Sunday, January 13, 2008


We have been crazy busy with getting everyone well, Scouts, school, and just life. So here is an update.

We are buying Sean's younger brother's house. I am VERY excited!!! It definitely needs some TLC. My dad has begun painting. It was fun picking out colors! Sean has been painting closets and fixing lights with the help of a friend. The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and a finished basement. The house is not much to look at right now, but has MAJOR POTENTIAL! What a lucky girl I am to have a dad who is a professional painter, and 2 brothers who are construction workers! I need to take before and after photos. What needs to be done before we move in March/ April- paint, MAJOR CLEANING, redo the bathroom upstairs, new front door, new door to the downstairs (for Ethan's sake), and have the air ducts cleaned (Emily is highly allergic to cats and dogs and since Uncle Greg had dogs in the house....). Anyways, I am way excited! The house isn't gigantic or beautiful (yet) ;), but it will be ours for the time being. I am excited to have a place to call our own and for all our belongings to be. What a blessing!!

Besides the house Sean has been staying busy with work and working on Tyler's Pinewood Derby car. Yesterday, was the big race! Oh man, the parents go crazy about this stuff! Well, I am happy to announce that Tyler placed 4th over the whole pack and 1st in the Tiger Scouts! Way to Go!!

I started babysitting for a friend this past Tuesday and Thursday. She has a daughter that is Isabelle's age so all the girls play nicely together!! Tomorrow, I will start working at a daycare. My sister in law is in the process of buying it right now from her mom, but they need some help and I need some money! I also get to bring my kids. I am excited for the opportunity, but pray that my kids stay well. :)

Emily is excited that she won't be going to "Mommy's School" for Kindergarten, but to "real school where Tyler goes". Since, I will be working at the daycare now, I won't have nearly enough time to teach Emily all she needs to know and give her the attention she needs to meet all of her Kindergarten requirements so I am going to place her in school. I will still work with the kids in the summer and on the weekends as best I can.

Emily and Isabelle are still in competition with each other over who is Hannah Montana. It is so cute to see them sing and dance. They are true little divas!

Ethan is finally well!!!!! When I took him in to the doctor this past time for his rash the doctor said that he thinks Ethan had a virus since he ran a fever for two days on his antibiotics. The doctor said that he COULD have had an allergic reaction to his medicine that he had been on for 7 days, but his gut feeling says, virus. This week I am supposed to give Ethan one dose of his old antibiotic and see if Ethan breaks out! Wow, what a fun experiment this could be! ;)

That is all that has been going on with us!


Meredith said...

wow! you have been BUSY! How exciting that you are getting into a house! It's so nice to have everything under one roof! :) Take pictures!

Megan said...

Yay for a new place to call your own!

Lupe said...

Way to go Tyler! Those races bum us out because we manage to be in a pack whose parents are pilots, NASA or Boeing engineers..ugh! Needless to say we don't get 1st :( But the kids have a great time.

So glad to hear Ethan is well! Whew!

A new house is always fun! You have the total hook up with your family helping out!! Try to post pics if you can! I'm an HGTV buff so I understand and appreciate potentials!! :)