Thursday, August 2, 2007

Soooo Hot!

It is in the 90's and with the humidity the weather is miserable!! I met up with Hayley, Sarah, Sasha and all of their kids at the Waterfront Park today. I even broke down and bought Popsicles while we were there because it was so hot! Ethan loved the Popsicle!! It was nice to get out and let the kids get some exercise. We stayed and played for 2 hours. Ethan screamed the WHOLE way home. I can tune some of it out to a certain point, but today he screamed WAY beyond that point. He hates his car seat! He is so cute, but man does he have a temper!

We got home and Sean's mom had her kitchen counters replaced. They look nice. It makes me want a house so bad. I keep thinking of the day when we will get a house and how I will decorate it.

I stayed busy the rest of the day with running an errand for Sean at the Post Office. (He will be gone for a couple of days. He went to the Faulsticks lake house for a YM activity that he was asked to help out on. Hope he is having fun!) I also paid some bills and worked with Tyler on his summer packet of school work. I know, someone hold me back I am having way too much fun! ;)
Time to work on my lesson.

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