Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long Weekend

Friday evening the kids went go-carting with dad. I stayed behind and got dinner ready. We played an action packed game of UNO. I won! :) Sean and I watched the movie, Hitch. I forgot how much I liked that movie. So funny! I love the part were "Albert" thinks he can dance. He has got those crazy moves like, making the pizza, q-tip and throwing it away. I just laughed and laughed. That part reminded me so much of my sisters moves. I am still laughing just thinking about it. (Jessica, seriously if I didn't know any better I would have thought you did the choreography for that scene in the movie.)

Saturday was all about running errands. I went to the library to drop off over due movies. I went to buy makeup at Clinque. I went to Dillards to buy Ethan a blessing outfit. (Whoa! I know Ethan is 9 months old, so why did we wait so long? Here are the reasons- Ethan was born in Florida and we knew we were moving so we decided to wait to be around family and everyone could witness it. Then we tried to get every one's schedule to work with each other, but it never seemed to come into place. Then I guess after a few months of trying to accommodate everyone and it not working I guess I forgot. Poor Ethan! Poor 4th child! So, I said to heck with everyone and their schedules if they can't make it than....than can't make it- I won't be offended. If we don't bless him soon he will walk up there on his own and give himself his own blessing. ;) So, we had him blessed on Sunday.

I have issues with Saturday nights. Ever since I had the paper routes I kind of get freaked out. I feel like I am super pressed for time. I did the paper route for about 3 years. Saturday nights were the hardest for me with getting everything ready for Sunday for our family and then going in the middle of the night to do the paper since Sundays are the biggest paper of the week it took a little longer. I just feel stressed out on Saturday with getting dinner ready, kids in the bath, and just all the errands that I do on the weekends. Just kind of funny that even though it has been almost 2 years I feel have weird feelings. So this Saturday was a little hectic with the kids bathes and we had to have our FHE and get everything ready for church in the morning. We are usually a little early to church, but I wanted to have everything ready to make sure of that especially since Ethan was going to be blessed.

Sunday arrives. Of course Ethan looks adorable in his white little suit. The outfit came with a bonnet. I wouldn't have him wear it at church, but of course I do have to have a picture with him wearing it . He hated it! I put the bonnet on and I had to seriously hold his hands down so Sean's mom could take a picture of him in it. So, we were all ready for church and early. The kids did really a great job getting ready this Sunday. We prayed on the way to church that he wouldn't scream during the blessing. Since he is much older than the normal age of kids being blessed I knew he would not like the hands on his head. Sean was nervous too, but everything went fine.

Sunday afternoon we headed over for some grub at Stephen and Tammy's. I always enjoy hanging out with them. The kids had a great time running around with their cousins.

Labor Day- We had made plans at church to go to the zoo with the Ross's. Well we get there and it was so packed. We found out it was Ford Day. That really sucked. It took an hour out of our day , but since we were over in Louisville we stopped off and picked up a treat from KK. (Krispy Kreme- YUMMO!) We decided to go to Squire Boone Caverns and take a cave tour. We had a good time. The kids were really well behaved. After SBC we headed to the Ross's for a cookout. It was nice to eat good food and talk with our good friends while the kids had a blast playing with the Ross children. We had to leave a little earlier than planned because I was coming down with a BAD headache.

After 2 Excedrin and 2 Ibuprofen I went to bed and woke up without a headache Tuesday. :)

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