Friday, September 7, 2007

Allergy Season is ALL the time!

Poor Emily! This poor girls seems to always be using her nebulizer!! I feel so bad for her. I want to find out more about her allergies but am having problems with her doctor.

As I was walking out to the car to take Tyler to school today, I could totally feel a change in the weather. Then this afternoon when I went to pick Tyler up from school Emily sneezed about 5 times just walking to the the car. She just asked for a treatment later on. Hopefully this doesn't mean a trip to the Urgent Care tonight. I am lucky that I don't suffer from allergies, but Sean is always sneezing so she gets it honest. I feel bad for all the people who have allergy problems. That is one thing that I am blessed that I don't have.

So, tonight Sean and I were going to double date with the Faulsticks and my dad was going to watch the kids. Now, I am wondering if I should let Emily stay at my dads. She really wants to go to Grandpas! And Grandpa is really excited for the kids to come over tonight. He went and bought games, snacks, and is going to make them dinner. We shall see. :(

I need finish what I started today- getting the fall/winter clothes out and washing them. I have been going through the summer clothes and putting some away and deciding which ones I will get rid of. YAY!! My favorite time of year is approaching. I have noticed some of the leaves of the trees are changing colors. Another blessing in my life is living in this area during the fall. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

O.k. I serioulsy need to get ready for my hot date tonight and pray that Emily feels better!

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