Sunday, March 2, 2008

Waay Too Long!!!

We have been extremely BUSY with fixing up the house, life, and jobs, but the REAL reason I haven't posted in about a MONTH AND a HALF is because I am a lazy slacker!! Here is another thing I have been horribly lazy on- taking pictures! I didn't take one picture in the month of February!!!! I don't know how moms that work outside the home get things accomplished inside the home! Well, probably they know how to prioritize. I really think that is the real key, (I must have lost my key). Well, here is a little update.

Sean has been staying busy with Sleep Outfitters, Custom Computers & Consulting, moving all of our shiz into the "new" house, and fixing up the "new" house. Thanks babe for all the work you have been doing! I LOVE IT!

I have been busy with work. I LOVE working at the daycare. I really had no idea that I would like working there so much. I thought I would dread going into a place with more kids, but I LOVE IT! When you love something it really makes it easier to go and get the job done.
I too have been trying to be of some help getting the house ready. I have been having lots of fun visualizing how I want each room to be decorated. Only money is holding me back which happens to be a major factor! Oh well, I can hold off on somethings and save to get what I really want. It has been really fun!
At the end of each day I am so tired that I haven't been doing the things I love like, watch Law and Order, scrapbook ( I really need to do this, but it all comes back to the fact that I am lazy.), blog, or check my email ( I have like 1300 new emails! What the....?)

Tyler has been doing good in school. We just signed him up for his 4th season of soccer. I am glad he likes some type of outdoors sport. I think it is very important that kids get plenty of exercise whether it be running around outside or involved in an organized sport. I am excited to see improvements from last season!
Tyler has also been on a Pokemon kick. He doesn't own any of these toys, but he has been drawing and cutting out his own. I love watching him do this activity. I love when kids use their imagination.

Emily is growing so fast and becoming more beautiful each day! She is such a help to me with EVERYTHING. With Emily I only have to ask once and she USUALLY jumps right up and helps me out! Thank you, Emily!
She is in love with a little boy at church, Matthew. So, funny.
She still adores Hannah Montana, but has also jumped on the Pokemon bus with Tyler.

Isabelle is so funny! She copies everything Emily does. The other day Emily was whining that Isabelle was coping her and Isabelle got up in Emily's face and was totally doing the head thing and said, "That is how I learn." You go Isabelle!
Isabelle is so funny on things too! She is definitely a girl who knows what she wants. I can usually hand the other kids their clothes for the day without complaints, but not Isabelle. She knows exactly what she wants. I love that about her!

Ethan is a walking terror! He is so dang cute that it throws people off. I have now learned the cuter the kid the harder they are. ;) He is always climbing on top of EVERYTHING!
He has started giving kisses and he is so cute when he does it, he grabs your face and plants one right on your lips. So sweet!
He loves his siblings. He loves when Isabelle chases him around. I am glad that our kids are so close in age so they can be close friends with each other.
He has also started folding his arms for the prayers. I love seeing this.
He still doesn't say much, but I guess with his older siblings always towering over him he doesn't really have to.

Well, that is us pretty much. I am going to try to do better.

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Meredith said...

welcome back to blog world! we've missed you! :) sounds like you are staying busy! can't wait to see the after pictures of the new house!