Thursday, May 8, 2008


This past weekend was The Kentucky Derby. Since I am from KY and since my dad practically lives at Churchill Downs I feel like Derby fever is running through my blood. I think if my dad could have gotten away with it he would have tried to name all of kids names of horses. The man breathes horse racing. Anyways, it is such a beautiful and fun time of year around here in Kentuckiana.

Well, Phil got out of rehab on Oakes Day (the day before Derby). His progress is UNBELIEVABLE!!! He now walking with two canes. He does physical therapy 3 times a week. I am just so pleased with his motivation and determination! He is so happy to be home too! So, on Derby day my mom had a Welcome Home Phil/Derby Party to celebrate. It was fun! Food (always a must a Bosco get together), swimming, and just hanging out. I really love my family. Just fun, down to earth people, and we ALWAYS have a good time together. It is fun to see all the cousins playing together too.

After the party Emily started to have breathing problems, which got worse through the night and into Sunday morning. After several calls to her doctor we decided the best thing was to take Emily to the ER. There I was informed Emily had an Asthma flare-up and some serious Bronchitis. She was admitted to the hospital for 2 days. Let me tell you the hospital is NO PLACE for sleeping! Besides the lack of sleep it wasn't too bad. Emily was in wonderful care! One good thing that came of this was Emily and I were able to spend some good quality time together. Sean was great with the kids at home and my friend, Sarah was a major help watching Isabelle and Ethan! Oh yeah, let me not forget Sean's parents for watching all the kids!

Well, that is all!


Veronica said...

That sounds serious. I hope she's doing ok now. We watched the derby on t.v. Hopefully one day I'll get to take aaron to it and show him all the excitement:)

Megan said...

Glad Emily is doing well (and Phil). I miss being in Kentucky at Derby time!

Christine said...

I totally relate with Emily, it is so scary when kids have breathing problems. Glad she is okay and I thought of you last weekend with the ky derby. Fun memories of KY with you!

Lupe said...

Hope Emily is feeling stronger and better! The Kentucky Derby is such a big deal. So glad you were able to enjoy it with family :)