Monday, April 28, 2008

I love my kids!

I just wanted to write down some funny things the kids have said and stories about the kids before I forget them. ;)

Today Emily asked Tyler if he knew how old mommy was.
Emily- "Tyler try and guess how old mommy is?"
Mommy- "I am 29."
Tyler-"I already know that. Mom, you quit growing, right?"
Mommy- "Yes, I will never be older than 29 yrs. old."
Emily- "You will never grow again?"
Tyler- "Emily you will never grow past 29 either, because girls stop growing at 29."
I have to laugh at this. They are so cute and believe everything we say. I guess that makes me a bad mom for telling fibs to my children.

Emily is so cute and such a WONDERFUL helper. She really does help me out tons! She always wants to be around Ethan. She is like his miniature mommy. She is always calling my mom or my dad. She will spend hours on the phone talking with them. One time my dad hung up on her and she called him right back (she has their numbers memorized) and when he answered she said, "you better not hang up on my again, I know your number." He still gets a kick out that story.

Isabelle, what can I say about Isabelle? She loves to be a princess. Whenever we are home Isabelle is always wearing her pink leotard. She loves singing and dancing. She has the best laugh. When we are out in public and she starts really laughing I have had several people walk over to me and tell me that her laugh puts a smile on their face.

The best Isabelle story was this past December. We were shopping at Wal-Mart buying food for the Christmas dinner. This man in a wheelchair wearing and eye patch wheels right past us. Isabelle points at him while shouting, "That man thinks he is a pirate for trick or treat!" I hurry and cover her mouth. I was very embarrassed, but had to laugh because it was so funny!

Ethan has ZERO fear! He climbs on top of tables. He can pull the oven door down and climbs on top of that- talk about scary! He WON'T turn around and go down the stairs, NO he has to go down the normal way. He almost always falls on the stairs and almost always gives me heart failure. He can say, "dada", "mama", "stop", and "uh-oh". He is so cute! He used to not be affectionate at all, but now he gives hugs all the time and kisses. He tackles two of the little girls at the daycare and has them screaming till someone rescues them. Crazy boy- You better learn soon that no means no. ;)


Megan said...

Cute stories. I think 29 is a wonderful age to be for the rest of your life!

dillon, annie, parker and wyatt said...

agreed. i just turned 29 on april 19th and i think i could be this age forever. it was fun to hear from you on my blog! i love this little blogging world that keeps long lost friends connected. i will put your page on my blog and we can STAY connected. sounds like things are busy and going great. sure love ya alicia, annie poulsen hansen

Lupe said...

Okay, I love how you all count at your house! 29 sounds good to me too! :) Sweet kiddos!