Sunday, November 23, 2008

How To Deal With Your Anger & Wiggly Pants

The other day at Tyler's school I was told they were discussing anger management. School sent home a worksheet for us to complete, during the up coming week Tyler was to keep track of his feelings for each day. One night while I was helping him with his homework he informed me that there is a little girl in his class that really frustrates him. He told me she was bossy and always competing with him. All of sudden he says, "Excuse me while I go scream in my pillow." After screaming in his pillow he walks out of his room and tells me that school told them that when you are feeling mad screaming in your pillow helps you let out anger.

Isabelle is very picky. Not just with food, but when picking out her clothes. She HATES when her long sleeve shirts touch the part of her hand. The sleeve MUST stop right at her wrist or she throws a fit! I usually have to roll the cuff of her sleeve up. She also HATES wearing wiggly pants! What are wiggly pants you ask? That would be any bottoms that have elastic in the waist band. There are some outfits that have elastic in them at I am able to convince her of wearing, but there are some that I just have to give away.

Oh, my kids really crack me up. Being a mother truly is rewarding! ;)

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Veronica said...

I love that he screamed into his pillow:) Now that is anger management! Now if only adults could handle things just as well.