Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boys will be boys

Wondering why Isabelle is on the boy post? Her head wound. Ethan was playing with my excerising band and Isabelle was being an older sister and she tried to get if from him. They both were pulling it and Ethan thought it was a fun game. When he let go the handle snapped back and hit Isabelle in the head. Two stitches underneath the skin and 5 stitches on the top. Isabelle was so brave! She didn't make a peep at the hospital. She didn't even shead one tear. She just laid there like a perfect patient. Her reward was a mermaid Barbie.

Ethan ate chocolate pudding without a spoon.

My dirty boys!

Ethan's face in this picture just screams, TROUBLE!

The aftermath of muddin on the Yerf Dog go cart.

This is actually really clean for just going muddin'.

Gatti Land

Having fun on the Snoopy ride. He rode that ride about 10 times.
Ethan needs to make sure Snoopy doesn't move. He didn't want Snoopy to get him.

A ride for Ethan.


Ethan didn't care if wasn't "playing" the games. He loved sitting in them and pretending he was doing something.

Uncle Phil being goofy!

Here we have Emily and Rebekah on the far chair. Dustine and Isabelle on the front chair. They were riding some virtual roller coaster ride.

We went to Gatti Land with all of our Bosco cousins. I have a few pictures, mainly of Ethan because the other kids ran off with their cousins to play games.

Pictures from the Louisville Zoo

Tyler and Emily feeding the Lorikeets at the Louisville Zoo. After the picture was taken the two birds on Emily started to fight. It really scared her, but she was brave and just stood there like a statue.
Isabelle feeding a Lorikeet.

Emily being a monkey at the playground.

My girls

The kids waiting for the water to squirt up in their faces.

Isabelle loving the slide!

Tyler being a helpful big brother with Ethan and taking him down the slide.

Tyler and Ethan down the slide.

Isabelle having fun.

Ethan getting splashed at the Louisville Zoo splash park.