Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just wanted to write about Emily. She is such a wonderful daughter! I can always count on Emily to help me with Ethan and to help me around the house. She is such a great sister to Tyler because he always begs her to play a Star Wars game even if she doesn't want to play she will. She is such a great big sister to Isabelle, even when Isabelle tries to boss Emily around Emily will just ignore it and go on with what she was doing. Emily is so kind to Ethan, too! If Ethan wants something that Emily has she will give it to him because she says, "I don't want to here him cry." Emily is such a great example of a being a peacemaker!

At school Emily's teacher always tells me how wonderful Emily is in class. She always tells me she would keep her if I ever wanted to get rid of her. ;) Like that would happen! ;) She tells me how helpful Emily is with the other children. She says that Emily is not like some other kids that boss other kids around when helping, but very humble when she is helping. She is always eager to learn and is a very fast learner! I am always so pleased to hear reports on Emily everywhere I go. I always here, "You have done such an excellent job!" Well, I wish Sean and I could take credit, but we can't we are just blessed with a wonderful little girl who always wants to do good!

Well, we all have our trials and Emily has had an early one to deal with in her life, it is her allergy induced Asthma. She is a trooper. She never complains when she has to take her breathing treatments or drink disgusting medicine. My heart hearts for her when she sometimes can't go out with the other kids or tells me it is hard to breathe at times. She is always looking towards a positive future and knows the Lord hasn't forgotten her. She prays that she will overcome this and has tremendous faith!

Thanks for being such a great daughter, sister, friend, and an excellent example of how Jesus wants us to be! I love you, baby girl!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drum roll please.....

Sean and I on Mother's Day. Thanks babe for a great day! I love you!

The kids with their Aunt Cyndi.

Sean and his sister Cyndi, she was in town to celebrate Mother's Day!

Isabelle and her favorite little cousin Lilly on Mother's Day. Isabelle is just fascinated with this little girl. She loves feeding her and burping her.

Ethan and Mommy on Mother's Day!

Okay, that is all the recent pictures that I have right now. I do have more, but I can't figure out Picasa! I will try and get a hold of my Picasa guru tomorrow, I think she may be asleep right now.

Mother's Day 2009

This Mother's Day was wonderful! The kids were no trouble at all getting up and dressed for church. After everyone was dressed I was given my presents that Emily and Tyler made for me at school. Loved Them! Emily made me a card that she had stamped a beautiful flower on the front and wrote, "Happy Mother's Day! I love you!" I cherish every little thing. I loved her little handwriting and her excitement to give her gift to me! Tyler's gift to me was a piece of pottery he had made at school. He did a great job making this bowl and informed me that he got all of the air bubbles out of the clay so it wouldn't EXPLODE in the kiln. The bowl was painted pink and filled with Hershey kisses. He had also gave me a flower, made from his hand print with his picture in the middle of it. Precious!

Isabelle and Ethan gave me their presents on Friday. They had made cute little magnets with their pictures in it at the daycare.

The kids also sang at church, "Mother, I Love You". I loved it and became a little teary eyed. I was able to take a little nap when we got home from church. That evening we all headed to Grammy and Grandpa Brown's house for a yummy steak dinner. Thanks, babe! I love you!!

Pictures to come! Yes, you are reading this correctly. I do have pictures I just need to find time to post them.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moms have moms too

I had to buy Mother's Day cards for my mom and my mother-in-law. When I told the kids what I was doing Isabelle kind of had this puzzled look on her face. I reminded her that even though I am her mommy I have my own mommy. She just smiled, so I am not sure if she quite understands.

I picked five cards and had to quit browsing. Why? Funny story or at least I think so. Isabelle was in the front of the basket. I was fighting with Ethan. He won't get in the basket and he doesn't want to be held. I am doing the best I can to keep that little boy in my arms. Tyler and Emily were picking up every funny looking card they saw and cracking up. Then they discovered the muscial cards and that brought fun to a whole new level! While we were in the card isle so were two other gentlemen, but they quickly found cards! I finally gave in to Ethan and let him down following closely behind him and putting back all the cards he picks out. He quickly gets bored and starts pushing the basket with Isabelle through the store. I give up. I grabbed the cards that made me smile and caught up with him. We will just use the cards we don't use this year for next year. I must have looked like a space cadet mom.

Maybe Ethan's plan all along was helping me be prepared for next Mother's Day. Thanks Ethan!

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to the Ol' Planner

Funny, I used to have such a very good memory before I was married and had children. How fast that can diminish! Maybe it is because I am trying to cram in my little brain not only information for myself, but for 5 other people as well. I need to start working on brain teasers and mind games, I guess (as if I don't get enough of those already from the kids. ;))

Today I went to the doctor for Isabelle's check-up and I was only a week and a half early. This is the second time this has happened to me in the past few months. Today I went to the grocery to get Fritos (for chili tonight) that was main reason why I even went to Wal-Mart and ended up getting other stuff and forgot Fritos completely. I was going to write it down, but I just KNEW I would remember. ;)

I know this probably happens to alot of people. I am not complaining, but laughing at myself. I now know why my mom writes EVERYTHING down in sprial bound notebook, she since I was a child. Kind of funny how I am slowly becoming my mother (in some ways!) It is just part of being a busy, working mom who stays up too late on the computer. ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Church Skippers

Today was Stake Conference and I am going to be completely honest, I am not really a fan of Stake Conference. It is very difficult for me to sit there and pay attention for two hours. It was difficult for me as a child and now that I am grown with my own kids it is much worse! I feel bad for admitting to this, but I know it is no secret to the Lord of my feelings. Is he disappointed in me? Probably not since I am obeying and go. Today was a little different....

The morning started out pretty good. The kids were doing very well getting dressed and obeying for me. I was having a good hair day (which is very important ;)). But then it happened...Ethan burnt his little hand on my curling iron. So, our good morning wasn't good anymore. We went to church, Sean had to leave in the middle of Conference to go to work and I just didn't feel like fighting with Ethan to not run around in the gym. So, we left when Sean left. Sean at least took something home from conference, we need to budget a little better.

Even though we skipped church half way through it still ended up being a great Sabbath. We were able to rest, the kids wrote letters to Aunts and Uncles, and we had a good FHE.

I guess I good make a goal for next Stake Conference, to pray that I might be able to stay focused and that Ethan will color for the whole two hours and not move!! ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

135th Kentucky Derby

Well, I finally made some time to post. We have been very, very busy here.

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, Derby Day! I LOVE DERBY TIME!! I love the celebrations in Louisville. It is just a great time. I can't describe it completely. It is just wonderful. I love to trying to pick the Derby winners, (which today I didn't get right). I did have the winning horse, but changed after listening to my father who said, "Mine That Bird shouldn't even be in the Derby. He's odds are 50-1." Oh well. But do you know how much that pays? 50-1!!! Crazy! I was so happy for the jockey. He seemed so humble. Anyways, it was fun watching the horses run and watching the people all dressed up. No, we didn't go down to the Downs, well because of many factors- It is expensive, the kids would be crazy there, and Isabelle is sick.

So, in honor of this great day we did our own little Derby celebrating with the Run For the Clean House. We didn't quite get it all the way cleaned, but I accomplished alot. Everything piles up so fast when mom works outside the home. I was able to clean the oven, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom and scrub the bathroom floor, clean the girls room, and fold LOTS of clothes! I am tired! Off to figure out dinner.