Sunday, August 12, 2007


Our church time has been changed. We switched at the beginning of August with the Jeff Ward, so now we meet at 9:00am! I used to love 9:00am church, but now with 4 kids and Sean as the Executive Sec. it makes Sunday mornings really hard. The kids hate getting up so early! Ethan was so cranky this morning. The girls did good getting up, but Tyler was a little more difficult to get up out of bed. What is that boy going to do this week when school starts? Rude awakening?! That boy definitely takes after his father on the sleeping in part.

Church was good. I enjoyed the Sacrament Meeting talks. Today I kept turning around looking at the clock to get the time and I am seriously thrown off b/c of the time change. I am sure I will get used to it though. Probably right before we switch back next year to 11:30am. Ha! Ha!

I didn't go into Sunday School today. I usually don't go into Sunday School because I am usually feeding Ethan or busy doing something else. I really do like Sunday School, but it is hard to stay in and listen to the lesson with a baby. It won't be forever that Ethan is a baby so I will go then. Today, I was busy get R.S. arranged. Sis. Fullmer made Apple Cake for or Food Storage Sampler. She made the cake using her dried apples from her food storage. YUM!! I talked with Dalene about getting everything taken care of for Enrichment on Thursday. I really do like my calling. I missed most of the lesson in R.S.. Laura Faulstick taught and she always does a good job. What I did hear I agree with and it was a good reminder of being reverent in all places.

We came home and it was time to get our grub on! Why on Sundays am I so hungry?! Seriously, whenever I get home from church I want to pig out b/c I feel like I haven't eaten in years!! After lunch I laid the kids in their bed for "quiet time". They don't have to take a nap, but they do have to lay there and be quiet! LOVE QUIET TIME!! I feel like a nap right now, myself. Maybe I will lay down after I plan out my week.

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Meredith said...

seriously. what is it about sunday afternoons. most days i don't even eat lunch because i am just not hungry. but i get home from church at 12:30 and i am STARVING! I thought i was going to eat the table leg yesterday!