Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Weekend

Friday- Friday was the much anticipated day, it was Father & Son Campout for the guys and The Princess Party for the girls. The kids were so excited for evening to come! Other than that it was pretty much a normal day.

While Tyler was at school I received a call from the nurse at his school. A kid touched Tyler on the back of the neck with peanut butter fingers. ;) Tyler is allergic to all nuts so if he comes in contact with the nut's oils that can break him out into hives. The nurse informed me that it happened about 5 minutes ago and she washed Tyler's neck. I told her just to watch him, but don't give him the Benadryl unless she sees the hives. If he is going to break out it will happen with in 30 minutes and I don't want to make him drowsy if it is just a false alarm. After I got off the phone with the nurse Sean and I quickly said a prayer. I never received a phone call so I knew he was going to be fine. I was getting mad and jumping to conclusions of what happened. I pictured a kid teasing Tyler and purposely touching him to see what type of reaction he would have. Kids can me so mean. Thursday night at Scouts a little boy was chasing Tyler around with a peanut butter cookie trying to touch him. So, here I am thinking that he might be being picked on at school and I am ready to walk in the school boxing. Fortunately my assumptions were wrong. Tyler said that he was eating lunch next to a boy who was eating a peanut butter cracker and the kid was stretching or waving his arms in the air, but when his arms came down he accidentally TAPPED Tyler on the neck. I personally think that Tyler was touched so lightly that any oils that were on the kids fingers couldn't have rubbed off on Tyler because the touch was so soft. Tyler said when he felt like he was touched that he "freaked out". Poor paranoid kid. (I wonder where he gets that from?) Tyler said the kid felt really bad for what happened and repeatedly apologized to him. Glad nothing serious happened. Still has me nervous for the future.

Well, after we get home everyone is running around the house getting organized for our big nights. The guys had gone shopping the night before so all of their food is ready. Tyler packs up his clothes. Sean packs up the bedding, t.v., dvd, movies, and guns. On Saturday morning the guys are going target shooting with friends. I get the girls ready with makeup and nail polish. They were so excited! They looked adorable. Beautiful Princesses.

After the guys left we left shortly after. We made a pit stop at Wal-Mart (of course). I bought drinks, chips, and dip. There were 10 girls and 5 moms. It was lots of fun. We ate, made princess wands, took pictures of the girls and made princess picture frames and just talked.

Towards the end I noticed that I couldn't find my keys. We looked everywhere, but no luck. I had locked them in the car, so I spent the night at Sarah's. I was grateful to Sarah for letting me stay, but I wanted get home to finish my cleaning. Oh well, fairy tales don't always have happy endings, do they?

Saturday- We (the girls, Ethan and I) woke up and we were at the Faulstick's house. I had to wait until noon for Sean to bring me the set of keys to unlock the car. Locking the keys in the car seriously put me so far behind on what needed to get done for Saturday. When we got home the boys got cleaned up and Sean made lunch with the leftover campout food.

Ethan was so cranky!! He is getting his front bottom teeth in right now, so maybe that is his problem. I was kind of in a grumpy mood myself. I didn't even get to take a shower until around 3:30pm. Talk about a late start.

Later, I went to the store to figure out what we were going to have for dinner. I decided we were going to have dinner for breakfast. Always a family favorite. We had FHE. We talked about Alma the Younger, played UNO, and for treat (brace yourself for this super exhausting, lazy treat) Fruit Snacks. What a crap FHE. I have got to try harder. After, FHE bedtime. I stayed up way too late doing laundry, making HFPE reminders, and organizing up activities for HFPE.

Sunday- Should have never stayed up that late. I slept in 15 min. longer than I liked to. I was rushing around getting the kids up and dressed. This morning the kids were a little slow rising from their beds. I just didn't feel prepared as I was heading over to church this morning and I don't like that feeling.

The speakers were good. Sean spoke so I took Isabelle and Ethan in the Relief Society room so they wouldn't cry for him. Actually all the speakers did a good job. I actually was able to hear all of the talks. Rare. I didn't make Sunday School, one of these days I will. But, I did get to hear Relief Society, mostly, and the lesson was good as well.

Came home from church with the munchies. Yum food! The kids are finally taking naps so I am going to do more with the HFPE calendars, plan out my week, plan visiting teaching appts., and write to some relatives today.


Megan said...

The Princess Party sounded so fun! (I think I need a little girl next ;) )

Lupe said...

So reileved Tyler scraped by with that nut episode. So sad other kids are not being so nice about it. Surely their parents need a reminder. OR you can chase after their kids and throw cookies at them? Maybe not..just a thought. :)