Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a tease!

That dang Mother Nature! Yesterday topped off at 70 degrees. Today was in the low 40's and rain showers. Freezing!!! I really didn't want to go out today in this nasty weather, but I had two errands that really needed to get done. Well, at least now I can check those off my never ending to do list.

Sean has been working all day.

Tyler did his homework without complaining, much. ;) He even read for an extra 20 minutes!!

Emily and Isabelle played princess dress up.

I don't think Ethan is feeling very good today. I think he is getting more teeth and that is giving him some problems.

I just put a Stouffer's Lasagna in the oven. I feel so unmotivated today. I also feel like I am walking around in a daze. I can't wait for Sean to get home and we can watch a movie and spend some time together.


John-E-Boi said...

Stouffer's Lasagna RULES!

Lupe said...

Stouffer's Lasagna is soooo good! Especially during cold weather! Hoping Ethan is feeling better.