Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camp Kindergarten

I met with Emily's teacher yesterday, Mrs. Smith. Wow! She seems like an amazing teacher. She is doing home visits with all the kids in her class, but we chose to visit with her at the school.

She played learning games with Emily while I filled out some questionnaires for the classroom. She was very impressed with how much Emily knows. I told Mrs. Smith how much Emily LOVES to learn. She begs to do school work at home. She also plays school at the daycare with her cousins. Mrs. Smith said that the time and hard work has paid off because Emily could teach the class. ;) I was very pleased with how Emily used her manners and wasn't shy talking with her teacher.

I know Emily is so excited to go to school. She has always been very independent. I am very excited for her to take this huge step, but also kind of nervous and sad at the same time. I love you so much Emily!

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