Monday, August 13, 2007

Grandpa's B-day!

Today Sean's dad turned 60! He is an airplane captain for UPS, but that has come to an end! I feel bad for him. He LOVES his job as a pilot, but the law is once you turn 60 you are not allowed to fly. How sad is that? I understand why the law is there, but I think that it should be changed. I think if you pass your physical and are in good shape then you should be able to continue to fly to 65! Sean's dad is in GREAT health. He works out all the time and watches what he eats. A couple years ago he had a physical and the doctor said he was in excellent condition. The doctor compared his health to a TEENAGER!! Can't get better than that. Anyways, I just feel bad for him. His last flight was this past Friday. UPS had a party for him and family was invited. We taped him landing his last time, so for his birthday today we watched the tape. He said it was killing him to watch this. He is handling it well or has us all believe he is in good spirits. He still has a job, but he just can't fly. He will be a flight engineer, I think. So, for his birthday celebration at the house we made the Famous Brown Cheesecake and his favorite-a pork chop dinner. Yum! Everyone seemed to have a good time visiting with each other.

Also, today I took Tyler to the doctor. I had the doctor sign Tyler's school forms so that he can have his Epi-pen and Benadryl at school. I pray that they never have to be used! I will take Tyler to school on Wednesday and talk with his teacher and the office about his allergy and the seriousness (is that a word?) of it. I am kind of getting nervous with the whole nut thing. Maybe I need a blessing for comfort. Also, Tyler is driving me crazy!! I know I say this a lot, but I need ideas and suggestions. I know he is just a kid, but he seems like he has become EXTRA disobedient and disrespectful. I seriously feel like I am at the end of my rope! I guess I don't know how to handle a child that wants to experiment with his agency. AAAHHH!!!! Now comes the hard part of parenting I guess. This really sucks!!

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Meredith said...

oh no! Hannah is going through a really tough patch right now. I think that change is a big part of it. Probably for Tyler, too. I think that talking to Tyler's teacher and school about his allergy are good. The most important thing to do is to educate him, though. Tell him not to eat anything brought from a student's home at parties or anything. he's gonna have to brown bag it, too. My mom is familiar with my food allergies and she is aware of what all of them are, and she still makes things all the time that i can't eat. i have to ask her each time i eat, exactly what is in the food. The school cafeteria isn't going to be as careful as you would be. Hannah has a lactose intolerance thing and an apple allergy. She is so cute. Everytime someone gives her something to eat, she asks if it has cheese or milk or apples in it. It's so cute. Sad, but cute!