Thursday, September 13, 2007


Started the day off in a grumpy way. Tyler is a grouch when he wakes up and it is so hard keeping a happy disposition when dealing with a grump. Sometimes I just want to smack him, but I know that wouldn't be right. Blah, blah, I TRY to discipline with love, much easier said than done.

Off to school for Tyler. I hurry home and get myself ready for the day. Next on the the girls and get them ready for the day. I was planing on spending my afternoon at home. I have gotten behind on my household duties so I was trying to play catch up. It didn't go as planned. At least think I got the doctor situation straightened out (keeping fingers crossed).

I made the girls and I lunch. While we were eating I couldn't help but notice how cute they are. Emily is thrilled she has her baby dolls back. She also keeps dressing up as Princess Ariel. Well, Princess Ariel's outfit isn't very modest so I just have the girls put the costumes on over there clothes. Today Emily was just wearing her Princess Ariel costume and nothing under it, except her undies, so she looked like Hooker Princess Ariel. Isabelle was so cute in her green princess dress. She loves twirling in it! They are so funny. They also played beauty shop and I was a customer. They must be trying to tell mom something! :)

Anyways, I made some, actually I spooned some dough out of a tub from Sam's Club and baked some cookies. Whatever works. I also made some Homemade Chicken and Rice Soup(oh yeah! making up for the cookies)! YUMMO!

Sean was home most the day. No offense to him, but it seems like I hardly get anything accomplished when he is home. I don't know what it is, but it always seems like that.

Thursday night is the big activity night. Tyler had soccer practice. He looked really good out there. Go Tyler! The girls had fun playing on the playground, the swings, running wild, and digging in the dirt! Ethan enjoyed the swings.

Straight from soccer and on to Tiger Scouts. The kids were super wound up!! On the way to Scouts Sean called me and told me that after Scouts Tyler and him were going to go to Wal-Mart and pick out snacks for the Father and Son. "Hurry it up Sean, Tyler does have school in the morning." . At Scouts the Tiger Cubs were introduced to the Flag Ceremony routine. They will be in charge of it at the Pack Meeting in October. They need LOTS of practice. They also went for a little walk and collected leaves of trees around the building to do a leaf rubbing. They handed out to the parent an agenda for the rest of the year. YIKES!! Oh well, I like staying busy. I still need to get Tyler's book and uniform. Next week Sean will take Tyler and it is a bicycle rodeo. I need to work with him this coming week on riding a bike without training wheels. That will be fun. After scouts I picked up Burger King for the starving children and Sean. Then I dropped Tyler off to dad to get some snacks.

I brought the girls home. They were so good about going to bed. Tyler got home around 10pm. I know super late! He is going to be tired and cranky tomorrow! Ethan finally fell asleep so I should be getting in bed too.

On to another event full day.


Lupe said...

Anyone with a hooker princess ariel and spooned on cookie dough in their house is a friend of mine. SO FUNNY!

Scouts can be hectic but so fun. My boys really loved it, but then life got so hectic when they got older. They had to choose the activities they really enjoyed. Sadly, my oldest didn't pick scouts. It's a neat program too. I hope Tyler likes it.

Good luck getting Tyler up..YIKES!

Megan said...

I never get anything done when Timm's home either. I wonder why?

ivygirl said...

Really silly question, but who are you on MC?

I really love all the comments that you leave on my blog but i have no clue which MCer you are...

I'm pathetic i know, lol...