Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wrapping up the weekend

Friday- Sean and I were able to go out. Emily seemed all better after her medicine! We dropped the kids off at my dads. (All of them except Ethan) Then we stopped by Golf Galaxy to look at golfing shoes for Sean. After that we headed over to the St. Matthews Mall. It was kind of fun just browsing. Then we stopped of at Cinnabon and shared a cinnamon roll. YUM! After the mall we met Sarah and Eddie at Outback Steakhouse. We had a little bit of a wait, but not too bad. We were seated and we ordered our food. The whole time we were out Ethan was with us and he was really good, but of all things must come to and end. He started to get really fussy. By the time the waitress brought out the food there was nothing we could do to make him happy so I immediately ask if she would box my food up. Oh well, I wasn't mad. But, I was really excited too try the new Ahi Tuna Salad. Yum! Sean hurried and paid and we were on our way. We went to pick up the kids. The kids were a little hyper, to say the least. In the car, I asked to Tyler if grandpa gave them a pack of fruit snacks. Tyler replied excitedly, "He gave us two packs and 4 cookies AND 2 glasses of punch!" For Father's Day the kids gave grandpa a shirt that said- Grandpa's To Do List: 1. Load grand kids up on sugar. 2. Send them home. I called my dad up and said, "Dad, when we bought you that Father's Day shirt we didn't mean for you to take it literally." He just laughed. He had a good time with the kids and they had a good time as well. They played Uno, Go Fish, and told silly knock knock jokes.

We spent the rest of our evening hanging out with the Faulsticks at their house.

Saturday- We went to Tyler's soccer game. Half the team is good and half the team sucks. Tyler's team was defeated, hence half the team sucking. But that is not what matters, it's how you play the game. ;) We have a cute video of Tyler's cheering section at the game. Emily and Isabelle are the cheerleaders. They brought their pom-poms and megaphone. Go Tyler Go!!

The rest of Saturday was filled with laundry, cooking, and FHE. For FHE we talked about Alma. We decided on Chocolate Chip Cookie bars for treat. For the activity the kids voted and it was decided to watch the movie, Monster House. FYI Monster House was WAY to scary for my kids. Isabelle was clinging to Sean. Emily was stuck to me with her eyes glued to t.v. screen. Tyler would cover his eyes during some parts. Tyler called out to us, "I am going to have bad dreams." Well, I don't know if they had any bad dreams, but they are too scared to go downstairs or to the bathroom by themselves. I told them we can turn the movie off, but they all protested! It was kind of a strange movie, too.

Sunday- It has been a calm Sunday. The kids woke up good. The kids were good in church. Bonus!! The R.S. presidency was running around today passing out the new Visiting Teaching Routes. Who knew that new visiting teaching routes are such a big deal. It kind of reminds me of registration at high school. Everyone looking at their routes and hoping they get so and so. Just like school hoping you get this teacher and if your friends are in your class. I guess somethings don't change.

Well, all the kids have woke up from "quiet time" so time to play with them.


Lupe said...

Your observation about VT route distribution is spot on! So funny! But what's funnier, only in hindsight, is your father loading the kids up with sugar!! Cute!

We are made to be friends, I heart cinnabons (but I won't share) and I have a passion for Outback Steakhouse (I still won't share) :)

Chris said...

St matthews mall....oh it brings back good memories of the KY days. Glad you got a night out...that is always good!