Monday, August 20, 2007

I love Target!

I love Target, especially when they have awesome sales going on! I went to find Sean some new sandals and I got a really nice pair for him for $4.74! I also found the cutest Hello Kitty sandals for the girls. They actually had 2 pairs in both of the girls sizes!! Wait, wait the best part is that the sandals were $1.74. Yes, I am aware that fall is just around the corner, but for $1.74 you can't beat that! SCORE!! I am so happy. I bought 3 pairs of sandals and 2 outfits for Ethan for a total of $17 something!! I love Target!

This morning I dropped Tyler off at school. He looked so cute and so big walking into school with his backpack. For a second I really felt old. I can't believe that in 10 yrs. I will almost be in my FORTIES. I am not saying forty is old, but that I just can't believe I am getting older. I guess I never imagined life after 18.

Today was nice and slow. I just took my time today no big plans. That was nice. I did do some school work with the girls. Then I took them shopping. They were pretty good. We went and picked up Tyler from school. He was so excited to see his siblings. Tyler can be so sweet. He told me today that he likes 2 girls. Naomi (from church) and Hannah (from school). On Sunday Tyler was getting a drink from the water fountain and Naomi walks by and says "hi" to him. He kind of blushes, smiles and says "hi" back. Young love is so cute! Tyler is doing really well in school. Yes, I know that school just started, but he is right up there with the other kids and maybe a little ahead of them. Homeschooling was such a good decision for us to do for his kindergarten year. This week for homework he has to practice review spelling words from kindergarten. I am glad it was something easy because I didn't want to put up a fight to get Tyler to do his work. No problems, though. He knew his words and I was very pleased!

I took Tyler to golf. Tyler won a prize for getting the ball in the hole. Great job! Ethan was so tired which equals Ethan not being a happy camper. I had to pull Tyler out of golf early because Ethan was screaming so bad. I was happy to spend some one on one time with Tyler. After golf we went to Wal-Mart to pick out a toy Tyler was promised for doing good. He picked something Star Wars, of course. I looked around getting ideas for b-days and Christmas. Before I know it everything will be here and I won't be prepared.

I need to end now. I am not feeling so well and tomorrow I am supposed to help feed the missionaries at Zone Conference. I am kind of stressing that we might not have enough food for them. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am heading to bed.

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