Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fast and Testimony Meeting

I stayed up almost until 1:00am this morning doing laundry! So, when Sean got up for his early morning meetings at 5:30am wondering where his white shirt was I was alittle confused. Was I imagining washing the white shirt? Well, I wasn't imagining washing a white shirt, but the white shirt that I did wash was Tyler's. Oops. I was racking my brain wondering what I did with Sean's white shirt. I finally remembered that Sean went to the temple this past week and never returned it to me. So, I just took it out of the temple bag and ironed it. There he went to his meetings with a not so clean shirt. He seriously needs to invest in at least one more church shirt.

After Sean left I folded some clothes and got the kids clothes laid out. I got ready and then started to wake the dead. :) The kids did good getting up and dressed for me. The only problem that we had this morning was Tyler being bossy and teasing his sisters. So really nothing new.

Well at church the kids did well. Sean got Ethan to sleep during Fast and Testimony meeting. Isabelle was a little on the cranky side. I knew that I really wanted to bear my testimony. I hate giving talks and I dislike bearing my testimony, but I felt the spirit so I knew that it had to be done. I was trying to talk my way out of it, but there was such a LONG and awkward pause that I knew it was my turn. So, I stood up and carried Isabelle up there with me. I didn't want to chance her screaming for me and waking up Ethan. So, as I am bearing my testimony I see people smiling and laughing a little. I am thinking to myself, "i don't think i am saying anything funny." I look over to Isabelle and the girl is totally digging for gold while I was holding her! Eeewww!!! How embarrassing!

I was asked to help with nursery the first hour. Sure. Okay we got a little spoiled down in Florida. The nursery was so clean and the kids were actually fed food, not just animal crackers. I am sure budgets are different every where. The nursery needs a major makeover in the toy department, too! Broken toys, missing pieces to toys. Also Florida's nursery was so well organized and ran right down to the minute. That totally makes a difference for the kids and the adults. Maybe it isn't always like how it was today. It was probably a little chaotic because lack of teachers and it is the 5th Sunday combined meeting. We shall see.

Tyler had a talk to give. He did such a great job standing up there and repeating everything I told him to say. I think Tyler is now past that stage. I think he is to the stage were we can sit down with him and help write out his talk and he can read it at the pulpit next time. I think it will mean more to him. But for today he did a great job!

The last hour of church was combined. The topic was about unity in the ward. I wasn't able to hear all of it, but what I did hear I completely agree with. We also talked about being prepared in case of any disasters. I know that is is good to be prepared and that to be prepared things like this need to be discussed, but it does frighten me. I want to be prepared in case that something does happen, but I pray that nothing ever will happen.

As I pulled up to the house after church I could see that the home teachers were already here. Makes sense, last day of the month. :) I really do enjoy when the home teachers come, but I with living arrangements right now I don't want to have any. Way too stressful!

After the HT left it was on to two of our family's favorite Sunday activities- Lunch and Quiet time. Oh my gosh! I took a 2 hour nap and it felt fantastic!!

I woke up and went on to another great Sunday activity-dinner. Tonight was leftover night. Chili was our leftover from last night when I made it for the GRS broadcast. It tasted so good! It is funny how dinners are at our house on the Sabbath. It is either feast or famine. Some Sundays I really go all out and make a great meal or some Sundays nothing is really planned it is every man for himself. Nothing usually in between.

Well we ended our Sabbath with creating our family banner/Title of Liberty. The stake is having a some activity next week and every family was asked to decorate a handkerchief and make a banner representing your family. All other wards in the stake received their handkerchiefs in August, but we got ours last week. Ours isn't the cutest, but is what we came up with. Maybe I will take a picture of it. Maybe not. It is super ugly. Oh well the kids had fun decorating it.

Tonight we also read our scriptures and Isabelle was so funny. I would read something and then she would repeat a couple of the last words I would say and cheer. So I read, "Herod was a wicked king." Isabelle, "Yay Herod." I read, "Herod killed his wife and 2 sons." Isabelle, "Yay Herod." I stopped and said, "Isabelle, Herod was wicked." Isabelle, "Oh." (with a big grin on her face.) Silly girl.

Sean and I are working on two things, kneeling during family prayer. I think that is very important and sadly we have never really made the kids do this. The other thing is having the kids be responsible and say their own personal prayers. I think that is very important. The kids usually do say there personal prayers while they are laying in there beds, but I want to make sure they are doing it every night and I would like them to kneel and make them meaningful. I think I am going to create some prayer charts for them.

Well, that is about it.

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