Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No fuss homework night!

The girls and I were going to the Science Museum today to meet Sarah and Margene so I had to wake the girls up. Emily was a little whiny. That girls is a power sleeper. I was a little late getting out the door. It is so hard sometimes rounding up the kids and making sure you packed diapers, wipes, and plenty of snacks. We finally made it and had a good time playing with other kids. The Science Museum is o.k. since I grew up in Louisville I went there every year with field trips so it is the same old stuff to me. Oh well, what matters is the kids had a good time. I, do, LOVE the Kid Zone! It is an awesome room where the doors are locked. No one can come in or out, so you don't have to worry about your children escaping. But the whole room is child proof! They can play with ANYTHING! Love it! I also don't have to worry about where the kids are or what are they into! We went to two sessions of it. Isabelle cried when it was time to leave. She was so cute playing with Margene's boys. The older boy sometimes calls her Elizabeth and she tries to correct him by saying, "No it's Isabelle."

I love watching kids play. Sometimes I will sit and watch them and wonder what their little brains are thinking.

We came home from our outing and picking up Tyler from school, man I was tired! Tyler had a great day at school. He also did very well at homework. Homework for today was to read a book of his choice and to practice spelling words. Well, tonight I thought I was super sly. I told him we needed to practice spelling words, and then I saw it coming-his "I hate school. I hate homework" face. So, I quickly said, "We are going to practice our spelling words outside. You will write them out with side-walk chalk two times." He was so happy I and I was so pleased with my quick thinking super mom power. (I never knew I had that power. I hope it wasn't just a one time thing.) ;) So, yay for no fuss homework night!

Tonight everything went pretty smooth. I did get a call from Tyler's soccer coach. He will have practice twice a week and a game every Saturday.

Emily has been taking Singular along with her otc Claratin and she seems to be super hyper. I will have to reread the side effects. I wonder if I missed the one that says, WARNING: May make child bounce off walls as if they had just drank a case of Red Bull. Maybe I will check Emily to see if she is growing wings. ;)

Cute thing about Ethan- he is crawling now and he crawled right over to Sugar (the mini dachshund dog) and licked him. No, the dog did not lick Ethan, but Ethan licked the dog. It was cute and at the same time disgusting. The cute little moment was ruined by a question from Tyler, "Why does the dog lick its butt?" Thank you Tyler. Kids say the funniest things. I wish I had my camera right then. Ethan is so the fourth child because we haven't video taped him since Christmas. Bad Mommy!


Megan said...

Kids are so funny. Fanstastic on-your-feet thinking with the sidewalk chalk. I'm going to have to remember that!

Lupe said...

Love your mommy super powers! Very clever! I believe every home should have a kidzone for our 'winged' angels to bounce around in. My younger son was hyped up with singulair too. You're probably right, give them a can of Red Bull, the co pay will be cheaper ;) Kidding!

Sounds like you, the kids, and Sugar had a great day!

Stephanie said...


I am seriously dying over the dog licking part! I wish I had mommy super powers!