Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reserved Seats

Today was our first Sunday at our new ward. I was very excited. It seems like the older I get the more excited I am to meet new people. Interesting. Anyways, on the way to church I started to get nervous because this thought came to me- what if we take some family's pew that they have been sitting in for years. I grew up in a ward that it was understood (that is not the word I am looking for) that so and so sat here. Any 2nd Ward readers out there remember where you sat at in the Ward? I can still remember, for the most part who sat where. Anyways, it was silly but I was really nervous about this. I guess I will remain nervous until the next Sunday because we didn't sit in the chapel, we sat in the Relief Society room. Sometimes we sit in there if Ethan is extra crazy that day or we are late. Well, today it was a combination of both reasons.

All weekend long I was explaining to the children that we are going to a new ward. So, when I pull into the parking lot this morning Emily says, "This looks like our church building." "Yes! It is our church building, but we won't see our friends here today we will meet new friends. Grammy and Grandpa won't be at our ward because now they go to this building at a different time now.", I try explain. I guess it is a little difficult to explain the whole ward concept to little kids.

They were all a little nervous, but did good going into their new classes. Isabelle's class went out side and she made friends with two little girls both named Ella. Emily said her class was fine, but she is used to her teacher giving them treats and her new teacher doesn't do that. Tyler said the kids in his class were INSANE! (I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.) Ethan doesn't like nursery to begin with, but I think this nursery is a little overwhelming with 16 toddlers! Needless to say I stayed in nursery today.


Veronica said...

No worries about the slacking part. I totally get that:) And I do remember that certain families, including ours, liked to sit in the same spot for church:) That's funny that you bring that up. LOL

Thanks for the congrats. We move in this weekend and the kids seem adjusted to living with the inlaws right now:) It has been nice to be around family so much and they have totally enjoyed it.

I'll have to update later about the house after we paint and carpet:)

Christine said...

Good to get the update on you. Summer gets to busy to do the blogging. Hope you like your new ward. Wish you were moving by me:)

Lupe said...

LOL! I'm the same way about new wards and pews! I usually ask a member already seated on how the 'seating arrangement' works. :)