Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No fuss homework night!

The girls and I were going to the Science Museum today to meet Sarah and Margene so I had to wake the girls up. Emily was a little whiny. That girls is a power sleeper. I was a little late getting out the door. It is so hard sometimes rounding up the kids and making sure you packed diapers, wipes, and plenty of snacks. We finally made it and had a good time playing with other kids. The Science Museum is o.k. since I grew up in Louisville I went there every year with field trips so it is the same old stuff to me. Oh well, what matters is the kids had a good time. I, do, LOVE the Kid Zone! It is an awesome room where the doors are locked. No one can come in or out, so you don't have to worry about your children escaping. But the whole room is child proof! They can play with ANYTHING! Love it! I also don't have to worry about where the kids are or what are they into! We went to two sessions of it. Isabelle cried when it was time to leave. She was so cute playing with Margene's boys. The older boy sometimes calls her Elizabeth and she tries to correct him by saying, "No it's Isabelle."

I love watching kids play. Sometimes I will sit and watch them and wonder what their little brains are thinking.

We came home from our outing and picking up Tyler from school, man I was tired! Tyler had a great day at school. He also did very well at homework. Homework for today was to read a book of his choice and to practice spelling words. Well, tonight I thought I was super sly. I told him we needed to practice spelling words, and then I saw it coming-his "I hate school. I hate homework" face. So, I quickly said, "We are going to practice our spelling words outside. You will write them out with side-walk chalk two times." He was so happy I and I was so pleased with my quick thinking super mom power. (I never knew I had that power. I hope it wasn't just a one time thing.) ;) So, yay for no fuss homework night!

Tonight everything went pretty smooth. I did get a call from Tyler's soccer coach. He will have practice twice a week and a game every Saturday.

Emily has been taking Singular along with her otc Claratin and she seems to be super hyper. I will have to reread the side effects. I wonder if I missed the one that says, WARNING: May make child bounce off walls as if they had just drank a case of Red Bull. Maybe I will check Emily to see if she is growing wings. ;)

Cute thing about Ethan- he is crawling now and he crawled right over to Sugar (the mini dachshund dog) and licked him. No, the dog did not lick Ethan, but Ethan licked the dog. It was cute and at the same time disgusting. The cute little moment was ruined by a question from Tyler, "Why does the dog lick its butt?" Thank you Tyler. Kids say the funniest things. I wish I had my camera right then. Ethan is so the fourth child because we haven't video taped him since Christmas. Bad Mommy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Open House

Tonight was our first school Open House we attended. Tyler and I were really excited. I don't know why I was excited. Maybe, because I actually felt grown up.? "I have a child in school", I keep reminding myself. I am no longer 18, but close to 30! YIKES! (Not that 30 is old.)

Sean stayed home and studied most of the day. In two weeks he should be ready to take a couple tests. That will get him his Network Plus and A plus certifications. ( I have no idea what any of this means, except he is working with computers.)

When Tyler came home Sean took a break from studying and took the kids on the go-cart. The kids LOVE riding on the go-cart!

I did laundry. (No surprise there.) I also worked with Emily and Isabelle on preschool pages. Emily is struggling to hold the pencil correctly in her hand. I don't know how to help her grasp the concept. Any ideas? Emily is very smart and she loves learning! She wants to read so badly, because Tyler is reading. I told her first she needs to be able to recognize all of the letters and know the sounds they make. We have been working on that. Emily also colors really well and stays in the lines of her picture. Emily is so fun to be around. She has been such a huge help to me with Ethan. She is a very kind sister to all of her siblings. She can be a Drama Queen sometimes. She also needs to work on being patient, after all she is just a kid. Isabelle is also very smart. She has no problem holding the pencil. She also draws very well for her age! Isabelle is hitting the bossy stage. I just say she gets being bossy from her Aunt Jessica. ;) Today we also, painted our nails. Great preschool! Emily asked if we could have a make up party. I love having girly girls!

Tyler has been REALLY good these past two days!! I love when I pick him up from school and he says, "Jacob C." or "Dalton W. were bad today." I love when he calls the kids in his class by their first name and first initial in their last name. So cute!

Tyler was so excited about the open house. He showed us all where everything was. His classroom, the gym, the computer lab, the cafeteria, the art room, the bathrooms, his desk, and all around his room. I remember those days of being so excited to show my mom everything. Sean and I talked to his teacher. She is so nice! She said she was really impressed with Tyler being home schooled and him sitting still and interacting so well with the other children. I was happy to hear that! Before we left school Tyler bought a Pokemon book with his hard earned money. He was so excited. He did is homework without putting up that big of a fight. ;)

I am tired.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Mama's and the Papa's

Mondays' always remind me of the song, "Monday, Monday" by The Mama's and the Papa's
"every other day, every other day is fine yeah! But when every Monday comes you'll find me cryin all of the time..." An oldie, but a goodie!

Too day has been a great day! I got up and made blueberry muffins with FRESH blueberries. Yum! Maybe that is the key to a sucessful day, a good breakfast!

Tyler has been great both before school and after school! I am keeping my fingers crossed since we haven't crossed the "homework" bridge yet.

Sean has been studying. Good!! Studying brings me closer to being a homeowner!!

I took the girls to the park to meet up with some friends. What was I thinking? Actually, I was thinking, "wow, it won't be that hot only in the high 80's." What? Has my mind been melted? High 80's is hot! We were only there about an hour and then we left. At least the kids were able to get some excercise. Having the girls home without big brother is a breeze. (Knock on wood. Watch tomorrow they will be little hellians for me just because I made that statement.) Also today I am trying to figure out all of these activities for HFPE. I want everything to run smoothly. I also want friendships to develop and grow. I want these groups to benefit the sister and have them learn new things. (I also want to win the lottery that I don't play so we will see which one of these I get first.:) )

Well, I am off to fold clothes and cut out Emily's paper doll people.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Church Skipper

Well I didn't go to church today. I wasn't feeling well physcially. I have a cough, sore throat, congestion and to be honest it felt great to sleep in. I got cleaned up for the day. Then it hit- all my wierdnesses and my mind wouldn't stop thinking. I am not having a good day now mentally. I recieved a blessing so maybe the next post will be brighter.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The weekend Baby!

The weekend yay no homework! It sounds like I am in school again. I don't know how much more I can take from my darling 1st grader. Today he came home with a 100 percent on his spelling quiz. At least that made up for some of the attitude he has given me lately. It is crazy I send a sweet little boy off to school and I pick up a devil child every afternoon. I don't know how much more I can take this before I go bald from pulling my hair out!

Today I pick him and looked through his folder of all the hard work he has done this week. He has done a great job on his school work. Then he shows me, while jumping up and down that he has a free family ticket to a circus that is in town. The ticket is for today and for only 2 times, 4:30pm and 7:30pm. So, thinking I am going to be this super cool mom and it is free I tell the kids to hurry and get ready we will go. I am loading the kids in the car when it actually hits me of what I am about to do. It is sooooooo hot outside and I will have all 4 kids by myself. Too late I had already told the kids I would take them. So, we get to the circus. It so hot and so stinky (from the animals) and so hot that I knew it was going to be a miserable time. I grabbed the water bottles for drinking and an extra for pouring over our heads. I am way to cheap to by that gross, unsanitary, over priced circus food. We take our seats. O.k. the circus was free, but have you ever gone to something that was free and had the feeling you were ripped off. It was a horrible circus. I should have asked them for my gas money back. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get the kids out early, but after an hour of dying in the heat I had a plan. The circus was selling peanuts. Lots of people were buying them and eating them and they would throw the shells down. Tyler is allergic to all tree nuts. If he even gets the oil from the nut on him he can break out in hives. So, I used his allergy against him AND for him. I asked him if he wanted to continue to watch the circus or we could leave, but I did point out the peanut shells ALL around him. Someone even threw one down and it landed on Tyler's pant leg. Well, that was all that needed to be said. He was ready to go and I was ready to get cooled off. :)

We came back home and we all changed our sweaty clothes. Then off we go for the next activity of the night. Little Caesar's Pizza and movie at the Faulsticks. Yum! I love LC pizza! The movie was a disaster. I take full responsibility for it. I chose A Prairie Home Companion. It was strange. We didn't even watch it for 30 minutes before we called it quits. Not one I recommend. The kids did enjoy watching their movie, Aladdin.

I think I am getting sick. I have a sore throat, congestion, and cough. I hope it passes quickly.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its just the begining....

of school and I am going to pull my hair out!! Tyler puts up a fight every time we have had homework and it has only been the first week. My self-control is seriously being tested! Yesterday he yelled, "I want to get bad grades! I want to get bad grades." He is so lazy. He would rather get bad grades than to do his work. Too bad, son, but you are just going do your work. Today he said, "I wish I was never born." Sorry, but that line doesn't work on me. I used it to as a child. But what does bother me is the disrespect. He is rude to me when he speaks. I try to discipline him in a loving manner, but sometimes I went to reach across the table and slap him in his mouth. Hmmm.... does that make me a bad mom. :) Oh well, I am sure I will figure out a solution for him.

Today was nothing special. I really wanted to exercise, but to do that I need to strap Ethan in his car seat while I jog on the treadmill and use the Total Gym. Not going to happen! Ethan hates his car seat and what I really don't want to hear is him screaming. The playpen is in storage. ( along with everything else.) :(

I went to the grocery which was nice. I am in the mood to spend some serious money! So, hopefully going grocery shopping filled my need at the moment.

I hate not being financially stable right now!! I can't wait till things get moving with Sean. I have been stressed with everything! Life can be so annoying when it isn't going the way it is supposed to go. Wow! Listen to me. This is so supposed to be our family blog and all I have been doing is whining or complaining. You didn't know you were going to a pity party for Alishia. Yep, me, me, me, it's all about me.

Can you tell I just finished helping Tyler with his homework?

Monday, August 20, 2007

I love Target!

I love Target, especially when they have awesome sales going on! I went to find Sean some new sandals and I got a really nice pair for him for $4.74! I also found the cutest Hello Kitty sandals for the girls. They actually had 2 pairs in both of the girls sizes!! Wait, wait the best part is that the sandals were $1.74. Yes, I am aware that fall is just around the corner, but for $1.74 you can't beat that! SCORE!! I am so happy. I bought 3 pairs of sandals and 2 outfits for Ethan for a total of $17 something!! I love Target!

This morning I dropped Tyler off at school. He looked so cute and so big walking into school with his backpack. For a second I really felt old. I can't believe that in 10 yrs. I will almost be in my FORTIES. I am not saying forty is old, but that I just can't believe I am getting older. I guess I never imagined life after 18.

Today was nice and slow. I just took my time today no big plans. That was nice. I did do some school work with the girls. Then I took them shopping. They were pretty good. We went and picked up Tyler from school. He was so excited to see his siblings. Tyler can be so sweet. He told me today that he likes 2 girls. Naomi (from church) and Hannah (from school). On Sunday Tyler was getting a drink from the water fountain and Naomi walks by and says "hi" to him. He kind of blushes, smiles and says "hi" back. Young love is so cute! Tyler is doing really well in school. Yes, I know that school just started, but he is right up there with the other kids and maybe a little ahead of them. Homeschooling was such a good decision for us to do for his kindergarten year. This week for homework he has to practice review spelling words from kindergarten. I am glad it was something easy because I didn't want to put up a fight to get Tyler to do his work. No problems, though. He knew his words and I was very pleased!

I took Tyler to golf. Tyler won a prize for getting the ball in the hole. Great job! Ethan was so tired which equals Ethan not being a happy camper. I had to pull Tyler out of golf early because Ethan was screaming so bad. I was happy to spend some one on one time with Tyler. After golf we went to Wal-Mart to pick out a toy Tyler was promised for doing good. He picked something Star Wars, of course. I looked around getting ideas for b-days and Christmas. Before I know it everything will be here and I won't be prepared.

I need to end now. I am not feeling so well and tomorrow I am supposed to help feed the missionaries at Zone Conference. I am kind of stressing that we might not have enough food for them. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am heading to bed.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

I think keeping the Sabbath Day holy is a difficult task with little kids. Because, when they start getting whiny I just want to pop a movie in for them or send them outside whatever it takes to get them quiet.

We have 9:00am church so, I have to wake up my children up around 7:30am. They are not morning people. This morning I let them have an extra 15 minutes, but that still didn't ease their pain. For the most part everyone did well. Tyler was a little more crankier than his sisters. I think all of my children are sooo dramatic!! (They must get that from their father.) :)

Church went well. In Sacrament we listen to ward member's missionary stories. I love hearing missionary stories. The kids were well behaved at church always a plus. :) In R.S. the lesson was on keeping the Sabbath Day holy. For the past couple of months we have done really well at keeping this commandment. I try to focus more time with the family and quiet time, which is so nice! After all Sundays are a day of rest! :)

After church we headed over to the Faulsticks house to eat. Time to get our grub on. They had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, fresh salsa, salad, and brownies. Yum!!! Thanks guys everything was delish! It was nice for the kids to play (no fighting!) and the adults were able to talk.

We came home and Sean headed straight for the bed. I actually don't feel tired! The kids are playing together. We are about to play an exciting game of UNO! I love that the kids love playing games and they are getting older so it is actually fun for me. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Grandpa's B-day!

Today Sean's dad turned 60! He is an airplane captain for UPS, but that has come to an end! I feel bad for him. He LOVES his job as a pilot, but the law is once you turn 60 you are not allowed to fly. How sad is that? I understand why the law is there, but I think that it should be changed. I think if you pass your physical and are in good shape then you should be able to continue to fly to 65! Sean's dad is in GREAT health. He works out all the time and watches what he eats. A couple years ago he had a physical and the doctor said he was in excellent condition. The doctor compared his health to a TEENAGER!! Can't get better than that. Anyways, I just feel bad for him. His last flight was this past Friday. UPS had a party for him and family was invited. We taped him landing his last time, so for his birthday today we watched the tape. He said it was killing him to watch this. He is handling it well or has us all believe he is in good spirits. He still has a job, but he just can't fly. He will be a flight engineer, I think. So, for his birthday celebration at the house we made the Famous Brown Cheesecake and his favorite-a pork chop dinner. Yum! Everyone seemed to have a good time visiting with each other.

Also, today I took Tyler to the doctor. I had the doctor sign Tyler's school forms so that he can have his Epi-pen and Benadryl at school. I pray that they never have to be used! I will take Tyler to school on Wednesday and talk with his teacher and the office about his allergy and the seriousness (is that a word?) of it. I am kind of getting nervous with the whole nut thing. Maybe I need a blessing for comfort. Also, Tyler is driving me crazy!! I know I say this a lot, but I need ideas and suggestions. I know he is just a kid, but he seems like he has become EXTRA disobedient and disrespectful. I seriously feel like I am at the end of my rope! I guess I don't know how to handle a child that wants to experiment with his agency. AAAHHH!!!! Now comes the hard part of parenting I guess. This really sucks!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Our church time has been changed. We switched at the beginning of August with the Jeff Ward, so now we meet at 9:00am! I used to love 9:00am church, but now with 4 kids and Sean as the Executive Sec. it makes Sunday mornings really hard. The kids hate getting up so early! Ethan was so cranky this morning. The girls did good getting up, but Tyler was a little more difficult to get up out of bed. What is that boy going to do this week when school starts? Rude awakening?! That boy definitely takes after his father on the sleeping in part.

Church was good. I enjoyed the Sacrament Meeting talks. Today I kept turning around looking at the clock to get the time and I am seriously thrown off b/c of the time change. I am sure I will get used to it though. Probably right before we switch back next year to 11:30am. Ha! Ha!

I didn't go into Sunday School today. I usually don't go into Sunday School because I am usually feeding Ethan or busy doing something else. I really do like Sunday School, but it is hard to stay in and listen to the lesson with a baby. It won't be forever that Ethan is a baby so I will go then. Today, I was busy get R.S. arranged. Sis. Fullmer made Apple Cake for or Food Storage Sampler. She made the cake using her dried apples from her food storage. YUM!! I talked with Dalene about getting everything taken care of for Enrichment on Thursday. I really do like my calling. I missed most of the lesson in R.S.. Laura Faulstick taught and she always does a good job. What I did hear I agree with and it was a good reminder of being reverent in all places.

We came home and it was time to get our grub on! Why on Sundays am I so hungry?! Seriously, whenever I get home from church I want to pig out b/c I feel like I haven't eaten in years!! After lunch I laid the kids in their bed for "quiet time". They don't have to take a nap, but they do have to lay there and be quiet! LOVE QUIET TIME!! I feel like a nap right now, myself. Maybe I will lay down after I plan out my week.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Slow Start

Today was one of those days that everything took for ever to start and get done.

I got some bills paid and a doctor visit scheduled. Tyler did some school work. We went to the bank. We went to Aldi's (LOVE Aldi's). Sean's mom bought a pool at Aldi's. It is kind of late in the year, but we may be able to get a few weeks worth of swimming in it.

Sean and Eddie are working out in Bullitt County this week so, Sarah and I met the guys for dinner. It was fun for the kids to see dad and the school he has been working at this week. We ate at Ponderosa. Note to self: Never eat there again. Gross! The kids were great!! But the place was slammed which equals slow service. The food was not that good and I thought the place was dirty. At least I was able to see Sean and hang out with the Faulsticks. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Soccer Camp

Ethan's wicked tongue picture! :)

Love this picture of Emily!

Tyler, Rorie (soccer instructor), and Adam Faulstick

Tyler loved Soccer Camp! Emily and Isabelle had a good time cheering on big brother and playing with the other kids on the sidelines. :)


Wow! I am so creative with my title, it is amazing. Ha Ha ;)

Anyways, I had two meetings for Relief Society yesterday. The first was a presidency meeting at Carmen's house. It went really well. I really love working with Carmen, Denielle, and Hayley! We all have lots of good ideas and talents! The kids went along and played with all of the other kids there. They were all very good.

Next adventure was on to Wal-Mart. Sean told me that I "have to get the oil changed today." I dropped off the van and the kids were HOT and HUNGRY! So, I told them that we were going in to Wal-Mart and wait an hour or so on the van, but we will eat at Subway in the store. They were excited! We get in the restaurant and I get everyone situated and find out that I left my wallet at home. AAAHHH!!! The kids are hungry, but I can't just get in my van and drive to get my wallet because the van is being worked on. How am I going to pay for it?! I had to call Sarah and bum $60 from her. I felt so bad dragging her out of her house with the kids, because it is sooo HOT! Thanks Sarah!! The kids were driving me crazy. They were so whiny!! Oh well, it is over and the oil is good till November!

What is up with Tyler, lately? He is pestering his sisters and throwing tantrums. We get home, eat lunch and that seems to calm him down a little bit. We work on schoolwork. I can't believe school is next week. I feel like there is still so much to do!

I had to go to another meeting with Margene and Dalene to figure out HFPE activities and meetings. We really need to liven this ward up. Sean called me and told me he may be late. I hurry and make dinner and right when he is walking in I am walking out. The girls were sleeping so I took Ethan (of course) and Tyler. He wanted to go play with other kids at the church. I thought it would be good for him to let him run around. I also like talking with him in the car. I think he likes the one on one time with me as well. The meeting went well and the boys were excellent!

We came home just in time for Tyler to have one ride on the go-cart. Bedtime took a little longer, because the girls were wound up from their long, late nap. I was so ready for bed. I think the heat is exhausting me.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cleaning Day

I love cleaning and organizing day! I feel like lately I haven't had enough time to do this, so yesterday I didn't have anything on my calendar and was able to stay home. It was nice to throw away a lot of paper work and file other paper work away.

I also worked with Tyler on his ISTEP packets from school. He is very excited about starting "real" school, but boy does he hate working with me. I will be sad to have him go off to school, but right now it is best. I am anxious to work one on one with Emily. She can't wait to learn how to read. I think she will be a little lonesome for Tyler since they have always been there for each other, but she will have Isabelle and hopefully they will become closer.

Lisa and Shelton came by to visit. The kids were excited to see their Aunt Lisa and cousin Shelton. They all played nicely together. My kids were sooo wild yesterday!! Especially, Tyler! I am going to go insane if I hear anymore whining or screaming!! AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Soooo Hot!

It is in the 90's and with the humidity the weather is miserable!! I met up with Hayley, Sarah, Sasha and all of their kids at the Waterfront Park today. I even broke down and bought Popsicles while we were there because it was so hot! Ethan loved the Popsicle!! It was nice to get out and let the kids get some exercise. We stayed and played for 2 hours. Ethan screamed the WHOLE way home. I can tune some of it out to a certain point, but today he screamed WAY beyond that point. He hates his car seat! He is so cute, but man does he have a temper!

We got home and Sean's mom had her kitchen counters replaced. They look nice. It makes me want a house so bad. I keep thinking of the day when we will get a house and how I will decorate it.

I stayed busy the rest of the day with running an errand for Sean at the Post Office. (He will be gone for a couple of days. He went to the Faulsticks lake house for a YM activity that he was asked to help out on. Hope he is having fun!) I also paid some bills and worked with Tyler on his summer packet of school work. I know, someone hold me back I am having way too much fun! ;)
Time to work on my lesson.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another Day

Another day of feeling completely worn out! I am probably tired from always staying up late on the computer. But it is "my" time on the computer so I don't want to give that up, I guess I will just stay tired all the time. :) Or maybe I will try to go to bed early on a couple of nights because when I get really tired then I become really cranky and the kids are usually the victims of my tiredness.

I got the kids up early to see the last free summer movie at the theater. It was Flushed Away. Now that I have seen it for the third time I actually like that movie. Maybe it is one of those movies after watching so many times that it just grows on you. The kids liked watching it again on the big screen. Isabelle and Ethan only made it through the first half of the movie. I was so tired I was trying to get comfortable so I could have a little nap. Dang theatre seats need to lay back farther. :)

I went to Mejier today and picked up some food for dinner. I haven't decided if I like that store. It is a little different and a bit pricey. But they do have really good sales. The kids were getting on my nerves, but it could just have been me being so tired that I could barely handle anything.

I had a long list of things to accomplish today and I don't even know if I got through half of it. Oh well I did the best I could. I worked with the kids on school work. Tyler writes really well for his age and it not just me thinking that because I am his mom. :) I have had a couple of teachers tell me that. Emily wants to read so bad!!! Tyler being in school this year will be good for me so that I can work with Emily. She is such a middle child. I need to make sure she has some one on one time with me. Isabelle can hold a pencil and draw REALLY well. I think she may take after her Aunt Jessica in the drawing department. She can draw things that actually look like people. Good job kids!

We had FHE tonight. We talked about the Liahona and the Holy Ghost. I love teaching the kids. I love watching them learn. They are such sponges, soaking everything up as they go on in life. For our activity we went riding on the Go-Kart. It was a lot of fun! Then for treat we had cupcakes!

Then off to bed with the kids. I had a pounding headache that lasted a couple of hours. Now I am just up late doing laundry. Tomorrow, Sean is heading to the Faulstick's lake house to help with a Young Men activity. He will be gone through Saturday. Tomorrow I am going to try to get my lesson for Relief Society ready. The topic of my talk is, How to Help Others Become Self-Reliant. Great topic for me when I am not even self-reliant myself. Wish me luck!