Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The poster card made to go with Mrs. Eberle's gift. She is such an awesome teacher. I hope Emily gets her for first grade.
Addison, Tyler and Dalton. Addison was Tyler's second crush in the first grade. That boy is so girl crazy!
Tyler with his first first grade crush, Rachel.

Tyler with his best pals.

Tyler with his favorite teacher, Mrs. Eberle and the assistant, Miss Allen.

My beautiful little sis and her adorable twins at the zoo. This was the first time I saw the girls. I was so happy they came out to visit, but I would be even happier if they were to move here. ;)

Isabelle at the petting zoo.

Emily at the petting zoo.

Tyler at the petting zoo.

Same zoo trip, but with a picture of our friends!

Taralynn, Jessica and I with all of our kids. I am so glad that the cousins are close with each other.

Ethan about to go down the slide.

Here is crazy haired, Ethan at the zoo!

Keeping up with the blogging world so hard in the summer with all the different activities going on. Here are so pictures from a few months ago. I have some pics from the Fourth of July that I will post later, but this ought to hold you guys for a while.

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Lupe said...

Wow! You are no slacker! Just so busy having fun with your kids! Tyler is quite the little ladies man...hee hee! Your kiddos are such cuties!