Sunday, April 27, 2008

Less is More

This week seemed alot less chaotic compared to last week, but then the weekend hit. I was so tired last night driving home, that I was falling asleep. I stopped off to get gas and I picked up a bottle of water to wake me up. It reminded me of paper route days Some mornings I would be so exhausted I would fall asleep at the wheel and sometimes have to pull off to the side of the road. I guess I am just getting old and can't handle all the excitement of one weekend. ;)

Friday afternoon Sean met with the plumber that my brother told me about. Holy Cow! That first plumber gave us an estimate of $900!!! This guy is going to do MORE work and charge us $210!!! My brother, Steve says that this plumber is VERY good and VERY fast! Steve has had him do work on his house so I know he must be good! I am so happy for this blessing! We are at the bitter end of moving in!

Friday night my dad watched the kids so Sean and I could go out on a date. Our wedding anniversary was April 10th, but Sean wasn't feeling well then. So, we were going to try to go to T.G.I. Friday's, but the wait was way too long to waste precious babysitting time so we ran to Lowe's and Home Depot to look at bathtubs. We found one! Yay! It was getting late, so we settled on Qudoba's to eat at. Yum! We went and picked up the kids. I am glad my dad was able to watch them. He seemed very excited to spend an evening with the kids. They ate Happy Meals, played games, colored, and watched AFV. The kids were having a great time when we arrived.

Saturday was a busy day. Our stake had a Personal Enrichment Saturday. It was good. We were served breakfast and lunch and were able to choose from some classes and babysitting ws provided! Tyler had a soccer game, but Uncle Greg was going to take him. I felt guilty for not taking Tyler, but I am glad I took a little time out for myself. During the PES I went to change Ethan's diaper and the diapers were out in the car. Well, I ended up locking the keys in the car. So, waiting for the Pop-A-Lock person to show up took up some of my class time.

Later, I picked up Tyler. His team won and Tyler scored twice, again! We hurried home and changed for a baptism and a birthday party all at the church. Tyler's friend Abby was getting baptized. And Sean' uncle had his surprise 47th b-day party.

Came home had a few snacks and off again to Home Depot to pick out tile for the bathroom floor. Sean and his friend, Steve actually laid the floor last night. By the time, we purchased things and went back and forth picking items up the guys didn't get started until 10:30pm. They finished around 1am! At least it is done. Thanks Steve!

Church today. I helped out in nursery today. Ethan was so cute playing with the bowling ball set and the bubbles. I can't believe next week he will "officially" be in the nursery.


Christine said...

I am with ya on the getting tired must be a part of having young kids. I love that personal enrichment saturday, I'll have to suggest it here. Fun update!

shumaker clan said...

You were a busy person this week. Don;t you hate it when you lock your keys in the car. James and I have done it to many times to count. BUt always so agrivating to us.

Jason and Charlotte said...

Hey I saw your post...I've been checking yours for weeks now, sorry I didn't let you know about our blog. I am offically addicted to blogging now!!! We miss you guys but it sounds like life is treating you good there..oh let Sean now we haven't had a HT since ya'll moved :(

Veronica said...

The trip went well. It was nice to see my mom and she is doing a little better. Rachel is due in august and just found out that she's having a boy! She's excited!

Steph is in africa for the next 2 months for a an internship and we'll see here in june when she gets back. She just got a teaching job in utah, so she'll be there atleast another year.

You sound pretty busy yourself:) Lots of things to do when you have more kids:)