Saturday, September 29, 2007


We woke up hurrying around the house. We slept in which felt wonderful, but it left us pressed for time to head to the bank before it closed and before Tyler's soccer game started. Mission was accomplished, we made it to the bank. :) We got to Tyler's game and was set up to cheer him on. The first half of the game Tyler was so slow and in La La Land. Finally he snapped out of the spell he was in and did really good the second half of the game. Tyler's team, the Sharks won!! We were thrilled about the victory and Tyler was happy that he SCORED!!

We head home for some lunch. While I was making lunch the kids were arguing with each other. Okay that has got to stop. I can't stand the bickering back and forth. DRIVES ME CRAZY!! Well they didn't just stop the arguing, but they stepped it up a notch. AAAHHH! After they ate lunch they played for alittle longer, Sean got Ethan to sleep and I jumped in the bath! It was so nice to be by myself even if it was for just 10 minutes. The kids were still really restless so I tried to calm them down by making them sit down and watch a cartoon. That only works for alittle bit. It did give me enough time to almost finish making chili for dinner and the General RS Broadcast, tonight. Well, the rough housing ended with a bang. That would be because of Isabelle. She ran into grammy's coffee table face first. She busted her lip, bruised her chin, and scraped her chest. That is when dad stepped in! Needless to say all the kids were sitting down again watching a cartoon afraid to move a muscle. ;)

I headed to the store to pick up a few items for dinner tonight and for tomorrow. I just had Ethan with me so my trip to the grocer's was quick. I hurried home, dropped off the groceries and headed back out the door with the MIL. We were headed over to a sister's house in the ward to eat, visit, and watch the broadcast. We were having a potato bar. It was very good and the desserts that were brought were good too! It was nice to be able to visit with the ladies in the ward. I am glad I went. I loved the talks that I heard tonight as well!

I glanced around the room at each of the ladies and it is so nice to know that no one is perfect. We were gathering and listening to our leaders as sisters. We need the love and the support of each other. Everyone's trials are going to be different, but we all know that everyone has some sort of trial. No matter how big or small it may be you don't have to master it on your own. I just think that is beautiful. Heavenly Father is there for us right along with our sisters' in Zion! I feel truly blessed for the wonderful visiting teachers that I have had in my life and the visiting teachers that I have now! I feel blessed to be a part of such of wonderful program called Relief Society.

After the broadcast I came to a happy home filled with happy, clean kids. I am so happy that Sean had bathed the kids. So all I had left to do was to make sure they brush their teeth and have family prayer and scriptures.

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Megan said...

Yay for Tyler! Poor Isabelle!