Thursday, April 3, 2008

Family Update

Lots has been happening here!

Early Easter morning my little brother got off of work and ran out of gas in his car. He was pushing his car home and almost made it into a parking spot at his apartment complex, but at the very end slipped and fell on his back. He wasn't able to get up. He called out for help and a couple in the apartment complex heard him and came to his rescue calling 911 and my mom. He was sent down to University of Louisville. He had tons of scans, xrays, and test and we found out last Monday that he suffered a spinal cord injury. He has had two surgeries. The first surgery the doctors went in the front of his neck removing his C2 and C3. The second surgery the doctors went in the back of his neck and the secured what was done in the first surgery with metal brackets and a bone graft using bone from his hip. He was released from ICU a couple of days ago. About two days he will be transferred to Frazier Rehab.

Phillip can move his legs a little, but they are two weak to walk or stand. He can move his arms, but his hands are very weak. He can't grip anything. He has a burning/tingling sensation running through his upper body. The doctors say with time they feel he will be able to walk again. With lots of hard work they gave us a time frame of 6 months to a year.

He has lots of people fasting and praying for him. Phillip is in good spirits most of the time. We know this has happened for a reason. We know the Lord loves Phillip and will keep him in his care.

Other than the Phillip accident on Easter, our Easter was very nice.

Spring Break was this past week. Tyler described his Spring Break to a tee, "This is the worst Spring Break ever!" I couldn't agree more. We all came down with the flu, except for Sean and Isabelle. It was horrible, fevers, headaches, migraines, achy body, runny nose, congestion- the works. We were sick from Monday through Friday.

We did go the Fun House at the very end. (The Fun House is like Chuck E. Cheese) The kids loved that. We also went to our cousins house to fly kites and hang out with them. That was fun, too. So, maybe Spring Break wasn't completely ruined or the WORST, but it was pretty bad. ;)

Also, during Spring Break I turned 29! I am in shock. I was looking at myself in the mirror and asked Sean, "Do I look like I will be 30 next year?" Of course he said no it was my birthday and I was sick. ;) THIRTY next year!?!


Veronica said...

So sorry to hear about Phillip. He's in our prayers.

30, no way! My husband just turned 30 last month and I just keep telling him, that he's in the prime of his life. Happy birthday anyways!!!!

Veronica said...

Alisha, you're only 3 years older than me:) But it probably seems like more when you're younger. Now, it's like age is just a number:)

Your kids look like such fun! I bet you're a busy mom. Yeah, i'm a scrapbooker too. Not because i'm a stay at home mom, but just b/c i love it. I just got into the digital world a few months ago and really like it, although I haven't printed anything out yet.

Good to see you're doing well though, and for sure keep in touch.

Meredith said...

Woohoo! You're older than me... but only by a couple of months! I know, I can't believe I am going to be 30 next year. Thomas will be 30 in November.

I'm sorry you had a rough spring break. That's how our Christmas was. No fun!