Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween of 2008

I loved Tyler's costume this year! It was so original and that is what Halloween is to me. He was excited to be his bag of leaves but then when we went to Trunk or Treat at church he became nervous. As he was walking into church one of our friends, Brandon started cracking up laughing because Tyler said, "I can't believe my mom made me wear this."

Then on Halloween we always go to Grammy and Grandpa's house to trick or treat. This year Grandpa was out of town so he called to wish us all a Happy Halloween. When it was Tyler's turn I heard him say to Grandpa, "Don't laugh at me but my mom made be a bag of leaves." What a rotten boy! :)

Isabelle was so excited to be a unicorn. She still loves and wears her costume!

Emily is a cute little bumble bee.

Ethan was Frankenstein. He loved running to the houses and collecting the candy. He also loved his glow stick from Aunt Bammy (Tammy).

Halloween has come and gone, so has the kids candy. Just wanted to share some pictures.

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Veronica said...

I love the trash bag of leaves! It's very unique:) Where's your costume Alisha???:)