Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy! Busy!

I started my day off the right way, early and doing service. I went to visit teach an elderly lady and attempted to clean her apartment. She definitely can't part with anything. I am so glad I am not like that. I love dropping bags off at the Goodwill or in the garbage can. Anyways, she is a sweet old lady and I feel blessed to have her on my visiting teaching route. My companion and I didn't do so hot with our vt this month. Why is vt so hard to get accomplished for me? We only visited with two sisters. Next month we will get 100%! It is not even about the numbers for me, I just love to visit teach. If I don't do a good job than I get down on myself, because I know I can do better and I should!

I came home to get cleaned up, I had a full day ahead of me. I got dressed and read stories to the kids. Today was the last day of the Summer Reading Program at the library. The kids had to read a lot of books to be able to collect prizes for a spy kit. They were doing so well at listening to the stories I read or that Tyler reads. The kids were very excited to get the last prize, a telescope!

I ran one more errand, of course to Wal-Mart! We needed to get some food for dinner tonight and a few other odds and ends. I hurried home to take Tyler to register at Floyds Knobs Elementary. He was not excited one bit about going to school, but his feelings soon changed when we arrived. Holy Cow! That school was crazy busy! Tyler talked with the principal and met his new teacher, Mrs. Eberle. Of course EVERYONE said how nice she was. What were they going to say? :) I had Tyler and Ethan with me and I was exhausted from holding Ethan the WHOLE time. I wish I had brought a stroller for him. Everything was labeled and organized. I was impressed. I was also in shock when I found out that I had to RENT Tyler's books this year for $140!!!!!!!! You must be joking, right? That is just crazy! I don't even get to keep the books for that much money! Oh well, Tyler is excited and I am excited for him, kind of. :) After registration I didn't do much at all because I was too stinkin tired. :)

Off to bed, now. I need to get up early to take the kids to the last free movie at the theatre. We are going to watch Flushed Away. I have already seen it, it is ok.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Lazy Weekend

I had such a lazy Saturday and Sunday! The crazy thing about it was I felt so exhausted!!

Saturday I attempted to clean, but Ethan is now crawling so he is getting in to EVERYTHING! I went a couple places with Sean's mom. We rented two movies but have only watched one, The Prestiege (o.k.) and Deja Vu (haven't watched yet). While I was out Isabelle fell off a chair on the deck and scraped her face all up. Poor child looks abused!

Sunday was a good day. I really do love Sundays. I love going to church to learn, feel the spirit and see my friends. It is a little difficult to go and stay in all the meetings with Ethan, but he won't stay a baby forever and I am enjoying the time I have with him now. I have been really good at preparing my "church bag" with snacks, quiet games, and coloring pages for the kids. It really seems to make a difference. I wasn't able to be in Sacrament Meeting or Sunday School at all. Ethan is very vocal, wants to go everywhere, and doesn't like to take naps. I did get to make the combined meeting for the fifth Sunday. It was good. We discussed how we can improve our temple attendance. I already know how to improve my attendance- I need to make the temple a priority in my life. Sad but true I really have never done this. I am very excited to change though. Jess and Will just bought me a beautiful temple dress! Thanks guys-LOVE IT!! I am going to set a date soon! For the rest of the day we just chilled at home. We ate a big lunch! Sean's mom and I went and bought a lot of fresh veggies on Saturday so we cooked those up and YUM! LOVE VEGGIES! The kids were a little on the hyper side, but that was fine. We watched some Book of Mormon movie that Sean's parents have. It was o.k. I didn't care so much for the acting. Later we made Brownie Sundaes. Can you guys tell I like food? They were pretty good, actually they were a little to sweet for me. Shocking yes I know.

Bedtime was fairly easy last night. Tyler was really tired so he went to bed really good, Emily on the other hand wouldn't stay in her bed. Darn girl! :) The adults stayed up and played Pit. It was so much fun! I love that game! After several rounds it was bedtime for Sean and I. Sean had to get up ata 2:30am to go and pick up a go-cart from somewhere in northern Indiana. What is he thinking?!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Today was the last day of Soccer Camp. (I will post the pictures later.) I am happy that it is over so I don't have to wake everyone up early each morning, but sad because Tyler really had a great time. He learned a lot!! It also exhausted him each day so it made bedtime so much easier for him to fall asleep. Oh well, school will start in a couple of weeks, I am sure that will tire him out!

After soccer today we met up at Galena-Lamb Park to play with a couple of other families. It was nice for the kids to run wild. It was also fun for me to talk to some other moms- Margene and Denielle. They are so nice! Kind of freaky though at the park, two older gentleman drove up and were just sitting in their car together and watching the kids. Probably no big deal, but you know me my weirdo/paranoid sensor goes off and I can't really relax until they drive off. You never can be to careful and you never know what people are thinking these days.

Anyways we hurried home, changed our clothes, and ate lunch. We were going to go to the Zoo tonight with the Faulstick family, so I packed up everything that I needed for that outing. We had a couple of errands to do and while we were out it started raining. No more zoo plans. On to Plan B which was dinner and movie. We went to Applebee's. The food and the service weren't that great. Next, we rented the movie Breach. I didn't really like it. It was slow, actually it was so slow I fell asleep watching it.

Now everyone is asleep and I am up writing this and thinking about Christmas. Go figure.? I am trying to write down things I am going to get people. Is anyone else thinking about this or am I the only weirdo?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Starting Over

I like Mondays because I get to start all over with new goals, new errands, and mainly a new attitude. Why I don't I look at each day this way?

Well, the cousins are still visiting from Florida. The kids have been having so much fun hanging out with them. Vanessa(14) and Adrienne(13) have been really good with the Tyler and Emily following every move they make. It has been fun watching them play together.

Today started early. Tyler had his first day of Soccer Camp. He was really excited because he got a new water bottle, t-shirt, and soccer ball! He did really well listening to the coach and following directions. Great job Tyler! It was fun listening to the coaches because they are all from England and I LOVE their accents. "Oh right.", "Brilliant", and my favorite saying, "Here have a go." Lucky me I have a whole week of listening to the coaches talk. After soccer Sean's mom, Vanessa, Adrienne, Tyler and Emily went to the theater to see the new Disney movie, Rat a something? I haven't got a straight answer on how the movie was. I am such a picky person when it comes to movies. While my two older children were gone Isaboo, Ethan and I went to the Goodwill. Oh my gosh I totally made out with goods. All for $42 !!! I love the Goodwill!

-Barbie backpack
-Barbie doll
-card game
-6 puzzle games
-2 boy shirts
-1 Gap shirt
-1 Ann Taylor shirt
-1 NEW Express shirt
-3 Old Navy shirts
-1 NEW American Eagle shirt
-1 skirt
-2 t-shirts
My little shopping trip TOTALLY made my day!

Later on we celebrated Irina's 19th birthday. It was fun. I gave Ethan just a little bit of icing and cake. The poor little guy had an allergic reaction! He started to break out in hives all over his face. I called the doctor and he said I could give him Claratin and Benadryl together. So needless to say Ethan is asleep and doing MUCH better. Yes, I know bad mom.
I put the kids to bed a little early tonight. Oh my gosh they were so wound up!! It was driving me crazy! It has been nice to have this extra time. I got caught up with paperwork, folded laundry and washed a load. I better get to bed. I got Soccer Camp in the morning.

Oh, we have seen two older movies. Flyboys- pretty good. & Casino Royale 007- LOVED IT! Yes, Sean and I are slowly catching up to current movies, but it is hard to find time to sit and watch a movie together.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's been a long time!

We are all healthy and alive. The flu stayed with us for 2 weeks, slowly making its way to the next victim. We all had the flu even little baby Ethan. He was a good little trooper through the whole thing!

We have been staying busy. Zoo, visiting with family and friends, pool, and park. Some days I have to just schedule "nothing days" because we need to work on school and the house.

Sean has been busying studying, teaching computer classes, and fixing computers. He is still trying to improve his golf game and Tyler is right there with him. Tyler tells us that he is going to be a scuba diver, a fisherman, and a professional golfer when he grows up. He said that he is going to beat Tiger Woods. I smile and encouraged him to do his best. What a great goal Tyler! He loves golfing. Sean bought Tyler his first set of golf clubs. Tyler was soo excited.

I have been busy with the kids, housework, and I was just called to 1st counselor in the RS presidency. I am over HFPE. I am super excited! I have lots of ideas to try and spice up the program for this ward. I hope I do well. I also started working out/ jogging. I love exercising. I jog for 30 min. then I work out on the Total Gym. I am loving it!

Emily and Isabelle have been busy earning points for the Bonus Bucket. (I have a container filled with candy, toys, money, and tickets. When the kids do good deeds they earn points. 20 points and they get to cash them in for whatever there little heart desires.) So, Emily and Isabelle are scoping out Barbies. They take the $ from the Bonus Bucket and are saving it for new Barbies. I have to confess I am excited for when they get the new Barbies, I love playing dolls with them.

Ethan is learning to crawl. He is getting so big. And of course cuter by the day. :) I will get some pictures on this thing soon!

Today was a "nothing day". I still a few things on my list to accomplish, send out an e-card to Jeremy for his 33 b-day! Happy Birthday Jer! I love you! I still need to fold clothes, balance the check book and pay some bills. Some things just never end. And I still need to work out. Tonight I am putting the kids to bed a little earlier and Sean and I are going to watch a movie we just got from Netflix. (LOVE Netflix!) The movie is FlyBoys. The preview looked really good. I will let you all know.

Well, gotta go fold the clothes.