Friday, April 4, 2008


I don't know if the rain is causing my children to act insane because they haven't been outside since forever. I could be wrong, but I think it is supposed to rain all weekend. I don't care if it does rain all weekend I am just happy it is Friday. The kids (especially the girls) have been bouncing off the walls. I am glad that we get to sleep in tomorrow morning. I am kind of glad to, in a way that Tyler's soccer game is canceled. More time I have to do the stuff that I need to get done. I love rainy days ONLY when I don't have to go out in the rain. I love to stay home and bake or clean. Imagine that staying home baking, doesn't that sound nice. It probably won't happen, but it sounds nice.

Anyways, yes we have had a crazy amount of rain lately. On my way to work there was a road blocked of because the street had turned into a lake. I couldn't believe how much water was on the road. Then I REALLY couldn't believe that a car was stranded in that lake. Who on earth drives into that much water on the road. The car was almost COMPLETELY covered. You could barely see the roof of the car. If it wasn't for the police man taking pictures I would have never noticed that a car was in there. I hope who ever was driving was safe and insured.

Today Tyler had a Family Friday Presentation. His whole class wrote what Springtime meant to them and they had to stand in front of the whole school and read what they wrote. Talk about EMBARRASSING! Tyler was very nervous, but he did GREAT! Then after the children read their paragraphs they sang two springtime songs. They looked SO adorable up their. I got a little teary eyed watching my baby boy up there. He is getting so big!

Ethan started saying the word "stop". That is great. He can say the word stop, but he can't say momma. Thanks alot kid! I guess he hears me saying that word all the time. "Stop Ethan! Don't climb up there.", "Stop Ethan, don't get into that." "Stop Ethan! That is yucky." It never ends with that boy. :)

Well, we might go to the library this weekend for a puppet show and to return books. We are also going to see Uncle Phil at the rehab center. Also General Conference is this weekend! How exciting we get to hear from our new Prophet!


Debbie said...

HEY!! This is Debbie Hettinger (Alder now)!! So I came across your blog and just had to say hi! It was so fun to see what you have been up to. What a cute family you have!! Well we have a blog too if you ever want to see what is up with us. it is Hope all is going great!

Debbie said...

Hey I don't know why my last post didn't show up. It probably will here in a minute and then you will have two from me...oh well. I just wanted to say hi! I came across your blog and it was so good to see what you and your cute family have been up to!! Sounds like you guys are doing great! If you want to see what's up with us you can go to This is Debbie Hettinger (now Alder) by the way:) Glad to hear that you are doing great!