Thursday, August 7, 2008

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I took the kids to the doctor. I had to have a formed filled out for the school allowing Tyler and Emily to have medication at the school and to allow the school to give them the medicine. Anyways....

Tyler's was very fast. The doctor signed the paper and done!

Emily's was a little more time consuming because of her allergies that bring about asthma like symptoms they are giving Emily an inhaler to take to school. So, there was a bit more time involved in explaining all the details. BTW, Tyler only has a two pound lead on Emily. He better watch out Emily is right on his tail! ;) It is so funny to me because Tyler is a little on the small side and Emily is tall for her age which leads people to ask me if they are twins. Tyler usually gives me this look like "what?!?!"

Since I already had to schedule a doctor's appt. I thought I would thrown Ethan into the mix for his 18 month check up (we're just a little late). While we were waiting for the doctor the nurse had Ethan undressed to his diaper. He loved it! He was dancing around, kicking his leg up in the air, and running around the room like a wild child. It was pretty cute and hilarious! I was happy he was able to have some fun before the SHOTS! He did good though just a little screaming! ;) Ethan is on the small, skinny side. What is up with my boys? Ethan is in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height! Come on boys, Milk does the body good!

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