Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its just the begining....

of school and I am going to pull my hair out!! Tyler puts up a fight every time we have had homework and it has only been the first week. My self-control is seriously being tested! Yesterday he yelled, "I want to get bad grades! I want to get bad grades." He is so lazy. He would rather get bad grades than to do his work. Too bad, son, but you are just going do your work. Today he said, "I wish I was never born." Sorry, but that line doesn't work on me. I used it to as a child. But what does bother me is the disrespect. He is rude to me when he speaks. I try to discipline him in a loving manner, but sometimes I went to reach across the table and slap him in his mouth. Hmmm.... does that make me a bad mom. :) Oh well, I am sure I will figure out a solution for him.

Today was nothing special. I really wanted to exercise, but to do that I need to strap Ethan in his car seat while I jog on the treadmill and use the Total Gym. Not going to happen! Ethan hates his car seat and what I really don't want to hear is him screaming. The playpen is in storage. ( along with everything else.) :(

I went to the grocery which was nice. I am in the mood to spend some serious money! So, hopefully going grocery shopping filled my need at the moment.

I hate not being financially stable right now!! I can't wait till things get moving with Sean. I have been stressed with everything! Life can be so annoying when it isn't going the way it is supposed to go. Wow! Listen to me. This is so supposed to be our family blog and all I have been doing is whining or complaining. You didn't know you were going to a pity party for Alishia. Yep, me, me, me, it's all about me.

Can you tell I just finished helping Tyler with his homework?

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