Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am in the Fall Cleaning Mode!

Last night I was up until 1am finishing the packing up summer clothes and organizing our closet. I have 2 boxes of clothes for my sister to send out, two bags of clothes to give to my friend for her little boy, 1 bag of baby girl clothes to give to another friend AND a garbage bag full of clothes to give to the Goodwill. I swear I could clothe a small country with my children's clothes. The crazy thing is I hardly buy clothes for them. Tammy gives me TONS of the CUTEST girls clothes. Thanks Tam! Love you!

I dropped Tyler off at school today and on the way home I received a phone call from a friend who accidentally locked her keys in the car. So, she asked if I could take her little girl to school. Sure! Been there and it sucks so anything to help out a friend in need. I drop off the little girl. I was in good spirits, the "I just helped someone out today and it is only 9:00am" mood. That feeling quickly changed when I heard a message on the answering machine about a credit card we had SIX FREAKIN YEARS ago. Hopefully everything is taken care of. I won't go into detail about it right now, because I am tired and my back is killing me.

Why is my back killing me? Well, sweet little Emily has been begging me to get her baby dolls out of storage. So, I loaded up 2 boxes of stuff we weren't using at the house and a tub of toys and traded them out at storage. I am so glad it wasn't hot outside. It was nice and breezy. Perfect weather to go box climbing in the storage unit. Who ever unloaded our stuff just piled all the stuff any way. No organization what so ever. It was dangerous maneuvering around in there. I felt like I was playing a life size Jenga game. In the process of lifting and rearranging in there I hurt my back. But, I did find everything that the kids wanted out of storage. They were in heaven! They haven't seen some of this stuff for six months, so it was like Christmas all over.

Here you go a frugal tip-If you are low on funds around birthdays and Christmas just pack up some of their favorite toys 6 months before the holiday so it is long forgotten and then when they open it up they will be so excited!

Around 3:30pm I was finally able to get cleaned up for the day. Better late than never. :) The rest of the day I just cleaned, watched a little Food Network programs, ate dinner (I didn't even have to cook tonight thanks to the MIL), and did some homework with Tyler. I was falling a sleep doing homework, I guess somethings just never change. Sean worked all day with Eddie and then had Ward Council to attend this evening. The kids just had a grand time playing with their "new" toys.


Megan said...

Harrison's going to be in seventh heaven when we finally get his toys out of the storage unit in a couple of months!

Lupe said...

Is there a cleaning bug going around? n8swife and now you. I seriously need to catch this allusive bug! Great job with your giant jenga game, so funny!

Nice frugal tip! My kids are 8 and 10 so for sure I'll be 'surprising' them when their report cards come in with 'new' toys. ;)