Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

We had a great Thanksgiving! We had so much food! Seriously when the Boscos get together we don't mess around with food. Our eyes are way too big for our stomachs. Everyone came to our house this year. We ate close to 4pm. Steve and Tammy arrived with their crew around 6pm. We started games alittle later. We played Scattegories and we kept the family tradition of Balderdash! It was alot of fun! The kids had fun playing with cousins. The girls started a band and they performed a little of their new hit single. I love Thanksgiving! It is such a wonderful day to reflect on all of the blessings Heavenly Father has given to me. I am truly blessed!


Tyler turned 8 yrs. old on November 21st. He was so excited for this birthday because he will be baptized soon!
Tyler wanted a football cake. Well, mom tried. Something happened with the icing that I bought and it wouldn't come out of the bag. The tip would get clogged when I would try and pipe it out. So it kind of looked like a shiz ball cake. Tyler loved it so that was all that mattered!
The day of his birthday Emily was just getting over Strep Throat so it was good that we decided on not having a "friend" party just granparents and Uncle Phil.
Tyler received lots of cool toys. Two radio control cars, Legos, Legos, and more Legos. Ya think Tyler likes Legos? ;)

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Honorable Mention

Tyler and Mom showing off his award!

Tyler did a great job on reciting his poem, Homework I Love You . He was very nervous! He was given a medal that he was very pleased with! Great Job, Tyler! We Love You!

Homework, I Love You
by Kenn Nesbitt

Homework, I love you. I think that you’re great.
It’s wonderful fun when you keep me up late.
I think you’re the best when I’m totally stressed,
preparing and cramming all night for a test.

Homework, I love you. What more can I say?
I love to do hundreds of problems each day.
You boggle my mind and you make me go blind,
but still I’m ecstatic that you were assigned.

Homework, I love you. I tell you, it’s true.
There’s nothing more fun or exciting to do.
You’re never a chore, for it’s you I adore.
I wish that our teacher would hand you out more.

Homework, I love you. You thrill me inside.
I’m filled with emotions. I’m fit to be tied.
I cannot complain when you frazzle my brain.
Of course, that’s because I’m completely insane.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How To Deal With Your Anger & Wiggly Pants

The other day at Tyler's school I was told they were discussing anger management. School sent home a worksheet for us to complete, during the up coming week Tyler was to keep track of his feelings for each day. One night while I was helping him with his homework he informed me that there is a little girl in his class that really frustrates him. He told me she was bossy and always competing with him. All of sudden he says, "Excuse me while I go scream in my pillow." After screaming in his pillow he walks out of his room and tells me that school told them that when you are feeling mad screaming in your pillow helps you let out anger.

Isabelle is very picky. Not just with food, but when picking out her clothes. She HATES when her long sleeve shirts touch the part of her hand. The sleeve MUST stop right at her wrist or she throws a fit! I usually have to roll the cuff of her sleeve up. She also HATES wearing wiggly pants! What are wiggly pants you ask? That would be any bottoms that have elastic in the waist band. There are some outfits that have elastic in them at I am able to convince her of wearing, but there are some that I just have to give away.

Oh, my kids really crack me up. Being a mother truly is rewarding! ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uncle Phil

Phil aka PTG (Phil The Grill) turned 26 on October the 29th and I had a little get together on November 1st. I just wanted to say how much I love my lil' bro! He is such a wonderful caring person. He is so much fun to be around. The kids LOVE Uncle Phil so much! They get so excited for when he comes over because he is just a big kid! He plays board games, video games, Legos, Hide and Seek, or anything the kids want to do! Phil is the BEST uncle!

Hope you had a great birthday PTG! I hope you have another great year!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween of 2008

I loved Tyler's costume this year! It was so original and that is what Halloween is to me. He was excited to be his bag of leaves but then when we went to Trunk or Treat at church he became nervous. As he was walking into church one of our friends, Brandon started cracking up laughing because Tyler said, "I can't believe my mom made me wear this."

Then on Halloween we always go to Grammy and Grandpa's house to trick or treat. This year Grandpa was out of town so he called to wish us all a Happy Halloween. When it was Tyler's turn I heard him say to Grandpa, "Don't laugh at me but my mom made be a bag of leaves." What a rotten boy! :)

Isabelle was so excited to be a unicorn. She still loves and wears her costume!

Emily is a cute little bumble bee.

Ethan was Frankenstein. He loved running to the houses and collecting the candy. He also loved his glow stick from Aunt Bammy (Tammy).

Halloween has come and gone, so has the kids candy. Just wanted to share some pictures.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday

Isabelle turned four on October 25, 2008 and yes I am just now getting around to writing about it. We actually celebrated her birthday on Sunday which was the 26th of October due to Sean's work schedule and family getting together. Isabelle was actually sick on her real b-day so when we celebrated she was feeling a little better. We had grandparents over and Isabelle's best little friend Rachael Faulstick and her family for burgers, hotdogs and all the fixins. We all had a great time and I know Isabelle did too! She was so happy everyone came over to see her and brought presents for that matter. She loved her princess castle cake that mom made for her. Isabelle we love you!

Funny little story- On her actual b-day Tyler had his last soccer game so we were running around for that. Then we went to Sonic and had a special b-day lunch since we weren't doing anything on her real b-day. Last errand of the day was to Wal-Mart so I could get one last present and special decorations for her cake. Needless to say all this running around and Isabelle not feeling completely better just made her feel worse. So we are sitting in the car and Isabelle was whining about EVERYTHING! "My ear hurts! My finger hurts! My eye hurts!" she wails. I reply, "Wow, Isabelle you are only four now and your body is falling apart. I can't imagine what your body is going to be like when you are old." Tyler pipes up from the back, "I think Isabelle is having growing pains." I couldn't help but to bust out laughing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bragging Rights

Picture above is of Emily and Tyler showing off their hairdos for crazy hair day.

I am not tooting my own horn, just my kids. ;) I love you all! I just wanted to let my kids know how very pleased I am with them. About a month ago the kids received their report cards. I also had Parent-Teacher Conference. Well here is how it went....

I had Tyler's conference first. I am always a little hesitant about the report I will get about Tyler. I never worry about his grades or where he is on the learning because he is always at the top, but he has a funny personality. He is very funny and very clever and that can be a bad combination. Well, he is doing very well in all subjects, BUT what he does have a problem with is GIRLS. Now, usually 2nd grade boys think girls have cooties and try to avoid them at all cost, but not suave Tyler. His teacher was embarrassed to tell me that Tyler is starting early with being in love with all the girls. She says he loses is focus and doesn't complete his work in the time frame that is allowed because he is off in La La Land with the girls or writing them notes. I question Tyler about his Love Bug problem and he just smiled. Great job Tyer, but chill with the girls and pay more attention to his work.

Next, was Emily's conference and I was very excited to see where Emily was at in her class. I knew her behavior would be awesome because, well its Emily. Everywhere we go I always hear how well behaved Emily is and I must be a excellent mother because she is so good. (well, I must agree with that) ;) Seriously though Emily is doing EXCELLENT! The teacher said she only tested the kids on counting to 10, but Emily can to 100 and further. She knows all the letters in the alphabet and all of their sounds. She know lots of sight words. She said Emily is very helpful with the other children who forget somethings, but not in a bossy way. She said Emily even tolerates the annoying children. Her teacher said to me, "If you ever want to throw Emily in the trash I will standing next to it and hurry and grab her up." I told her that I know how lucky I am with Emily. She has always been a wonderful daughter! Great job Emily! You are wonderful!

A couple of weeks ago Emily had trip to the Principal's office. She was picked to be on the Principal's Board for her good work. She was very excited because they asked for her to come down to the office over the intercom which is super cool to Emily! :) She was also able to pick out of the prize box which is another super cool bonus!

Also last week at Tyler's school the 2nd-5th graders had to deliver a "speech". There were different categories to choose from. Tyler's category he chose was Published Literature. He recited a funny poem about homework and was chosen to go to the FINALS! I am so very pleased with him! Tomorrow is Finals Night! Good Luck Tyler!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Here are a few funny/crazy things that the kids have said recently.

-On a Sunday we are all getting ready for church. Sean and I are in the bathroom sharing a mirror. I am applying my makeup and Sean is fixing his hair, then out of the blue we hear Tyler from across the hall, "I think I have a venom sac. I can feel it." I look over into his room and see Tyler lying on the ground. Kind of scared of the answer I might get I ask, "Where?" Pointing in the back of his mouth he replied, "Right here." "No, Tyler you don't have a venom sac." Seriously where do my children come from?

-I usually fold clothes in my room where I can watch tv or movie of my choice, my choice of the evening was Baby Mama. Emily walks in at the every end of the movie and I try to hurry and scoot her along because it is PG-13. Well, it is at the part of the lady giving birth and she is screaming! Emily stops and looks and asks, "Is that how you have a baby?" I pause the movie. "Yes." From zero to 60 Emily starts screaming and kicking, "I don't want to have a baby like that!" In total shock that my 5 yr. old is worried about having a baby I try to calm her down by telling her that you don't have to have a baby like that. But it is no use she is still screaming, "No, I don't want to have any babies!! I don't want any babies!!! I want you to say a prayer NOW that I won't have any babies!!!" So, that is what I did. I said a prayer that little 5 yr. old Emily won't have any babies now. I think she love this story when she is older.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Catching Up!

Slowly, but surely I will get caught up with life. Maybe. Anyways, I use this blog as my family's journal so I have been keeping little notes in my head of things I need to hurry and type out before I forget, but since I don't have tons of time on my will be in segements. I just don't want to forget these things.

Our Family Vacation- We left on September 27th, (Sean's 34th b-day) and headed to Florida. First we hit up Kissimee and then finished out our fun trip in Daytona. We vacationed with our friends, the Faulsticks. We had alot of fun and a few crazy times. It will definitely be a trip that won't be forgotten. Here are a few pictures.

Just wanted to add a couple of memories to our trip before they are lost from my mind.

We were able to visit Universal Studios for one day. The kids had a lot of fun and I had just as much fun watching them enjoy themselves. Well, at Universal there is a Jaws ride. There is a HUGE fake shark hanging up before the ride and I told the kids (yes, I am a cruel mother.) that it was the daddy shark that they caught and the mommy shark is in the water where we will be riding our boat and she is mad and hungry. Well fear hit the kids. Tyler who is Sharkboy! This kids loves sharks! He actually wants to be a professional scuba diver when he grows up, but he was scared. He looks at me and asked if I was kidding. I told him no. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes (give or take a few), but that was not enough time for Tyler. He was almost in tears. He kept asking if I was kidding. I told him he better say some prayers that the shark won't get us. It was so cute because he really started quietly saying his prayers. It was an intense boat ride, but finally our tour guide was able to kill Jaws. Tyler looked at me and said, "that was fake." I just laughed!

We also went into a little studio type place to kind of experience a tornado. It was from Twister, the movie. It was okay, but to Emily it was way to realastic. Emily is standing right next to me with tears in her eyes. I kneel down to her and explain that this is fake. I then ask her, "Do you really think Mommy and Daddy would take you to a place that you could get hurt?" She just smiled.

While in Daytona we were able to go the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse. It was really neat to see the homes of the lighthouse keepers. We were able to actually walk all the way up to the top of the lighthouse. Sean took Tyler and Isabelle up. I stayed behind with Emily and Ethan. I am afraid of heights and I didn't think I could do it nor did I really want to. But Emily started crying because she so scared to walk up. I told her that I am scared too, but if she would go I would go. Well, she was only able to make it up to the 10th step and then she freaks out. We said a little prayer, but still she couldn't budge anymore. We decided that the next time we come back here she would go up. She was still sad, but there was nothing else for us to try. I did actually go up alone! I said a couple of prayers too that I wouldn't get sick or freak out! The view from the top was so amazing and definitely worth facing one of my fears.

Our last day in Daytona we went on a Manatee Cruise. We weren't able to see any manatees, but were able to see lots of dophins jumping out of the water. It was so beautiful! Early in the trip Emily hadn't seen any. The dolphins were way to fast for her to spot them. She was so sad! I told her that we should say a prayer and she wanted me to say it. It was a miracle for her and I that she was able to see lots! What a testimony builder to me that no matter how small we are or how small or insignifcant we feel our prayers are Heavenly Father does answer them.