Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

I met with Tyler's teacher this morning to discuss progress, problems, and typical parent/teacher stuff. Tyler always has really good grades so I wasn't to worried. Tyler also is a BIG TIME daydreamer- always has been. I am constantly on him to stay on task and finish his homework, so I can only imagine what he is like in school if the teacher isn't constantly on him.

Well, his teacher figured out Tyler's problem. "Tyler is in love!" she announced. No surprise to me since I hear all about the many girls Tyler is in love with when he gets home. He loves Naomi, Rachael, Addison and I am sure the list could go on if I had is class list in front of me. I was told Rachael and Tyler were holding hands the other day. What?! I just laughed. If love is Tyler's problem than I am happy that he is such a sweet, lovable and funny little guy. Just no more holding hands or kissing until you are married, Tyler!!!

The grades are EXCELLENT! I guess the extra time and hard work I am putting in with him is paying off! I was so pleased with him after reading his report card!

I came home and told Tyler how pleased I was for all the hard work he has been doing. He just smiled! I also told him that I heard about the hand holding thing with Rachael and him. Tyler covered his head with his hands and said, "She told you about that?"

I love you Tyler! I love your sweet smile. I love your contagious laugh. I love your sense of humor. Great job Buddy!


Meredith said...

That is soooooo cute! I adore Tyler! He is such a sweet little guy! Glad to hear a good report! And good job, Mom, on all the extra work!

Megan said...

What a cute kid!

Christine said...

he sounds like such a cute boy. Social and smart..what a good little combination!