Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

This year I was dreading one conference in particular, which was Tyler's. Why?

Let's see- 1st grade for Tyler was a "great kid". Always A's in conduct and A's in a classwork. What was the problem? He would daydream and write love notes to the girls in class.
2nd grade for Tyler he was one of the teacher's favorite kid in the class. He is so sweet and lovable. Always A's in conduct and A's in classwork. He wasn't the fast reader, but could hold his own and his reading comprehension was excellent. Another problem for Tyler still in the 2nd grade was him staying on task, daydreaming, and in love with the little girls. I was told to maybe look into some medicine for him to help him stay on task. Ummm...NO! Nothing was wrong with him. He is a little boy who is doing all his work, making all A's, and being excellent in conduct. Why would I medicate him if there is no problem?
3rd grade for Tyler he was such a lovable little boy. He was never a problem in class, in fact at the beginning of the year Tyler asked his teacher if he could sit away from the other children so he could concentrate better. He made straight A's all year in academics and in conduct. He did have trouble staying on task/daydreaming and his reading was a little slower. His teacher wanted me to look into being medicated. Still the answer is no, nothing is wrong with Tyler that he should be medicated.
So, now brings me to 4th grade for Tyler. Now this is the first parent teacher conference for this year. This year Tyler also has a male teacher, which in my opinion male teachers vs. female teachers are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (not sure if it is a good or bad different, but so far I am liking it). He told me that Tyler is so well behaved, a joy to have in class and if he could have a classroom full of Tyler's than it would be wonderful. He also told me that Tyler does daydream, but he is not the only little boy in the class that does that, so he is not too worried. He told me that Tyler always participates in class discussion (which I am not surprised about(: ) and when asked a question on the spot Tyler always answers correctly. He does read slower than most of the class, but his comprehension is a 99%. (Sean said he was the same way as a boy, so I am not too worried. I read really fast, but I don't comprehend so have to go back and reread. So reading fast is pointless for me.)
Having talked with Tyler's teacher I felt MUCH better! He did get his firstever C and I wasn't too pleased with that, but it is in spelling and I blame myself for that since I have been a little to lax on the studying her spelling words. You better believe I am knuckling down this time on spelling and he his grade will improve. Boy, it better. ;)

The other children's parent teacher conference went very well, too. Emily's teacher had nothing but praise. She is above reading level and is making straight A's in academic and conduct. Her teacher's only complaint is that if Emily could speak up in class and participate a little more in the classroom discussion.
Next up, Isabelle, I was very anxious to her what her kindergarten teacher had to say. Again, nothing but praises for my girl. She said she was a leader (which surprised me since Isabelle copies everything Emily does at home). Isabelle is very much ahead of some of the other kids, but then I worked with Isabelle a lot before school started.

I love hearing how good the kids are doing in school! Since, I had a good reports and Sean was watching the kids, I made a pit stop at the bookstore and purchased items the kids had wanted. Everyone was happy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dinner Helpers

I, like most mothers feel I have very little time to do everything that needs to be done and still falls short of it all. I feel like I am always in a hurry, have very little patience, and feel extremely exhausted which makes me think my kids will only remember their mom as a "crap mom".

Well, I am trying to take one day at a time. I still seem to be always in a hurry and the exhaustion part I am afraid might never be fixed, but the patient part I am really working on. ~Remember patience is a virtue.~

I am also trying to combine the whole patience thing with spending some quality, one-on-one time with each of the kids. I really want to make sure that I stay connected with them. I try to stay connected by turning off the radio in the car (since it seems like we are always on the go running errands) and asking each one about their days. I really try and listen to what they have to say and ask questions. I can't believe some of the things the kids face on a day to day basis. It is not all negative, but just interesting to me how mentally and spiritually strong my children are. Love it!

For the quality time I have established "dinner helpers". I know not every kid would look forward to this, but my children LOVE it! These are kids who love to watch the cooking channel and read cookbooks- definitely my children! I love it too! I get "willing" help making dinner, I get to teach my kids something that I truly love to do, I get to "talk" some more with them about their day and they learn how to cook (even the boys.)

Tonight was Tyler's night and boy did he ever help me. We made vegetable beef soup, potato soup, and grilled cheese sammies. Tyler cut up a pound of bacon and all the chives for the potato soup and tomorrow's dinner. He loved it! He told me how he might be a butcher when he grows up because he likes working with meat. Then he said that he really didn't know what he was going to be because he is really good at art and sports. The final career choice of the night for him was maybe a chef because he loves to cook. When would I have heard this or learned this about Tyler. I think the best part of it all was the satisfaction he had with himself once he tasted the delicious dinner he had a part in making.

Cooking with the children truly does require patience and I pray that I will keep being blessed with it. Who knows how long it will last that the kids look forward to these "dinner helper" nights, but I know I will always keep these fond, learning experiences in a special place in my heart.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soccer Season is Over

Every Spring and Fall I sign Tyler up for soccer. The last two seasons the girls played, but this time we felt that it would be a big drain on us. We were nervous how Emily would do with her Asthma and seasonal allergies. I was bummed about it at first because I really do like going to the games and watching them compete and learn new skills, but I am so glad that we didn't sign the other kids up. Tyler's practices and games alone wore me out, I can't imagine 6 practices and 3 games a week while I have been practice.

Why did we chose to let Tyler play? Well, he has been playing for about 5 yrs. (10 seasons) and he is REALLY GOOD! We have been blessed with good coaches almost every season. I was sad because for the past two seasons he had THE BEST COACH EVER, but now that coached has moved on to coaching over in Louisville. Bummer! His coach this season didn't impress me much. Actually, if I am being honest I hope he doesn't get her again. I feel she didn't push the kids hard enough. I don't want a Drill Sergeant, but I do want her too enforce being aggressive.

Tyler is an excellent team player. He is never a ball hog. His coach really enforced teamwork which is wonderful, but a lot of times the kids had the opportunity to score, but they were told to pass the ball. Guess what? They listened to their coach, passed and the team missed the opportunity to score.

All in all it was an okay season. I did love going to Tyler's games and I will anxiously await them until next season! The games are more competitive now and little more interesting. The Tyler has really gotten to be quite the lil' soccer star. I am glad he loves it so much! I think what I love the most is that before every game, Tyler offers a prayer. He prays for safety, to have fun, and that he will make goals. :) Tyler is very humble and realizes that the ONLY reason he has gotten to be this good is that he has developed his talent that Heavenly Father has given him. He knows without the Lord that he couldn't do anything. Tyler is such a good example of faith.

On the way home Tyler said, "Now, I am going to have to start praying for safety in football." I guess we will see next year when Tyler wants to try out for football. ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day at the Doctors

I had my doctor's appt. today. I was checked for Group B strep, so I will know if I have it in a couple of weeks. It is not a big deal for me since I had it with the first three children. The only thing that worries me is that if I have it and I go into labor on my own and I have SUPER FAST delivery like I had with Ethan. If this child came as fast as Ethan and was born within 10 minutes from the time I arrived at the hospital then I wouldn't have enough time to get all my meds for the GBS. For this very reason the doctor has scheduled me to be induced on Nov. 15 and to be honest that sounds WONDERFUL! I love when things are planned out and scheduled. Who doesn't?

Anyways, the doctor checked me and everything looks good. She can feel the baby's head and he in position. :) But, I am not dilated or anything like that- bummer. I guess I will be back in a couple of weeks and they are kind of throwing a fit because I am supposed to be weekly now, but hey what can I do when there schedule doesn't work with my schedule? I guess if anything happens the doctor is just a phone call away.

The next doctor's appt. was Emily's. She had a recheck for her asthma. She is on an oral steroid to help with her inflammation in her lungs. Everything seems to be coming back to normal. The doctor actually told me not to keep her from any exercises. He told me to let her play outside or inside like any other child. This will help her build up her breathing and lungs. He said if she can't play like any other child than we aren't doing our job of keeping her on the right medicine. It actually makes sense as to what the doctor is saying, huh, imagine that. :)

Both doctor appointments went very well. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love Autumn!

Autumn is my favorite season of the year! This year in the Southern Indiana area it still feels like summer, which is a major bummer being pregnant. I was looking forward to the cool down since the heat was killing my extra weighed down body. The forcast shows that next week will be a little of a cool down in the upper 60's to low 70's, which I am so looking forward too!

If there is one thing I love about this area is the beautiful greenery. I am such a barefoot person. I love being barefoot! I can remember as a child running around the neighborhood barefoot, but the difference is back then the grass was green and much softer. I loved feeling the cool, green, Bluegrass under my feet. Maybe, it is because we live in Indiana or maybe because we have been on a Level 1 drought this year, but the grass looks icky and brown and feels like scratchy hay. I have missed that wonderful feeling, but as I was making the drive from work to picking up the kids I was reminded of another reason why I LOVE living in this area- The Trees! Words can NOT describe the beauty you see from all the different trees. The golden yellows, vibrant reds, and the Halloween oranges that you see mixed in with some of the leaves that are still green is definitely a picturesque sight! It was such a reminder of how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. To have created this wonderful world full of beauty is such a miracle. I am blessed!

The scenery is not the only reason I love Autumn. It brings chilly mornings and evenings that bring on the feeling of a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider. (Not to mention that I make the best hot cocoa ever!) (: I love wearing sweaters and jeans. I love the happiness this time brings especially with the children. They get so excited with all the holidays coming upon us-putting up decorations, trying new and fun holiday recipes, making holiday crafts. I love snuggling with the kids on cold nights (they are the best heaters :) ). I love making and eating comfort foods! We also have all the excitement of the kids birthdays. Isabelle's is Oct.25, Tyler's is Nov.21, Ethan's is Dec. 12, and then the baby is due in November, too!

I love Autumn!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Childcare Training

Today I had to sit through a three hour long, boring, horrible childcare training provided by the state of KY. I had to take the class for work and what is worse than that is work had to pay for me to go. I had to dance to children's music, do "learning centers", and watch a horrid movie about child abuse.
I couldn't help but thinking several different things-
1. While dancing to a children's song that teaches motor skills and following directions I thought this is really a government run operation. Seriously the tax dollars go to this organization? How sad. Seriously, 30 adults dancing to a song Tootie Ta. How embarrassing.

2. My next thought while I was doing learning centers is do I seriously need to follow a 11 step process on how to change a baby's diaper? Do I really need to follow a 7 step process on how to wash children's hands? Yep. I guess I do because if I don't follow EXACTLY EVERY step we will be written up at work.

3. When the child abuse video came on I thought I could handle it, but I couldn't. I wish I could have walked out, but again I couldn't. The only thing I could do from my not getting sick was to look away and think of my precious babies waiting for me to come home. Hearing the little pieces I heard from the movie did help me with remembering that little kids are just that-little kids. I am trying not to raise my voice as often and remember to speak kindly even when I am angry. Will I ever master putting off my "natural man", probably not because I am human, but I do know the more I try the better I will feel about my maternal parenting.

I guess for all the negative I saw of this training there was one positive thing that a came out of it. Maybe, next week will be a little better- yep, I get to take another three hour course again. Yippee!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It has been F*O*R*E*V*E*R since I have sat down and posted something. In fact it has been so long Blogger has changed on me and it took a couple of days for me to get familiar with the changes. I just wanted to update our family "journal" since I have these posts published for our family history. Hopefully I will become more diligent with keeping current even it is a couple of sentences. The kids are growing so fast, accomplishing so much, and living life and I just want to be able to remember it all, but to do so I have to write it down!

Here goes the update-

We are excepting a new little bundle of joy into our home next month. The due date is Nov.22, 2010. I have only one feeling regarding this news and it is "TERRIFIED!" You would think that having your fifth child it would be a breeze and no big deal, but not true with this one. I am trying to figure out why I am so terrified, but I can't really pinpoint it down to one determining factor, but many- 1. I am working outside the home now. Even though I am working part time hours with all the running I do before work and after work it is as if I am working full time hours plus some overtime! 2. The kids are in school now. Some may think that sounds easier, but with school comes, lots of homework, projects, tests, lunches, dropping & picking children up. 3. The kids are older another reason why I shouldn't be scared or so you would think. Everyone tells me that the kids will be such a big help, but I know how it is really going to work. The kids are older and involved in more activities- scouts, soon to be activity days, and sports- enough said! 4. Just the "motherly duties" I have of cleaning the house, paying bills, and grocery shopping with all the kids. 5. Remembering how fast the birth of Ethan came and how scary it was to me. 6. Not having insurance and paying cash for this kid is reason enough to give me a heart attack! 7. Remembering how demanding my children are as babies- very colicky and big eaters which means I will be soon feeling like dairy cow. So, with having all these thoughts bottled up inside my head I start to feel an anxiety attack happening and I have to tell myself to breathe. I figure if I plan for the worst and that is the way it turns out I won't be disappointed, but if things work out for me better than expected it will be wonderful! So much for the "Bundle of Joy" news!

Here is an update on the rest of the family-

Sean is still working as Area Manager for Sleep Outfitters. Earlier this year we bought a boat which was very exciting and very fun for the whole family! The boat is where Sean spent a lot of his time over the summer with the kids. He also has started to reload bullets again. For his birthday he purchased a new reloading press. I won't even begin to act like I know what I am talking about. He transformed and old t.v. stand into a mobile reloading station, so now he can sit downstairs on the couch watching t.v. while restocking his bullet supply. He loves it and loves that the kids have learned how to help him out with it.

I, like I said am pregnant. I am still working at Tiny Hands Academy over in Louisville teaching the 3-4 yr. old preschool class. I really do enjoy it. I am also still teaching CTR 5 class at church as my calling and I love that too. I have been trying to get the house little more situated for the baby. (That is a never ending process!)

Tyler is in 4th grade this year. He ran for class Treasurer, but didn't win. I was surprised he even wanted to try for it. He wrote a speech and stood up in front of the WHOLE 4th grade class and gave his speech. I was very pleased! He also is playing soccer again. He is really doing well (he should be for playing since he was 5 yrs. old!) He has been practicing for the school's Speech Contest coming up. He will be doing a demonstration of soccer moves. He also has been working very hard to get all of his achievements done for his Bear Badge. He only has a little over a month left. He better hurry! He is also very excited for the baby.

Emily is in 2nd grade this year. She has Tyler's 2nd grade teacher and loves her. Emily just finished a 2 week Whale Exhibit she had been working on. Daddy was able to go to her school this past Friday and see all she accomplished. She was very excited to see daddy! Daddy's words were, "she busted through everybody and ran up and gave me a great big hug". Emily suffers from asthma and she has been struggling these past couple of weeks. We are saying lots of prayers that she gets better soon! Of all the kids, I know why Emily was chosen for this trial in life, she has wonderful patience and understanding even when things don't go the way she would want them to. Emily is very excited for the baby's arrival and I have no doubt she will be my biggest helper!

Isabelle is a big Kindergartner now. SHE IS IN LOVE WITH SCHOOL!!! I love watching her trot in to school every morning eagerly passing every student in front of her. She has the most beautiful smile and a hug for teachers each morning. Isabelle's birthday will be in a couple of weeks. She is very excited! She has picked for her birthday dinner to be - Chili and Mummy Dogs and for her cake it will be a Jack-O-Lantern. Halloween, what a fun time to have a birthday next to! Isabelle is very excited and she whines to me about how "long it is taking for the baby to come out." I think she is anxious!

Ethan is in mommy's preschool class and to be honest there days he likes it and days he does not like it. He is getting so big and says the funniest things. Today at lunch he was holding his cup with one hand and he asked me, "Mom, do you like when I hold my cup with one hand?" I answered, "Yes, but be careful that you don't spill it." and then he piped back, "Do you know why I hold my cup with one hand? Because I am so BEAST!" (apparently "beast" now means awesome.) I am not quite sure how he will take to the baby. We shall see...

Well, that about sums it up for now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Snow Day!

I think that I am the only one enjoying all of the snow days we have been having lately. I get SO much accomplished. I know, I might be singing a different tune when the kids are going to school in June, but I will try to remember how much I enjoyed catching up with life on the snow days we had. I may only work part time, but I am out of the house everyday with full time hours and that really takes a toll on EVERYTHING. So, yes I have been enjoying my time off. ;)

Today was a lazy day for the kids, but busy busy for mom. Cleaned, paid bills, balanced checkbook, clipped coupons, planned menus, wrote grocery list, laundry, dishes, cleaned kitchen, and collapsed in bed. The kids were really good. Tyler finished up his President James Carter project, Ethan took along nap, and the girls kept themselves busy playing barbies. And while I was slaving away I snuck a movie in. I watched State of Play, not bad.

Just a random thought I had today- I want to read all of Jane Austen's books. Why? I don't know. Maybe I am hoping it will pull me out of this funk I am still in.

Monday, February 15, 2010

In a Funk...

Wow, haven't written anything for about six months. At least I am staying true to my journal writing ways. I seriously have got to kick it up a notch. Well, SO MUCH has gone on and it would take all night and longer to just touch on a few things in life, so I am not going to rewind but stay in the present.

A new year has come and I am trying to become a "new" me. Not sure if it is for the best, but I like it. I am trying to live in the moment. I am trying to not be so much of a people pleas er, but to finally do somethings that I want to do. I have ran myself ragged for years trying to work with every one's schedule and well I just can't do that anymore. 1. The Lord, 2. Hubby and kids, 3. Me, and if there is any extra energy left or time then I will schedule things to do with other people. Do I usually have extra energy or time to do anything with anyone? Nope. Do I care if I can't get it all done. Nope! I like the new attitude, but it is a work in progress. I feel this new way will bring less stress and more joy to my life. :)

What has been going on with us?

Sean is a area manager with Sleep Outfitters. He works lots of hours, but also has been home a little more lately. It has been nice to hang out with him and veg in front of the t.v. and laugh with him. He also has been picking up the the kids more from me at work and school. They will go on little "daddy field trips" or just hang out with dad at home. Everyone is loving it!

I have been in a weird funk, not really motivated. My sister created an addict of watching, The Office. To say that I love this show would be a MAJOR understatement! What else is to blame for my lack of motivation, Facebook (another addiction my sister created). I have been working and school is in, so there goes a lot of my time with homework and projects. Blah! I hate school! We have had a few snow days so that has helped me out tremendously with getting caught up with my work around the house.

Tyler is feeling a little under the weather today. He has a project due this week in Social Studies on Jimmy Carter (a.k.a. the worst president before Obama. Oops, I mean the 39th president) so, he has been working on that. He has been playing a lot of the Wii, doing chores, and losing teeth. He lost his sixth tooth today! The Stake Pinewood Derby is coming up so I think him and Sean are figuring out plans for that.

Emily also has been feeling under the weather lately. The weather really takes a toll on Emily with her allergies. She has been hanging out with Sean and I a lot. She likes to help me clip coupons. She also has been playing the Wii, Barbies, and Littlest Pet Shop with Isabelle. Emily also lost her fifth tooth today. Man, these two kids are going to break the tooth fairies bank account.
A couple of weeks ago, Emily wrote the Tooth Fairy a note at school. In the note Emily told the Tooth Fairy that she wants to see her and if she doesn't let her see her than when she catches her she is going to squish her. Emily was totally "smack talkin" the Tooth Fairy saying, "I hope you have nine lives because you are going to need them." Today after Emily lost her tooth, I told her that the Tooth Fairy might be too scared to come to give her money. I reminded her of the note she wrote talking about hurting the Tooth Fairy. Emily became scared that she wouldn't come and started crying. She then decided that she was going to write a note back to the Tooth Fairy telling her that she was joking. Good idea Emily!

Isabelle has also not been feeling well. I guess that explains all the whining. What else has she been doing? She loves to pester Ethan. She also loves to play, say, eat, and wear whatever Emily is doing. Every morning when I drop Emily and Tyler off at school Isabelle will cry that she is going to miss them. She is very excited for kindergarten! I just wonder if she will be okay and not cry for mommy.

Ethan has just been down right terrible. He has definitely kicked up being hyper in his diaper, lately! The boy is everywhere and into everything and bothering everyone! But he is so dang cute! I can't believe it will just be him during the day with me next school year. He loves playing the Wii and it amazes me how much he knows about it and playing it. He has been EXTREMELY clinging to Sean lately, too.

Well, that about sums it up. Till next time (lets hope it is before my normal once every six month stint.)