Sunday, August 19, 2007

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

I think keeping the Sabbath Day holy is a difficult task with little kids. Because, when they start getting whiny I just want to pop a movie in for them or send them outside whatever it takes to get them quiet.

We have 9:00am church so, I have to wake up my children up around 7:30am. They are not morning people. This morning I let them have an extra 15 minutes, but that still didn't ease their pain. For the most part everyone did well. Tyler was a little more crankier than his sisters. I think all of my children are sooo dramatic!! (They must get that from their father.) :)

Church went well. In Sacrament we listen to ward member's missionary stories. I love hearing missionary stories. The kids were well behaved at church always a plus. :) In R.S. the lesson was on keeping the Sabbath Day holy. For the past couple of months we have done really well at keeping this commandment. I try to focus more time with the family and quiet time, which is so nice! After all Sundays are a day of rest! :)

After church we headed over to the Faulsticks house to eat. Time to get our grub on. They had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, fresh salsa, salad, and brownies. Yum!!! Thanks guys everything was delish! It was nice for the kids to play (no fighting!) and the adults were able to talk.

We came home and Sean headed straight for the bed. I actually don't feel tired! The kids are playing together. We are about to play an exciting game of UNO! I love that the kids love playing games and they are getting older so it is actually fun for me. :)

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