Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dang Computer and mail man!

Tyler was sent off to school in a grumpy mood. Talk about moody! What is his deal? On the way to school I asked him if he would say the prayer. The only thing he said or asked for was "please help my mom be nicer." After that I told him that he needs to lose the attitude because it will get him in trouble at school and he said, "I am not mad at anyone else, just you." I seriously don't know what to do with that boy. I guess I can look on the postive side at least he is praying and at least he is honest. Any suggestions on dealing with a grump? Can't wait for teenage years. Yipee! (NOT!)

I called the doctors office today to see if I could bring Ethan in for a sick visit. I think he is getting an ear infection. Well, since I just switched new doctors, I need to go into the office and fill out paperwork and then it will take 24 hours for them to process it AND THEN I can make an appointment for Ethan.
So, I hurried and got cleaned up, canceled my visting teachers to come and see me, and give the girls a bath. Well, I got through to one of my visiting teachers, but the other one wasn't able to be reached until she reached my door. I let her give me the lesson. It was short. I hope she doesn't think I was rude, but I was in a hurry. Sean had finished giving the girls bathes for me and I got them dressed.

I knew it would happen, but my the time I got the girls dressed and fed it was time to feed Ethan, then feed the girls lunch and so on and so on. So, I wasn't able to make it to the doctor's today. I will have to do that tomorrow.

Today was JaNae's b-day and I made her the funniest card. I laughed so hard! It was off of JibJab.com. What a fun site!

I picked Tyler up and he was in a better mood. He told me that he got in a fight at the playground. I had to pry the information out of him and this is what I pieced together- The girls were out numbering the boys so Tyler and a couple of his buddies went and started spanking the girls on their bottoms. WHAT? He said his teacher talked to him. I didn't jump all over him about the incident, because I want him to know that I am here for him when he makes mistakes and I will always love him.

I ventured off to Sam's Club. Oh my gosh the kids were so good. I got talked to by a Sam's Club employee about how smart I am for having my kids so close together. I was surprised how interested this man was about my children and the age difference between them all. Luckily for me the kids were so well behaved I didn't mind having people talk to me at the store.

Came home, ate dinner, homework, and bed. Sean went to the temple tonight. I could have gone as well, but Mrs. Procrastinator procrastinated and doesn't have my new temple recommend. I am very happy that Sean was able to go the temple, next time for sure I want to go with him!

Emily's allergies seemed to really be acting up, too. Her sneezing is out of control at times. She had to have a treatment tonight. It has been almost a month since she has had a treatment. Poor Girl.

Isabelle is very good at playing the game, "Monkey see monkey do" If she coughs she thinks that she will get to take the treatment medicine that Emily takes, WRONG!

Well that is about it. It seems like I wasted the day on the computer or waiting on the mail man. Tomorrow is filled with all the stuff that needed to get taken care of today. Fun! Fun!

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Lupe said...

You are one busy mamma!! Did you manage to get Ethan in for an appointment? Don't you love positive comments about your kids? I do! I replay the moment in my mind..like getting an award or something. It's hard work keeping the kiddos in line out in public :)