off in victory with Tyler's soccer game! His team totally stomped the other team!! Tyler was on fire! He played great defense and offense. He scored two goals!!! I need to work with Tyler on dribbling the ball down the field. I was VERY impressed with how well the Tyler's team did! It was so cute, after the game Tyler said, "Mom do you know who helped me make those goals?" My reply, "No, who?" And very sweetly Tyler said, "Heavenly Father, because I prayed that I would score." Tyler has such a wonderful testimony of prayer for such a young boy. I love that!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friends + Family + Fireworks= FUN!!!

This past Saturday was Thunder Over Louisville. For some people who don't know what that is, Thunder Over Louisville is the kickoff event for the Kentucky Derby Festival. It is the largest annual firework show in North America!! There is an airshow too! Anyways it is alot of fun!

This year our really good friends invited us to hangout with them at their office. The office is practically smack dap in the center of all the festivities. We had a really good time hanging out with friends, munching all day on yummy snacks, and watching the planes and fireworks. The weather this year was a bit on the chilly side. I wasn't as brave or tough as everyone else, so I mostly stayed indoors.

Friday Sean had to work until 8:30pm, but we still hung out at our friends house. The kids played and the adults just talked, but it was nice. I really needed that. We haven't hung out with our friends in such a long time it seemed like so even though it was really late, I enjoyed it. Sorry, Sarah we kept you all up late. :)

Saturday was the big day. It really was so much fun! Sean requested Saturday and Sunday off of work so it was very nice to have some family time with daddy!

When the alarm went off this morning reminding me of church, it was so hard to pull myself out of bed. I guess we were real party animals this weekend so we were hurting in the morning. We made it to church, alittle late.

After church we all laid down for our Sunday nap. I LOVE naps! I felt so much better for taking one. Jessica and Will are in town until Thursday of this week and we were going to get together tonight, but Gabby is really sick. I was kind of bummed, but hey kids getting sick can't be helped! I totally understand! We will get together before they leave.

So, I dropped Sean off at the house and he did ALOT of work there organizing! I took the kids and myself to see Phil. He looks so much better. He seems to have made some progress. He got up to use the bathroom and he walks with a walker. You can tell is legs are very weak, they were shaking when he was trying to get into his bed. He still needs prayers to recover completely. He will be fine, but only with the Lord's help and he needs to realize that!

We came home and Sean and I made dinner. He was doing all the cooking, and I was just getting the table ready. It was a nice little treat for us that daddy cooked. He is such a great cook- Fajitas. YUMMO! Thanks Babe! ;)

That's our weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I don't know if the rain is causing my children to act insane because they haven't been outside since forever. I could be wrong, but I think it is supposed to rain all weekend. I don't care if it does rain all weekend I am just happy it is Friday. The kids (especially the girls) have been bouncing off the walls. I am glad that we get to sleep in tomorrow morning. I am kind of glad to, in a way that Tyler's soccer game is canceled. More time I have to do the stuff that I need to get done. I love rainy days ONLY when I don't have to go out in the rain. I love to stay home and bake or clean. Imagine that staying home baking, doesn't that sound nice. It probably won't happen, but it sounds nice.

Anyways, yes we have had a crazy amount of rain lately. On my way to work there was a road blocked of because the street had turned into a lake. I couldn't believe how much water was on the road. Then I REALLY couldn't believe that a car was stranded in that lake. Who on earth drives into that much water on the road. The car was almost COMPLETELY covered. You could barely see the roof of the car. If it wasn't for the police man taking pictures I would have never noticed that a car was in there. I hope who ever was driving was safe and insured.

Today Tyler had a Family Friday Presentation. His whole class wrote what Springtime meant to them and they had to stand in front of the whole school and read what they wrote. Talk about EMBARRASSING! Tyler was very nervous, but he did GREAT! Then after the children read their paragraphs they sang two springtime songs. They looked SO adorable up their. I got a little teary eyed watching my baby boy up there. He is getting so big!

Ethan started saying the word "stop". That is great. He can say the word stop, but he can't say momma. Thanks alot kid! I guess he hears me saying that word all the time. "Stop Ethan! Don't climb up there.", "Stop Ethan, don't get into that." "Stop Ethan! That is yucky." It never ends with that boy. :)

Well, we might go to the library this weekend for a puppet show and to return books. We are also going to see Uncle Phil at the rehab center. Also General Conference is this weekend! How exciting we get to hear from our new Prophet!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Family Update

Lots has been happening here!

Early Easter morning my little brother got off of work and ran out of gas in his car. He was pushing his car home and almost made it into a parking spot at his apartment complex, but at the very end slipped and fell on his back. He wasn't able to get up. He called out for help and a couple in the apartment complex heard him and came to his rescue calling 911 and my mom. He was sent down to University of Louisville. He had tons of scans, xrays, and test and we found out last Monday that he suffered a spinal cord injury. He has had two surgeries. The first surgery the doctors went in the front of his neck removing his C2 and C3. The second surgery the doctors went in the back of his neck and the secured what was done in the first surgery with metal brackets and a bone graft using bone from his hip. He was released from ICU a couple of days ago. About two days he will be transferred to Frazier Rehab.

Phillip can move his legs a little, but they are two weak to walk or stand. He can move his arms, but his hands are very weak. He can't grip anything. He has a burning/tingling sensation running through his upper body. The doctors say with time they feel he will be able to walk again. With lots of hard work they gave us a time frame of 6 months to a year.

He has lots of people fasting and praying for him. Phillip is in good spirits most of the time. We know this has happened for a reason. We know the Lord loves Phillip and will keep him in his care.

Other than the Phillip accident on Easter, our Easter was very nice.

Spring Break was this past week. Tyler described his Spring Break to a tee, "This is the worst Spring Break ever!" I couldn't agree more. We all came down with the flu, except for Sean and Isabelle. It was horrible, fevers, headaches, migraines, achy body, runny nose, congestion- the works. We were sick from Monday through Friday.

We did go the Fun House at the very end. (The Fun House is like Chuck E. Cheese) The kids loved that. We also went to our cousins house to fly kites and hang out with them. That was fun, too. So, maybe Spring Break wasn't completely ruined or the WORST, but it was pretty bad. ;)

Also, during Spring Break I turned 29! I am in shock. I was looking at myself in the mirror and asked Sean, "Do I look like I will be 30 next year?" Of course he said no it was my birthday and I was sick. ;) THIRTY next year!?!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break

Even though we aren't "going" anywhere for Spring Break I am so excited for no school, no packing lunches, and NO HOMEWORK!

Hope everyone enjoys their break! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Career Day

Today at Tyler's school was Career Day. Tyler wanted to dress as a scuba diver-no surprise there he loves the ocean and marine life! He loves learning about sharks. Sounds way to scary for mom! Sean didn't want Tyler wearing his scuba mask and snorkel, but with alot of promises from Tyler that he would take EXTRA special care he was allowed to wear Sean's flying headset. So, Tyler was Captain Brown, a pilot just like grandpa. I told Tyler if he really wanted to be like grandpa and fly for UPS then he should wear a white shirt and tie. Well, Tyler decided that he didn't want to look exactly like grandpa so he went with a polo shirt and a pair of jeans.

Well, Career Day got me thinking of what I would like to be when I grow up. ;) Of course I am living my dream of being a stay at home mom so I can mark that dream accomplished when the kids are grown. But, what would I like to be next? Here is what I would love to do (in a perfect world where money and time were no objects and I go back to college.)

1. A Cook. I actually would LOVE to go to some world famous culinary school. I would LOVE to have my very own cooking show on Food Network.

2. I would love to be in the movies, not an actress but be the voices or do sound affects for some animated movies. How cool would that be?

3. I would love to be the story hour lady at the library. I LOVE to read to little kids.

4. I would LOVE to be a Kindergarten teacher. I think Kindergarten age is the best!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

I met with Tyler's teacher this morning to discuss progress, problems, and typical parent/teacher stuff. Tyler always has really good grades so I wasn't to worried. Tyler also is a BIG TIME daydreamer- always has been. I am constantly on him to stay on task and finish his homework, so I can only imagine what he is like in school if the teacher isn't constantly on him.

Well, his teacher figured out Tyler's problem. "Tyler is in love!" she announced. No surprise to me since I hear all about the many girls Tyler is in love with when he gets home. He loves Naomi, Rachael, Addison and I am sure the list could go on if I had is class list in front of me. I was told Rachael and Tyler were holding hands the other day. What?! I just laughed. If love is Tyler's problem than I am happy that he is such a sweet, lovable and funny little guy. Just no more holding hands or kissing until you are married, Tyler!!!

The grades are EXCELLENT! I guess the extra time and hard work I am putting in with him is paying off! I was so pleased with him after reading his report card!

I came home and told Tyler how pleased I was for all the hard work he has been doing. He just smiled! I also told him that I heard about the hand holding thing with Rachael and him. Tyler covered his head with his hands and said, "She told you about that?"

I love you Tyler! I love your sweet smile. I love your contagious laugh. I love your sense of humor. Great job Buddy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hopefully it is over!

The winter weather that is! This past weekend we were "snowed in". It snowed a little over a foot so no school or work. I did make the kids do some type school work to earn computer time. What a mean mom. ;)

Sean and I were able to spend a little time together with only two children. Wow! Two extra kids really do make a difference! We went to Home Depot to get ideas of what to do with the bathroom in the house. I am so sick of the house it is not even funny. Actually it isn't the house it is me. I can't get out of the mood I am in. Anyways....

Sean took Tyler, Emily, and Isabelle tubing and four wheeling in the snow with Uncle Greg and Aunt Debbie. Isabelle came home the earliest. She was so cold! I asked her if she had a good time and her reply was, "Yes, but in the morning I don't want to play in the snow." Tyler had a good time until Aunt Debbie put snow down his shirt. Emily surprised me, she stayed out the longest and didn't return crying.

This weekend was also a movie weekend. Sean and I watched, Apocalypto- That movies was so intense! I only watched 40 minutes of it. I was so scared when it was time for bed! I watched, Stranger Than Fiction- It was SOOO SLOW, but I actually enjoyed it. The family watched, How To Eat Fried Worms-Dumb. The last movie, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events- Okay.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What is this?

Maybe Tyler is going to grow up and be in the military and become a Drill Sargent. He was on a roll drilling me with questions in the car today. Just a few that I can remember-

Can Jesus fly?

Does Heavenly Father have a father?

Mom, did you know it is not good for your eyes if you look into the sun?

Can Jesus sit on the sun? What will happen to him?

Does Jupiter have clouds?

Is Pluto the coldest planet?

What planet is the driest?

Do aliens live in outer space?

Mom, did you know if dad was up in space and he took off his helmet than he will die because he wouldn't have any air?

Is gravity what makes things fall?

I was so tired and all I really wanted to do was listen to the radio and unwind. Tyler just wanted his questions answered. Too bad, I couldn't answer them all.

Story Hour Day

Story Hour at the library. The girls have been waiting for this day, Isabelle more so than Emily because she can now go in the class. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a tease!

That dang Mother Nature! Yesterday topped off at 70 degrees. Today was in the low 40's and rain showers. Freezing!!! I really didn't want to go out today in this nasty weather, but I had two errands that really needed to get done. Well, at least now I can check those off my never ending to do list.

Sean has been working all day.

Tyler did his homework without complaining, much. ;) He even read for an extra 20 minutes!!

Emily and Isabelle played princess dress up.

I don't think Ethan is feeling very good today. I think he is getting more teeth and that is giving him some problems.

I just put a Stouffer's Lasagna in the oven. I feel so unmotivated today. I also feel like I am walking around in a daze. I can't wait for Sean to get home and we can watch a movie and spend some time together.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring is in the air.

Well at least for two days Spring has been in the air. Sunday and today the weather was so nice.. Yes, it did rain today, but the warm weather was WONDERFUL! It was 59 degrees when I left this morning. I didn't have to put winter coats on the kids or make sure every body part was completely covered. It felt great to get out the door so quickly. I love the Spring and Autumn seasons- definitely my fave months.


Today at Tyler's school they celebrated, Read Across America. Something having to do with Dr. Seuss (maybe a birthday). The kids were allowed to dress up as one of their favorite characters in a book. Tyler dressed as Skippyjon Jones. If you haven't read the Skippyjon Jones books I highly recommend them. Too cute! Well, Tyler wasn't completely Skippyjon Jones, but more of a REALLY toned downed Jack Sparrow.
I headed off to work after taking Skippyjon Jones to school. Well, it was Monday at the daycare and here is a funny thing about kids. They are like little calendars. So far I have only figured out two of their signs for the days of the week, but I am sure with spending a little more time with them I will figure it out. This is what I have, the sign for Monday is nonstop whining and the sign for Friday is bouncing off the walls! So, today is Monday can you guess how I knew? ;)

Later I dropped lunch off to Sean, went to go get Tyler, and on to the bank when exhaustion hit me. I was and still am SO FREAKIN TIRED! and hungry I might add. No rest for the weary I head to the library. The kids have been dying to go and get some new books and movies. While we were at the library I ran into my high school Geometry teacher, Ms. Psycho. That is her REAL name and was she ever psycho! I was very polite and reintroduced myself. I thanked her for putting in extra time to help me pass. She was VERY DIFFICULT, but she was actually nice to me. I was one of the few she was nice to, but I wanted to let her no that I appreciated her effort to help me learn Geometry. Sad that I never really learned how to do it, but by the grace of God I passed that class. And maybe a little help from my YOUNGER sister's homework. ;) Anyways seeing her was a frightening reminder why I never would want to relive high school years.

After the library I headed to the grocery storeS! Yes, that is plural. I love grocery shopping, but only during the early morning or late at night. I had to make TWO trips to Wal-Mart because I forgot the main dish for dinner tonight, chicken. I love Wal-Marts low prices, but I hate Wal-Mart customers!! Do you have a brain people?!!! I guess I should leave my ranting and ravings for my own personal blog. Sorry Family! :) Anyways, yes Wal-Mart twice and then to Aldi's. Love Aldi's! We buy our can goods from that store because they are marked so low. Great food storage store.

Finally home, hungry, tired, and frustrated from my Wal-Mart experience.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Waay Too Long!!!

We have been extremely BUSY with fixing up the house, life, and jobs, but the REAL reason I haven't posted in about a MONTH AND a HALF is because I am a lazy slacker!! Here is another thing I have been horribly lazy on- taking pictures! I didn't take one picture in the month of February!!!! I don't know how moms that work outside the home get things accomplished inside the home! Well, probably they know how to prioritize. I really think that is the real key, (I must have lost my key). Well, here is a little update.

Sean has been staying busy with Sleep Outfitters, Custom Computers & Consulting, moving all of our shiz into the "new" house, and fixing up the "new" house. Thanks babe for all the work you have been doing! I LOVE IT!

I have been busy with work. I LOVE working at the daycare. I really had no idea that I would like working there so much. I thought I would dread going into a place with more kids, but I LOVE IT! When you love something it really makes it easier to go and get the job done.
I too have been trying to be of some help getting the house ready. I have been having lots of fun visualizing how I want each room to be decorated. Only money is holding me back which happens to be a major factor! Oh well, I can hold off on somethings and save to get what I really want. It has been really fun!
At the end of each day I am so tired that I haven't been doing the things I love like, watch Law and Order, scrapbook ( I really need to do this, but it all comes back to the fact that I am lazy.), blog, or check my email ( I have like 1300 new emails! What the....?)

Tyler has been doing good in school. We just signed him up for his 4th season of soccer. I am glad he likes some type of outdoors sport. I think it is very important that kids get plenty of exercise whether it be running around outside or involved in an organized sport. I am excited to see improvements from last season!
Tyler has also been on a Pokemon kick. He doesn't own any of these toys, but he has been drawing and cutting out his own. I love watching him do this activity. I love when kids use their imagination.

Emily is growing so fast and becoming more beautiful each day! She is such a help to me with EVERYTHING. With Emily I only have to ask once and she USUALLY jumps right up and helps me out! Thank you, Emily!
She is in love with a little boy at church, Matthew. So, funny.
She still adores Hannah Montana, but has also jumped on the Pokemon bus with Tyler.

Isabelle is so funny! She copies everything Emily does. The other day Emily was whining that Isabelle was coping her and Isabelle got up in Emily's face and was totally doing the head thing and said, "That is how I learn." You go Isabelle!
Isabelle is so funny on things too! She is definitely a girl who knows what she wants. I can usually hand the other kids their clothes for the day without complaints, but not Isabelle. She knows exactly what she wants. I love that about her!

Ethan is a walking terror! He is so dang cute that it throws people off. I have now learned the cuter the kid the harder they are. ;) He is always climbing on top of EVERYTHING!
He has started giving kisses and he is so cute when he does it, he grabs your face and plants one right on your lips. So sweet!
He loves his siblings. He loves when Isabelle chases him around. I am glad that our kids are so close in age so they can be close friends with each other.
He has also started folding his arms for the prayers. I love seeing this.
He still doesn't say much, but I guess with his older siblings always towering over him he doesn't really have to.

Well, that is us pretty much. I am going to try to do better.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Day on the Job

Yesterday was my first day working at the daycare. I knew that I would be fine because everyday of my life is like running a daycare. :) Well, let me tell you those women are DANG BUSY! You were constantly doing something, changing a diaper, working on crafts, listening to the kids, and picking up toys. (just to name a few). I think I did well. Only one thing that got to me, changing other kids diapers. Yuck!! I don't like changing my own kids, so this task REALLY grossed me out!! Guess I need to get over it. I was afraid that adding more kids to my daily schedule might put me going crazy in to high gear, we will see. ;)

I think a few of the kids liked me too! One little boy asked me if I would sit next to him at lunch. And one little girl said she liked my name. "I like that name. I think I am going to name one of my________ that". ( I thought it was going to children. The girls is only 8 so maybe she likes to plan for future, but I was wrong.) "I like that name. I think I am going to name one of my stuffed animals that." You know you are doing good when you reach the Stuffed Animal Level. SCORE!!!

Anyways the time went very fast that is always a plus! Another awesome thing is that Tammy gave me TONS of clothes for the girls when I was leaving! She totally hooks me up with nice and "gently used" (i love that term) clothes! So yesterday Emily put on a fashion show for Daddy and Grandpa. She had me change her into ALL of the dress. There were about 15 dresses! Emily loves clothes just like her mom! Thanks Aunt Tammy!

I helped Tyler with his 100th Day of School project. Watched a few Hannah Montana shows with the girls. And to top of a Great day we had Bearno's Pizza with the WORKS! Yummo!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


We have been crazy busy with getting everyone well, Scouts, school, and just life. So here is an update.

We are buying Sean's younger brother's house. I am VERY excited!!! It definitely needs some TLC. My dad has begun painting. It was fun picking out colors! Sean has been painting closets and fixing lights with the help of a friend. The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and a finished basement. The house is not much to look at right now, but has MAJOR POTENTIAL! What a lucky girl I am to have a dad who is a professional painter, and 2 brothers who are construction workers! I need to take before and after photos. What needs to be done before we move in March/ April- paint, MAJOR CLEANING, redo the bathroom upstairs, new front door, new door to the downstairs (for Ethan's sake), and have the air ducts cleaned (Emily is highly allergic to cats and dogs and since Uncle Greg had dogs in the house....). Anyways, I am way excited! The house isn't gigantic or beautiful (yet) ;), but it will be ours for the time being. I am excited to have a place to call our own and for all our belongings to be. What a blessing!!

Besides the house Sean has been staying busy with work and working on Tyler's Pinewood Derby car. Yesterday, was the big race! Oh man, the parents go crazy about this stuff! Well, I am happy to announce that Tyler placed 4th over the whole pack and 1st in the Tiger Scouts! Way to Go!!

I started babysitting for a friend this past Tuesday and Thursday. She has a daughter that is Isabelle's age so all the girls play nicely together!! Tomorrow, I will start working at a daycare. My sister in law is in the process of buying it right now from her mom, but they need some help and I need some money! I also get to bring my kids. I am excited for the opportunity, but pray that my kids stay well. :)

Emily is excited that she won't be going to "Mommy's School" for Kindergarten, but to "real school where Tyler goes". Since, I will be working at the daycare now, I won't have nearly enough time to teach Emily all she needs to know and give her the attention she needs to meet all of her Kindergarten requirements so I am going to place her in school. I will still work with the kids in the summer and on the weekends as best I can.

Emily and Isabelle are still in competition with each other over who is Hannah Montana. It is so cute to see them sing and dance. They are true little divas!

Ethan is finally well!!!!! When I took him in to the doctor this past time for his rash the doctor said that he thinks Ethan had a virus since he ran a fever for two days on his antibiotics. The doctor said that he COULD have had an allergic reaction to his medicine that he had been on for 7 days, but his gut feeling says, virus. This week I am supposed to give Ethan one dose of his old antibiotic and see if Ethan breaks out! Wow, what a fun experiment this could be! ;)

That is all that has been going on with us!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ethan still sick

Well last night Ethan woke up 3 times screaming like he was in tremendous pain. Then he was fine during the day until after lunch. He ate his lunch and then when I went to change his diaper he had broke out in a rash all over his neck, torso, and back. Crazy! He hasn't had anything out of the ordinary. The doc wants to see him tonight. I hope everything gets figured out!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

What I am Reading

Okay I love to read, but seriously lack the time. Another New Year Resolution of mine is to try and read at LEAST 4 books this year. I figure I can do a book every quarter. ;) How pathetic! Anyway I have attempted to read this book 3 times now. I really have enjoyed and agreed with everything I have read so far. The book you ask? The Potentially Sane Mother's Guide to Raising Young Children.

What is up?

What is up with Ethan? He is on antibiotics for his ear infection, but now for the past 2 days he has been running a fever. Please get better. Please get better. Please get better. I feel bad for him, because today he has been alittle more attached to me than normal. You can tell he doesn't feel good.

Tyler had is doctor's appt. for a urine recheck. A few weeks ago at the doctor's they had tested Tyler's urine and found protein. They wanted to recheck it because they said that protein in the urine can lead to kidney disease. Well, Tyler is all good. The doctor said that sometimes when the kids get dehydrated than that can show signs of protein in the pee. Thank goodness that was all it was. Prayers were answered!

Emily is doing well. Lately she has just been playing on the computer or with her Barbies. Oh, lets not forget her fave thing to do, watch Hannah Montana. Maybe I will regret admitting to this, but I actually like watching Hannah Montana too. It is hilarious!

Isabelle is Miss Personality!!! She loves her lipstick and loves to sing Hannah Montana songs with her blue microphone.

This weekend I have been on a roll organizing and getting rid of old paperwork! I think I have some good news to share- I'm getting a house! And you all thought I would say that I am pregnant, didn't you? I said good news. Which I guess being pregnant is good news, but for right now that wouldn't be in my good news category! Yes, more details to come on the house. Keep us in your prayers! I'm excited!!

Well, I am going to go help Tyler finish his homework. Ah, yes the holidays are over, back to work.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Some pictures from December

Ethan's puppy cake. The kids chose the puppy cake for Ethan since he is always getting into the real dog food.
I think I would be safe to write that Ethan enjoyed his cake. ;)

Ethan the Curious! What could be in the box?

Ethan excited to try out his new wheels!

Sorry the picture is a little dark, but here are the boys with the Yerf Dog! Proud of how dirty they are!
Tyler- not a happy mudder! He was FREEZING! His hands hurt! And he got mud in his mouth!

Celebrating turning five with dad on the phone singing "Happy Birthday" and the store bought cake. :) We held off on opening presents since dad wasn't there, but we watched Shrek the Third. Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily's second Birthday cake with her fave celebrity- Hannah Montana! That dang sticker cost me $10!!

Here we are celebrating Emily's birthday for the second time now that dad is back in town. :)