Friday, August 10, 2007

Slow Start

Today was one of those days that everything took for ever to start and get done.

I got some bills paid and a doctor visit scheduled. Tyler did some school work. We went to the bank. We went to Aldi's (LOVE Aldi's). Sean's mom bought a pool at Aldi's. It is kind of late in the year, but we may be able to get a few weeks worth of swimming in it.

Sean and Eddie are working out in Bullitt County this week so, Sarah and I met the guys for dinner. It was fun for the kids to see dad and the school he has been working at this week. We ate at Ponderosa. Note to self: Never eat there again. Gross! The kids were great!! But the place was slammed which equals slow service. The food was not that good and I thought the place was dirty. At least I was able to see Sean and hang out with the Faulsticks. :)

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