Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hopefully, everyone is getting better so we won't have to quarantine ourselves.

Last Wednesday Ethan started with fever and throwing up (hey, there is no way to sugar coat that). It only lasted for a couple of days.

Last Tuesday Emily had a cold. It kept getting worse. By Friday she kept coughing uncontrollably to where she threw up. She missed school and went to the doctor. Friday afternoon she started having an asthma attack. We tried getting her breathing calmed down, but it just got worse. We ended up taking her to the Emergency Room Friday evening and they admitted her to the hospital. So, Emily and I had a sleepover and some bonding time. ;) She is definitely my child because she likes the hospital. She did really good. They gave her some more breathing treatments, steroids, and an IV in her arm. She didn't even cry! Of course we did have to bribe her to be brave and promised her a small fortune. :) I was very pleased with my baby girl on how she good she was for mom, doctors and nurses. I was also sad that she has to go through this trial. I know the Lord is pleased with Emily and her patience with her illness and her sweet spirit. She really never complains, but does look forward to the time she won't need to be on breathing treatments.

Isabelle was complaining of having a headache for most of the day yesterday. I was switching back and forth from Tylenol and Motrin. Then, this morning she wakes up crying because her head hurt. I went give her a kiss and felt she was warm. Off to get the thermometer and Motrin. Yep, just she as running one-100.8. Not too bad, but I had to call into work.

I am grateful that I can work part-time and get to be with my kids. I am grateful that my works TOTALLY can relate and understand the call of Motherhood. I am also very grateful for the doctors that help my children. I blessed I am to live in America with wonderful doctors and medicines to help us through our sickness.

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Jason and Charlotte said...

This was Avery's first week of school and she already has caught a cold. As soon as she starts sneezing I know it's coming. So this weekend is alot of rest before Monday gets here. I even began giving her immunity support vitamins to try and help this before it started....oh well what can you do but try to keep Cody from catching it too.....