Saturday, June 7, 2008

Long Story- SHORT

No, we still aren't in the house. Monday we should be in, though. It is just one more thing. I am so excited though! It has been extremely fun for me to clean, unpack and figure out just where I am going to keep things. I am sooooo HaPpY! I am also VERY grateful for EVERYONE who has helped us along the way. We are so blessed to have wonderful families and terrific friends who are always there for us.

Sean has been working very hard working on the house. Thanks babe! I really appreciate EVERYTHING you have done and will do for me. ;) He also has been working hard at Sleep Outfitters and has been placed as manager of the 2nd best store in the area! Sean has wonderful people skills and selling tactics! What a blessing!

I have been working at the daycare, working at the house, and packing up all of our belongings at Sean's parents house. And my new hobby- keeping up with the politicians. I never new I loved and hated politics so much. I think I will start blogging my opinions and thoughts on my own personal blog.

Tyler has graduated from 1st grade with TERRIFIC grades! He was very sad to leave Mrs. Eberle and his friends, but he is excited for the summer. He also finished the season of soccer. On to soccer camp next month. I am glad he has found an activity enjoys and is very good at. Great job Tyler at school and soccer.

Emily she loves going to the daycare and playing with all of her cousins. She is alittle nervous for school to start, but also excited. She has also found her beautiful singing voice. She knows all the songs on the radio. She is so cute!

Isabelle also loves going to the daycare. She also is following in big sisters footsteps with the singing. Isabelle truly sings about EVERYTHING! I will have to tape her while she is singing one of her songs that she has made up- too cute!

Ethan is a little under the weather today. He has a ear infection! :( He is so active! He also likes going to the daycare. EVERYONE caters to the child. EVERYONE thinks he is so cute, which he is ;) , but he is also very mischievous! Hope you feel better Ethan.