Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Ethan!

It is hard to believe my baby boy turns one today. It makes me kind of sad to think how fast the kids are growing up. It makes me happy to know that I won't ever have to go through labor again.

It has been a fun day. Tyler woke up this morning so excited that it was Ethan's birthday. He asked me if Ethan can talk now. Being the mom I am I said, "Yeah, when Ethan wakes up he is going to say Good morning Tyler, it's my birthday." Tyler smiled so big. I had to tell him I was teasing. Tyler whined, "But he is one, now." "Yes, but most one year olds can't talk." I replied.

Today was off to school for Tyler. I took the rest of the children to the library for a playgroup outing. Next we went and saw Sean. While we were visiting with Sean, Isabelle peed in her pants. I must have forgot to cross some toes or something. I actually think that the potty at the library terrified her so she held it until she could hold it no more. The potty at the library flushes automatically and not just a little flush but a huge, Niagara Falls flush. She screamed, "I am scared!" while sitting on the toilet. I guess I would hold my liquid too if I thought mom was going to put me back on that thing. ;)

Well, I am going to go decorate the Birthday cake. Emily and Tyler decided on making Ethan a puppy cake. Here goes....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving. I love getting together with family. I love playing games, talking, and reminiscing about old times. Getting together with family always reminds me of a "Full Moon Night". Growing up my mom would always comment that the crazy people come out on nights when the moon is full. Well, I think that holidays bring out the crazy in some realtives. I guess that makes the holidays memorable-family drama. ;) It really was a nice Thanksgiving and the food was amazing! I always say the best thing about Thanksgiving is the LEFTOVERS! I can't pick a favorite food they are all so good, but if I had to chose one....Hmmm....cornbread stuffing? sweet potato casserole? HOMEMADE rolls? pumpkin pie?, No Wait this year I would have to give the award to PECAN PIE!! Yum!
So, yes we had a great Thanksgiving. Great food, great company and a great times!

Tyler's 7th birthday was the day before Thanksgiving so he had his a couple of his cousins and a friend over. Sean took the boys to the dollar theatre to see Under Dog. The boys liked it, but Sean didn't, go figure? Tyler had a good day- Transformer cake, presents, and a movie.

Emily started getting sick which lead to her having breathing problems. On Sunday morning I was up until 4am talking with the doctor and giving her treatments. I really like the children's doctor, so I am grateful for that. Emily is doing much better, now.

Isabelle is (knock on wood & cross all fingers and toes) POTTY TRAINED! All it took was some mental abuse on my part and some Princess Ariel underoos. Not really abuse, but I just explained to Isabelle that when she goes to the bathroom in her diaper than Santa can't bring her big girl toys for Christmas. When she goes to the bathroom in her diaper that is being a baby. Now when she goes on the potty she smiles and asks in her cute, little voice, "Christmas is going to bring me big girl toys?" (She calls Santa Christmas.) She has done extremely well! I am so excited! Yay Isabelle!

Ethan has been trying to cut the naps out in his life so lately he is a tad on the cranky side. I can't believe he turns 1 year old tomorrow. This morning I told Tyler that tomorrow is Ethan's b-day and he will be one. Tyler was so very excited and said, " He will be able to think now!" I started laughing. I told Tyler that Ethan can think now! It was so funny! I guess the kids think that little babies walk around everywhere they go in a daze- duh! Oh how I love little children's conversations. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where does the time go?

Another one of those days when I look at the clock and say, "It is already 2:00?" Hmmm....what had I done by 2:00? Laundry, school with the girls and assisted Sean in taking unwanted music off my MP3 player, and I got caught up on emails.
Today I blame me being unproductive self on waking up at 4am. Ethan woke up screaming and throwing fits. I think his tummy was hurting. Around 6am I finally got him to fall asleep. So, I am a little tired. My other enemy of time is the computer. Yes, it is helpful at times, but it do think I spend more time on it than I realize.
I picked Tyler up from school and treated him to his free cheese sticks from Domino's Pizza. He had perfect attendance last semester so he was rewarded! He was so nice to share with his hungry little sister and brother. :)
Well, off to change not one diaper, but two! Man, it must be my lucky day!

Monday, November 12, 2007


So, my good friend Christine has tagged me. I must write 6 things about myself and then tag 6 other people. So, here we go!

1. First things first. I have to go in order on things and can't just start something in the middle. Even when I pick out my clothes to wear for the day I can't grab something from the middle of the closet or drawers. I HAVE to wear what ever is first in the category. It is really strange I just hate getting out of order.

2. I love when I vacuum and have vacuum lines.

3. I LOVE making lists. I make lists for EVERYTHING!

4. I dislike the Summer season. I hate being hot and sticky, plus my hair doesn't do well in these months. ;)

5. I LOVE food! I love reading cookbooks, cooking, baking and trying new recipes.

6. I like to clean except for a few chores- ironing, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom.

Hmmm.... I don't know who will read this, but here goes the tagging. I tag Jessica, Stephanie, Ivy, Megan, Meredith, and Sarah P.

A new week

Starting a new week with new goals can be exciting and overwhelming. Today I am moving right down the list. 1. Balancing the checkbook- done. What a depressing task, but it needed to be done. 2. Did schoolwork with Emily and Isabelle. I feel like such a crap mom. I didn't know Emily knew all the letters of the alphabet, but she does and she knows MOST of the sounds. When did she learn those? What mom doesn't know these things about their children. Um, that would be me. Isabelle was doing a great job on identifying shapes. I was impressed she remembered the shapes, oval and triangle. Great job girls.
3. Washing laundry. Almost done, just one more load to go.
I better get off here and fold the laundry now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Our new residence...

I think I am going to ask the doctor's office if they will be willing to rent out one of their rooms to my family because we are seriously at the doctor's all the freakin time!! Oh my gosh, I think we have been to the doctors office FIVE TIMES in TWO MONTHS!!
Yesterday morning Emily woke up not feeling well. This past weekend she sounded like she was catching the cold that has been being passed around from child to child, but with Emily and her breathing problems I never can be to careful. I had a presidency meeting yesterday morning so Sean took Emily. The doctor checked her over. She has nothing but a nasty cold, but the doctor told us to continue breathing treatments as needed. We asked if she has Asthma, but she told us "no". She said Emily suffers from allergies which causes her to sometimes have Asthma like symptom, but since she doesn't use the nebulizer everyday than she doesn't have Asthma. They did give Emily an unexpected shot- the flu shot. Emily went crazy, Sean said. He had to hold her down for the nurse to give her the shot, but once it was over Emily started laughing. When our kids get shots we always take them to the Dollar Store and let them pick out one item. It always seems to "heal" their pain. ;)
I really didn't get much accomplished yesterday. I paid a few bills, did some laundry (only wash and dry, no folding), made dinner ( I cooked all last week) and helped with homework. Huh, sounds like a normal day, I guess I don't get much accomplished any day then. It is so sad when I am busy all day long and exhausted at the end of the day, but I look around and I think to myself, "what did I do all day long?"
The missionaries stopped by last night. They seem like a hardworking pair of missionaries. I love it when the missionaries are so excited about the work that they are doing and then that helps me get excited again. Not that I don't care about preaching the gospel, but life gets so busy and other things take priority. Last night I was trying to think who I could talk to about the gospel. Such a hard thing for a couple of reasons- 1. It will definitely make me come out of my comfort zone. 2. All I hang out with for the most part are members of the church. I need to be a better member missionary. Sean is going out with the Elders tonight to help teach a family. I am sure he will enjoy that.

Friday, November 2, 2007

September and October Pictures

Tyler's big day!

"Look Ma, no training wheels!"

Time to lose the training wheels.

Isabelle with some of her birthday presents.

The much anticipated pretty, pink, castle cake requested by Isaboo.

The fam with the birthday girl.

Isabelle on her actual birthday. No, she didn't get ripped off on her cake, but her birthday was packed full of activities that we weren't able to celebrate the way we wanted to. We chose to celebrate the following Sunday with her pretty, pink, castle cake.

Isabelle so excited we are singing, "Happy Birthday to Isabelle."

Isabelle flower picking at the park.
Ethan enjoying birthday cake.

More Ethan and more cake. :)

Emily strumming the strings of her guitar. Maybe, to the Happy Birthday song? :)

The Big 33 year old!
The cake I made for Sean on his birthday. It's a golf course cake! I had alot of fun making it! :)

Another view of the course.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Pictures are yet to come. Yes, I know I am slow.
Well, everything went smoothly. Tyler did stay home from school that day because he was coughing through the night and in the morning when he was getting ready for school he sounded horrible. I thought he was getting the croup stuff that Ethan had, but he didn't. I took Tyler to the doctor and his diagnoses was a bad sore throat. The doctor told me that if he goes out to trick or treat not to stay out too late because the cold air won't be good for him. Lucky kid! No school AND gets to go trick or treating. ;)
For dinner and trick or treating that night, Sean's sister, her hubby, and their cute little boy came over. We all had a great time! The kids got PLENTY of candy to last ummm....about a week. ;) Roll call for costumes were a butterfly fairy, skeleton, rock star, a puppy, and Tigger. We were blessed with fun times, great weather, and safety!