Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. The day went good for Tyler, but not so good for Emily.

Emily needed a breathing treatment the night before, which kind of had me worried. Early this morning she was coughing continuously so I woke her up before she got sick everywhere. She said she needed a treatment. After the treatment she said she felt good and was SO EXCITED for her first day of school. She ate her breakfast and took her vitamins. All was well.

We all hurry out the door and headed to school. I was following behind Sean. He wanted to go and see the kids off on their first day of school, so Emily and Tyler rode with him. Poor Emily got sick in the back of the car. Sean said she kept coughing and then it all came up. Emily was of course was crying because she was afraid she was going to miss her first day of school.

Well, the kids were a few minutes late after I got Emily all cleaned up. I explained to her teacher that she was having some allergy issues and she wasn't really sick. Her teacher said she could stay. Around 10:30am the school calls. Emily was coughing again and got sick. I went to pick her up and the poor girl is in tears because she has to leave and didn't get to paint with her class. I felt so bad for her. What an awful first day of Kindergarten! I explained to her that she will relax the rest of the day and go to the doctor and hopefully she will be healthier tomorrow.

I took her to the doctor so it will be and 'excused absence'. The doctor said she was fine. Her lungs sound good right now, but she needs to stay on her treatments for about 3 wks. He said she has a little cold and with the drainage it was causing her to cough and get choked up. He said that she is fine to go back to school since the school has an inhaler for her.

After the doctor we spent the remaing time running some errands until it was time to pick up Tyler. He had a great day at school. I think his favorite part was the 'no homework' tonight except for mom and dad. We were sent home a couple of papers to fill out and sign. Homework is the main reason I dread the kids being in school. There is always hope that this year will be a good year with Tyler WANTING to do his homework-yeah right, or at least not putting up a fight. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Happy Back to School for Everyone!

July Pictures

Can we say late....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kids say the Funniest Things

I try writing down funny things the kids say before I forget because I use our blog as part of my journal.

Here is a conversation Tyler and I had last week. Here is some background before reading this- My parents are divorced. Growing up my dad wasn't around very much so, all of the kids had a lot of responsibility. My older brothers kind of helped my mom disciplining, so Tyler heard that Uncle Stephen (my oldest brother) would spank us.

Tyler- "Mom when I am big can I spank the other kids?"
Me- "No, because when you are big then they will be big too."
Tyler-"But Uncle Stephen got to spank you all."
Me- I explain to Tyler that my parents got divorced and why Uncle Stephen had to do that.
Tyler-" When you and dad get a divorce can I spank them?"
Me- "No, Tyler. Mommy and Daddy aren't getting a divorce we love each other. We were sealed together in the temple. Do you know what sealed means?
Tyler- (sarcastically)"Yes, it means we are stuck together as a family."
Me- lol
Tyler-"Well, when Dad dies can I spank them?"
Me- "TYLER!"

What a crazy child!!

Here is some of the conversation I had with the girls last night. I was getting the girls and Ethan into jammies.

Isabelle- (in a real whiny voice)- "I want another baby."
Me-"Well, we aren't going to have any more babies. Ethan is our baby."
Isabelle- (still in the whiny voice mode)-" I want Ethan to be a baby girl."
Me- "Ethan can't be a baby girl because he is a baby boy."
Isabelle- "Well, when Ethan grows up he can be a girl."
Me-"No, Ethan will never be a girl. Ethan is a boy. Girls have girl parts and boys have boy parts."
Then conversation went into a little more detail for a 3yr. old and 5yr. old and I am not going to type the rest here, but it had me cracking up laughing.

I would love to be able to open up the kids minds and see all they they think in their heads.

Last Days of Summer Vacation

These past few days were spent at the store shopping for school clothes, more school supplies, and food for school lunches. I can't believe I am typing this, but I am done with shopping for now (well, at least for school supplies). ;)

The kids are VERY excited for school to start. Tyler is excited because his best school buddy is in his class again! Tyler is also excited because he is almost done with his Summer work packet. The school gives the children in 1st-5th grade work to do over the summer and if the children finish it all they get to go to a big party at the park! Tyler went to the party last year and it was lots of fun. The parents are welcomed so Sean and I attended and helped with the kids.

Emily got a haircut on Friday. She loves getting a haircut. She sits so still and straight. I am just not sure about the cut. Basically, the same cut she had, but with some layers. I am just not sure the stylist did the greatest job.

Today was Emily and Tyler's last day at the daycare for awhile. Isabelle starts her preschool class at the daycare tomorrow. She is excited. I think I will pack somethings in her little backpack. After work we went to a little park by our house. I was really impressed with how nice the park was. The weather here as been absolutely beautiful and the kids needed some sunshine. They had a good time!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I took the kids to the doctor. I had to have a formed filled out for the school allowing Tyler and Emily to have medication at the school and to allow the school to give them the medicine. Anyways....

Tyler's was very fast. The doctor signed the paper and done!

Emily's was a little more time consuming because of her allergies that bring about asthma like symptoms they are giving Emily an inhaler to take to school. So, there was a bit more time involved in explaining all the details. BTW, Tyler only has a two pound lead on Emily. He better watch out Emily is right on his tail! ;) It is so funny to me because Tyler is a little on the small side and Emily is tall for her age which leads people to ask me if they are twins. Tyler usually gives me this look like "what?!?!"

Since I already had to schedule a doctor's appt. I thought I would thrown Ethan into the mix for his 18 month check up (we're just a little late). While we were waiting for the doctor the nurse had Ethan undressed to his diaper. He loved it! He was dancing around, kicking his leg up in the air, and running around the room like a wild child. It was pretty cute and hilarious! I was happy he was able to have some fun before the SHOTS! He did good though just a little screaming! ;) Ethan is on the small, skinny side. What is up with my boys? Ethan is in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height! Come on boys, Milk does the body good!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camp Kindergarten

I met with Emily's teacher yesterday, Mrs. Smith. Wow! She seems like an amazing teacher. She is doing home visits with all the kids in her class, but we chose to visit with her at the school.

She played learning games with Emily while I filled out some questionnaires for the classroom. She was very impressed with how much Emily knows. I told Mrs. Smith how much Emily LOVES to learn. She begs to do school work at home. She also plays school at the daycare with her cousins. Mrs. Smith said that the time and hard work has paid off because Emily could teach the class. ;) I was very pleased with how Emily used her manners and wasn't shy talking with her teacher.

I know Emily is so excited to go to school. She has always been very independent. I am very excited for her to take this huge step, but also kind of nervous and sad at the same time. I love you so much Emily!

Monday, August 4, 2008

All I want to do....

I love this new song from Sugarland! It is such a catchy tune, but what I love most about it is listening to it in the car and watching the kids from the rear view mirror sing it. They are so dang cute!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reserved Seats

Today was our first Sunday at our new ward. I was very excited. It seems like the older I get the more excited I am to meet new people. Interesting. Anyways, on the way to church I started to get nervous because this thought came to me- what if we take some family's pew that they have been sitting in for years. I grew up in a ward that it was understood (that is not the word I am looking for) that so and so sat here. Any 2nd Ward readers out there remember where you sat at in the Ward? I can still remember, for the most part who sat where. Anyways, it was silly but I was really nervous about this. I guess I will remain nervous until the next Sunday because we didn't sit in the chapel, we sat in the Relief Society room. Sometimes we sit in there if Ethan is extra crazy that day or we are late. Well, today it was a combination of both reasons.

All weekend long I was explaining to the children that we are going to a new ward. So, when I pull into the parking lot this morning Emily says, "This looks like our church building." "Yes! It is our church building, but we won't see our friends here today we will meet new friends. Grammy and Grandpa won't be at our ward because now they go to this building at a different time now.", I try explain. I guess it is a little difficult to explain the whole ward concept to little kids.

They were all a little nervous, but did good going into their new classes. Isabelle's class went out side and she made friends with two little girls both named Ella. Emily said her class was fine, but she is used to her teacher giving them treats and her new teacher doesn't do that. Tyler said the kids in his class were INSANE! (I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.) Ethan doesn't like nursery to begin with, but I think this nursery is a little overwhelming with 16 toddlers! Needless to say I stayed in nursery today.


This summer has been a lot of fun with the kids getting to know their cousins better and developing stronger friendships with them.

Earlier in the summer their was a Bosco Family Reunion held at a local park. That was a lot of fun. I hadn't seen some of my cousins for a years!!! It was exciting to see so many Boscos' in one place. There was a big baseball game put together of little kids and "older kids". It was fun to see my kids, my brothers, my nieces & nephews, and my uncles all out there playing baseball. I got a kick out of how competitive my family is at sports. I was joking around and told my dad that someone came walking by and said to me that they thought it was so nice that we took some old people out of the nursing home for some exercise and sunshine. He didn't think that was very funny, but I was cracking myself up!

A month ago we went to Steve and Tammy's house for Dustine's B-day Pool Party! I can't believe how big the kids are getting, which means how old I am getting! All cousins had a blast with Uncle Phil and Uncle Jeremy slamming and throwing them into the water.

Last week Vanessa and Uncle Cot Cot were in town. The kids were so excited! Ethan of course, had no idea who they were, but he was a good sport about it. Tyler was able to see Vanessa everyday because she came to pick him up from Soccer Camp and they hung out for a few hours each day. To finish how her stay Tyler and Emily spent the night with Grammy, Grandpa, and Vanessa.

It really makes me happy to see the kids love their cousins and have a strong friendship with them. It is a blessing that we live so close to family!