Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last Days of Summer Vacation

These past few days were spent at the store shopping for school clothes, more school supplies, and food for school lunches. I can't believe I am typing this, but I am done with shopping for now (well, at least for school supplies). ;)

The kids are VERY excited for school to start. Tyler is excited because his best school buddy is in his class again! Tyler is also excited because he is almost done with his Summer work packet. The school gives the children in 1st-5th grade work to do over the summer and if the children finish it all they get to go to a big party at the park! Tyler went to the party last year and it was lots of fun. The parents are welcomed so Sean and I attended and helped with the kids.

Emily got a haircut on Friday. She loves getting a haircut. She sits so still and straight. I am just not sure about the cut. Basically, the same cut she had, but with some layers. I am just not sure the stylist did the greatest job.

Today was Emily and Tyler's last day at the daycare for awhile. Isabelle starts her preschool class at the daycare tomorrow. She is excited. I think I will pack somethings in her little backpack. After work we went to a little park by our house. I was really impressed with how nice the park was. The weather here as been absolutely beautiful and the kids needed some sunshine. They had a good time!

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