Monday, November 10, 2008


Here are a few funny/crazy things that the kids have said recently.

-On a Sunday we are all getting ready for church. Sean and I are in the bathroom sharing a mirror. I am applying my makeup and Sean is fixing his hair, then out of the blue we hear Tyler from across the hall, "I think I have a venom sac. I can feel it." I look over into his room and see Tyler lying on the ground. Kind of scared of the answer I might get I ask, "Where?" Pointing in the back of his mouth he replied, "Right here." "No, Tyler you don't have a venom sac." Seriously where do my children come from?

-I usually fold clothes in my room where I can watch tv or movie of my choice, my choice of the evening was Baby Mama. Emily walks in at the every end of the movie and I try to hurry and scoot her along because it is PG-13. Well, it is at the part of the lady giving birth and she is screaming! Emily stops and looks and asks, "Is that how you have a baby?" I pause the movie. "Yes." From zero to 60 Emily starts screaming and kicking, "I don't want to have a baby like that!" In total shock that my 5 yr. old is worried about having a baby I try to calm her down by telling her that you don't have to have a baby like that. But it is no use she is still screaming, "No, I don't want to have any babies!! I don't want any babies!!! I want you to say a prayer NOW that I won't have any babies!!!" So, that is what I did. I said a prayer that little 5 yr. old Emily won't have any babies now. I think she love this story when she is older.

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Lupe said...

LOL! Where did venom sac come from? So funny!