Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Day on the Job

Yesterday was my first day working at the daycare. I knew that I would be fine because everyday of my life is like running a daycare. :) Well, let me tell you those women are DANG BUSY! You were constantly doing something, changing a diaper, working on crafts, listening to the kids, and picking up toys. (just to name a few). I think I did well. Only one thing that got to me, changing other kids diapers. Yuck!! I don't like changing my own kids, so this task REALLY grossed me out!! Guess I need to get over it. I was afraid that adding more kids to my daily schedule might put me going crazy in to high gear, we will see. ;)

I think a few of the kids liked me too! One little boy asked me if I would sit next to him at lunch. And one little girl said she liked my name. "I like that name. I think I am going to name one of my________ that". ( I thought it was going to children. The girls is only 8 so maybe she likes to plan for future, but I was wrong.) "I like that name. I think I am going to name one of my stuffed animals that." You know you are doing good when you reach the Stuffed Animal Level. SCORE!!!

Anyways the time went very fast that is always a plus! Another awesome thing is that Tammy gave me TONS of clothes for the girls when I was leaving! She totally hooks me up with nice and "gently used" (i love that term) clothes! So yesterday Emily put on a fashion show for Daddy and Grandpa. She had me change her into ALL of the dress. There were about 15 dresses! Emily loves clothes just like her mom! Thanks Aunt Tammy!

I helped Tyler with his 100th Day of School project. Watched a few Hannah Montana shows with the girls. And to top of a Great day we had Bearno's Pizza with the WORKS! Yummo!

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Lupe said...

Wow! Bowing down to you with respects here. Daycare workers are so busy and so needed! You got stuffed animal level? That is indeed an honor! Great job!