Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. The day went good for Tyler, but not so good for Emily.

Emily needed a breathing treatment the night before, which kind of had me worried. Early this morning she was coughing continuously so I woke her up before she got sick everywhere. She said she needed a treatment. After the treatment she said she felt good and was SO EXCITED for her first day of school. She ate her breakfast and took her vitamins. All was well.

We all hurry out the door and headed to school. I was following behind Sean. He wanted to go and see the kids off on their first day of school, so Emily and Tyler rode with him. Poor Emily got sick in the back of the car. Sean said she kept coughing and then it all came up. Emily was of course was crying because she was afraid she was going to miss her first day of school.

Well, the kids were a few minutes late after I got Emily all cleaned up. I explained to her teacher that she was having some allergy issues and she wasn't really sick. Her teacher said she could stay. Around 10:30am the school calls. Emily was coughing again and got sick. I went to pick her up and the poor girl is in tears because she has to leave and didn't get to paint with her class. I felt so bad for her. What an awful first day of Kindergarten! I explained to her that she will relax the rest of the day and go to the doctor and hopefully she will be healthier tomorrow.

I took her to the doctor so it will be and 'excused absence'. The doctor said she was fine. Her lungs sound good right now, but she needs to stay on her treatments for about 3 wks. He said she has a little cold and with the drainage it was causing her to cough and get choked up. He said that she is fine to go back to school since the school has an inhaler for her.

After the doctor we spent the remaing time running some errands until it was time to pick up Tyler. He had a great day at school. I think his favorite part was the 'no homework' tonight except for mom and dad. We were sent home a couple of papers to fill out and sign. Homework is the main reason I dread the kids being in school. There is always hope that this year will be a good year with Tyler WANTING to do his homework-yeah right, or at least not putting up a fight. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Happy Back to School for Everyone!


Kyle Morey said...

Don't mind at all! I love blogging! It is a great way to keep up with people! I still feel connected to them.

Megan said...

Poor Emily! Hope the rest of the week is better!