Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friends + Family + Fireworks= FUN!!!

This past Saturday was Thunder Over Louisville. For some people who don't know what that is, Thunder Over Louisville is the kickoff event for the Kentucky Derby Festival. It is the largest annual firework show in North America!! There is an airshow too! Anyways it is alot of fun!

This year our really good friends invited us to hangout with them at their office. The office is practically smack dap in the center of all the festivities. We had a really good time hanging out with friends, munching all day on yummy snacks, and watching the planes and fireworks. The weather this year was a bit on the chilly side. I wasn't as brave or tough as everyone else, so I mostly stayed indoors.

Friday Sean had to work until 8:30pm, but we still hung out at our friends house. The kids played and the adults just talked, but it was nice. I really needed that. We haven't hung out with our friends in such a long time it seemed like so even though it was really late, I enjoyed it. Sorry, Sarah we kept you all up late. :)

Saturday was the big day. It really was so much fun! Sean requested Saturday and Sunday off of work so it was very nice to have some family time with daddy!

When the alarm went off this morning reminding me of church, it was so hard to pull myself out of bed. I guess we were real party animals this weekend so we were hurting in the morning. We made it to church, alittle late.

After church we all laid down for our Sunday nap. I LOVE naps! I felt so much better for taking one. Jessica and Will are in town until Thursday of this week and we were going to get together tonight, but Gabby is really sick. I was kind of bummed, but hey kids getting sick can't be helped! I totally understand! We will get together before they leave.

So, I dropped Sean off at the house and he did ALOT of work there organizing! I took the kids and myself to see Phil. He looks so much better. He seems to have made some progress. He got up to use the bathroom and he walks with a walker. You can tell is legs are very weak, they were shaking when he was trying to get into his bed. He still needs prayers to recover completely. He will be fine, but only with the Lord's help and he needs to realize that!

We came home and Sean and I made dinner. He was doing all the cooking, and I was just getting the table ready. It was a nice little treat for us that daddy cooked. He is such a great cook- Fajitas. YUMMO! Thanks Babe! ;)

That's our weekend!


Meredith said...

sounds like a great time. i love fun stuff like fireworks and spending time with friends.

Megan said...

I really miss being in Louisville for this time of year!