Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bragging Rights

Picture above is of Emily and Tyler showing off their hairdos for crazy hair day.

I am not tooting my own horn, just my kids. ;) I love you all! I just wanted to let my kids know how very pleased I am with them. About a month ago the kids received their report cards. I also had Parent-Teacher Conference. Well here is how it went....

I had Tyler's conference first. I am always a little hesitant about the report I will get about Tyler. I never worry about his grades or where he is on the learning because he is always at the top, but he has a funny personality. He is very funny and very clever and that can be a bad combination. Well, he is doing very well in all subjects, BUT what he does have a problem with is GIRLS. Now, usually 2nd grade boys think girls have cooties and try to avoid them at all cost, but not suave Tyler. His teacher was embarrassed to tell me that Tyler is starting early with being in love with all the girls. She says he loses is focus and doesn't complete his work in the time frame that is allowed because he is off in La La Land with the girls or writing them notes. I question Tyler about his Love Bug problem and he just smiled. Great job Tyer, but chill with the girls and pay more attention to his work.

Next, was Emily's conference and I was very excited to see where Emily was at in her class. I knew her behavior would be awesome because, well its Emily. Everywhere we go I always hear how well behaved Emily is and I must be a excellent mother because she is so good. (well, I must agree with that) ;) Seriously though Emily is doing EXCELLENT! The teacher said she only tested the kids on counting to 10, but Emily can to 100 and further. She knows all the letters in the alphabet and all of their sounds. She know lots of sight words. She said Emily is very helpful with the other children who forget somethings, but not in a bossy way. She said Emily even tolerates the annoying children. Her teacher said to me, "If you ever want to throw Emily in the trash I will standing next to it and hurry and grab her up." I told her that I know how lucky I am with Emily. She has always been a wonderful daughter! Great job Emily! You are wonderful!

A couple of weeks ago Emily had trip to the Principal's office. She was picked to be on the Principal's Board for her good work. She was very excited because they asked for her to come down to the office over the intercom which is super cool to Emily! :) She was also able to pick out of the prize box which is another super cool bonus!

Also last week at Tyler's school the 2nd-5th graders had to deliver a "speech". There were different categories to choose from. Tyler's category he chose was Published Literature. He recited a funny poem about homework and was chosen to go to the FINALS! I am so very pleased with him! Tomorrow is Finals Night! Good Luck Tyler!

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