Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring is in the air.

Well at least for two days Spring has been in the air. Sunday and today the weather was so nice.. Yes, it did rain today, but the warm weather was WONDERFUL! It was 59 degrees when I left this morning. I didn't have to put winter coats on the kids or make sure every body part was completely covered. It felt great to get out the door so quickly. I love the Spring and Autumn seasons- definitely my fave months.


Today at Tyler's school they celebrated, Read Across America. Something having to do with Dr. Seuss (maybe a birthday). The kids were allowed to dress up as one of their favorite characters in a book. Tyler dressed as Skippyjon Jones. If you haven't read the Skippyjon Jones books I highly recommend them. Too cute! Well, Tyler wasn't completely Skippyjon Jones, but more of a REALLY toned downed Jack Sparrow.
I headed off to work after taking Skippyjon Jones to school. Well, it was Monday at the daycare and here is a funny thing about kids. They are like little calendars. So far I have only figured out two of their signs for the days of the week, but I am sure with spending a little more time with them I will figure it out. This is what I have, the sign for Monday is nonstop whining and the sign for Friday is bouncing off the walls! So, today is Monday can you guess how I knew? ;)

Later I dropped lunch off to Sean, went to go get Tyler, and on to the bank when exhaustion hit me. I was and still am SO FREAKIN TIRED! and hungry I might add. No rest for the weary I head to the library. The kids have been dying to go and get some new books and movies. While we were at the library I ran into my high school Geometry teacher, Ms. Psycho. That is her REAL name and was she ever psycho! I was very polite and reintroduced myself. I thanked her for putting in extra time to help me pass. She was VERY DIFFICULT, but she was actually nice to me. I was one of the few she was nice to, but I wanted to let her no that I appreciated her effort to help me learn Geometry. Sad that I never really learned how to do it, but by the grace of God I passed that class. And maybe a little help from my YOUNGER sister's homework. ;) Anyways seeing her was a frightening reminder why I never would want to relive high school years.

After the library I headed to the grocery storeS! Yes, that is plural. I love grocery shopping, but only during the early morning or late at night. I had to make TWO trips to Wal-Mart because I forgot the main dish for dinner tonight, chicken. I love Wal-Marts low prices, but I hate Wal-Mart customers!! Do you have a brain people?!!! I guess I should leave my ranting and ravings for my own personal blog. Sorry Family! :) Anyways, yes Wal-Mart twice and then to Aldi's. Love Aldi's! We buy our can goods from that store because they are marked so low. Great food storage store.

Finally home, hungry, tired, and frustrated from my Wal-Mart experience.

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